How to Skip Class?

How to Skip Class?

At one point in time, everyone wants to skip classes, be it in school or college. Honestly, there’s no harm in it as long as it’s done once in a while, but if one makes a habit out of it, it can have negative effects on the individual. While some high schools are strict about the students’ attendance, it is not a big deal in college. The topic is- How to Skip Class?

In college, there is a lot more freedom and one can choose to skip classes. It’s easy as long as one follows some basic rules and follows accordingly. The decision of skipping a class usually depends on factors like the class and reason one wants to skip as well as how they would utilize that time.

Guidelines to Skip Classes

College students have it easy in case of skipping classes. Teachers do not patrol the hallways and parents do not keep a tab on when one leaves the dorm. In few cases students might get caught for example they missed a morning class and met the professor later that day. They have a few points to keep in mind while bunking classes.

  • Be aware of the institute’s attendance policy.
  • To be on the lookout for the professor leaving and arriving times.
  • Making prior plans on which class to skip and which not to.
  • Avoiding the professors when they do not want to inform in advance. But it is better to inform the professors before, if not possible then later.
  • Can take the entire day off in case of an emergency like sickness or bad weather.
  • Utilizing the skipped time wisely doing something productive.
  • Having valid reasons for skipping the class in the first place, in case they do not inform and the professor asks.

When to Skip Classes

If a student chooses to skip a class, he or she should have a reasonable excuse. Some of the common examples are as follows:

  1. Sickness

It is the correct solution to stay indoors if a student is sick or has similar symptoms like fever or cough. Just medicine and healthy food are not enough for recovery. One needs extra rest and sleep for getting better.

If one chooses to attend classes then they wouldn’t be getting any better. There’s also a chance of passing on the flu to classmates and teachers. So staying indoors for a day or two will ensure not just the individual’s safety but also those around him/her.

  1. Exhaustion or Tiredness

Besides being physically healthy one must also maintain good mental health for being happy and productive. At times one may have a lot going in the different classes and it is okay to skip one to take a breather.

There are days when one is busy all day long with different projects and assignments and hence mentally exhausted. Those days skipping class would let them get some sleep or unwind.

  1. Never Skipped

Professors usually keep a record of the absences and they let students have about 3 skips before penalizing their grades. Just the fact that there are free skips should not make one use them.

But in cases where the term is almost over and exams are coming, so one may need more studying time, then skipping is all right.

  1. Meeting or Interview

It is a common practice among college students to do summer internships. When there is an important interview for an internship position or sudden meeting, then skipping a class is necessary.

One can even let their professors know about the sudden appointment before skipping their classes. After all, they are professors so they always wish for their students’ future success.

  1. Dropping a Class

Students have to drop a particular class for various reasons like sometimes there aren’t any seats available or sometimes because of personal issues.

If one is on a waiting list for a class, but still has to attend it every day they may get sick of it. They often decide to drop it and choose a new one. In that case, one can sip the class if they are going to drop it that week or the next.

In case of personal reasons, one may find it difficult to follow a class no matter how hard they try. There are some instances students drop classes for that reason.

When not to Skip Classes

Students should not skip classes for any lame excuses. Some of such examples are:

  1. Bad Weather

Skipping a class when it’s raining or snowing is not a great idea. Raincoats and umbrellas were invented for that sole reason. In case the weather conditions are really bad, the classes will be canceled automatically.

Exceptions would be in case one is a commuter and lack of proper transportation or to reach in time is an issue.

  1. Good Weather

There is a rule for certain college students to bunk classes and spend that time having fun in the sun. No one is stopping them from getting a little Vitamin D, but that can be done after the classes are over.

They should fight any urges for cutting classes due to this reason and wait till the classes are over.

  1. Upcoming Presentation

In cases when students have a presentation they are unprepared for, they tend to skip classes. Instead of doing that they can just inform their professors beforehand and ask for some more time to prepare or allow anyone else to present.

Such behavior of missing a presentation without informing the professor is disrespectful. A little inconvenience for them is better than such an insult.

  1. Waking up Early

At least once in their lifetimes, everyone has wanted to skip classes and sleep a little more. Some hate waking up in the mornings.

Cold showers and morning coffees are remedies to such problems. One can even avoid taking morning classes from the next semester, now that they know how hard it is to wake up every morning.

  1. Not Prepared

There are times when one just can’t prepare for a class I advance. They might tend to miss the class so that they do not have to contribute to the class.

There are two solutions to the problem. The easy one is to just inform the professor that the student is unprepared.

The other solution is to do a speed reading of the first few pages of the material one should have prepared. When the class starts, they should participate at the beginning which would make others think they are well prepared.

Preparation for Skipping Class

There are certain preparations to be made for skipping a class. Some of the basic ones are:

  1. It is important to decide the correct situations when one should skip a class. 
  2. One should weigh the consequences they have to face for skipping the class. If it’s urgent and would not affect one’s grades then it’s okay.
  3. While one skips class, they should ask their professors or friends about the day’s lessons so as not to fall behind.
  4. In case there is an assignment to be submitted but failed to. The better way is to email it or ask the professor for more time.
  5. To check the syllabus to make sure skipping would not be a problem in completing the whole of it.


It is suggested to students everywhere to not skip classes unless it is an emergency. There are a lot of downsides to it, such as:

  • It is a waste of the tuition fees one has to pay. The classes missed equals the money wasted.
  • One’s grade may suffer due to multiple absents. Not only are they losing out points but also falling behind the rest of their classmates.
  • It may develop into a bad habit and the student might want to skip classes regularly.
  • It is hard to keep pace with the lessons if classes are skipped. No notes or study material can compare to the live lectures.
  • The professor may be disappointed in the student for such behavior.


Skipping class is fine as long as it is done in moderation and for the right reasons. One can try and skip classes in secret but it is advisable to let the professors know about it. The classes held in a school or college are to make a student knowledgeable and academically qualified. Students should make it their priority except for a few instances.

Frequently Asked Question

  1. Can one skip classes in high school?

Students should not skip classes without a valid reason. Schools are stricter than colleges and they might demand valid cause or call the parents to inquire about the absence

  1. Is it okay to skip boring classes?

Instead of skipping the class, one should concentrate more or opt for a different class.

  1. Do professors encourage skipping classes?

Professors dislike irregular students. They would overlook absences in important cases but not the lame ones.

  1. How can one catch up after skipping a class?

They can ask their friends for the notes from the skipped class. Or they can ask their professors to repeat the portions they have trouble understanding.