College Aftermath is owned and maintained by just one person (me!), and it can often be a big job to keep the site up to date with great content that will help young grads on their college-to-life transition. For that reason, I’m always on the look out for great articles relevant to post-college readers. If you have advice, suggestions, or would like to share a guest post, I welcome your contribution!

Guest post guidelines

The goal and purpose of this site is to offer useful, honest insight at a crucial time for young, fresh college graduates. I am quite picky about what I choose to publish, so I ask that writers follow these guidelines before submitting posts:

  • Articles should be relevant and useful to recent college graduates. I rarely publish articles that are targeted at current students, unless it is in reference to graduate school and contains specific information useful to college grads.
  • Ideally, articles should be from the author’s personal experience. Readers connect with stories that are genuine and detailed! You might even consider writing in the first person.
  • Articles should be original, meaning they are not published elsewhere and won’t be in the future.
  • Please triple check for spelling, grammar, and a smooth flow. I won’t publish sloppy writing and don’t have the time to edit for you!
  • The tone of your article should be uplifting, maybe even humorous. Many of my readers are struggling and feeling alone — it’s my mission to offer a sense of hope and relief.
  • Please be sure to provide credit and/or links to any sources from which you acquire information.
  • If you’d like to include images, please be certain that you are able to do so legally. Include the JPG file with your article and any copyright information.
  • Please DO NOT send articles full of keywords, strategic links, or links to your product/service. I have experience with SEO and am fully aware of your intentions. Any links in your article should be contextually relevant and presented in a clear way, so that readers know where they’re going when they click. If you are interested in keyword link advertising, please contact me for rates.

Send your article

When you have a guest post ready, simply send it to Articles should be in Word or Google Docs format, and any photos should be sent in JPG with image license information included.

Include your bio and photo

All published contributions will include an author bio, photo, and links to your site (blog, business, twitter, Facebook page, etc.) Please include this information with your post.

Thank you for considering a contribution to College Aftermath! I appreciate the help in keeping the site fresh and interesting. If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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  1. Thank you College aftermath for this page. I scanned and read some of the post and it was really a big help to the readers. Very useful and helpful page. I have learned a lot. Thanks again. Keep it up!

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