Finding a job after college – it’s supposed to be so simple.

You go to a university, get decent grades, get your diploma, then – voila! – you get a good job in your chosen field and live happily ever after. Hey, isn’t that what they said in the High School Guidance Office about how to find a job after college? Isn’t that why Mom and Dad said to go in the first place?

Welcome to America in the 21st century

An Associates or Bachelor’s degree nowadays is the equivalent of a firm pat on the back. It feels good, but doesn’t mean much in terms of real jobs or careers after college. Unless you’re a superstar in a ridiculously specialized career path or just received your Master’s, you’re competition for a good job is…. overwhelming. Depending on your field of study, there are all sorts of tricks and methods to get yourself noticed… but chances are, you ‘re aware of the fact that when it comes to the college to work transition, networking and knowing the right person beats a clever resume any day.

This section is for the stuff that isn’t so obvious when it comes to your thoughts about careers after college… like how to deal with the cold, impersonal tundra of internet job hunting. Or how to proceed when you realize your degree in Packaging Science was the biggest mistake of your life.  Our guide to life after college offers insight into real experience with everything from long distance relationships to moving back home to some eclectic ideas on how to find a job after college.

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  1. A college degree is still better than having nothing at all. Also, involving oneself in community volunteer activities can look great for someone looking for a job in behavior psychology, or maybe social work. There are numerous options a college graduate can have, and to even hint it might not be worth it is wrong in my humble opinion. Yes, a Masters is going to give anyone far better incentive and edge against competition, but it isn’t an absolute requirement to landing the job of your dreams. I say “Go for it!” Don’t give up, and do get your college education under your build. We all have to start from somewhere. I don’t think the literature here is fair and accurate.

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