This is Life After College for Twenty-Somethings?

So now that you’ve graduated it’s time to get serious… transition from college to career, settle down, find a mate, be a good citizen…that’s what happens after college, right?

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Um, I don’t think so!

You’ve got the rest of your damn life to be an adult! This is IT. You’re what? Twenty-something? This is your last chance to be truly ridiculously and utterly childish. Don’t settle down just yet. You have plenty of time to transition from college to career, start a pension, invest, have dinner parties and make babies. Now is the time to do the things you’ve always wanted to do that you’ll never be ABLE to do if you don’t do them NOW! What happens after college is up to you.

Take a three week road trip and sleep in the back of your car. Move to a city you’ve never even been to. Put your student loans on deferment and spend a year travelling in South America. However crazy it may sound or however financially out of reach, it doesn’t matter. This is your life and this is the time to do it. Use these articles at on life after college for twenty-somethings as a jumping-off point for the adventure you’ve always wanted to take.

You have plenty of time for all that grown-up baggage – finding a job after college, dealing with mountains of credit card debt,  or deciding which are the  best cities for college grads who want to live a little! Transition from college to career and responsibilities can wait – just a bit.

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