Debt After College

I never really thought seriously about my debt after college—what I would owe and what I would need to earn to maintain a simple life after graduation. I suffered from the common college student attitude… “I’ll deal with it later.

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Unfortunately, later is here, and now I’m paying for my nonchalant college attitude—literally.

There is nothing you can do to take back the financial mistakes you made in college. You’ll never get back the money you wasted on overpriced textbooks or overindulgent parties. And you certainly can’t return your diploma for a refund, even if you have zero success finding a job after college. All you can do now is assess your situation, learn how to adapt to life after college and make the best choices you can. Learn from the mistakes you made and get a grip on your financial future.

This section is about realizing your debt after college, coming to terms with low income, and dealing with it. In its simplicity, that really is all that you can do to adapt to your post-college life. Whatever reason you may have for seeking out financial advice, remember this: it’s just money.

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