How to Skip Class?

At one point in time, everyone wants to skip classes, be it in school or college. Honestly, there’s no harm in it as long as it’s done once in a while, but if one makes a habit out of it, it can have negative effects on the individual. While some high schools are strict about …

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How to be a Good Boy?

Nobody likes seeing a disobedient kid throwing tantrums over his mom over something as silly as not buying his/her favorite chocolate when he/she is sick. Being bad is just very easy, it takes zero effort, and that’s why most kids don’t realize that they are being difficult and even if they know that they are …

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What If University Burns Down?

A University is an institution of higher education and research that awards academic degrees in several academic disciplines. Usually, a University campus includes libraries, lecture halls, residence halls, student centers or dining halls, Audio-visual room, staff room, Principal room, Main office, etc. And the main building consists of a lecture hall and office, which means …

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