From College Student to Working Professional

Landing that First Career Role

You’ve finally graduated. You’re ready to jump into your career and utilize all that knowledge that you’ve gained from your degree and your life experiences.

But… how to land that first career job???

Currently unemployment rates for young people is 9% plus. And if you don’t land that dream job straight away then those feelings start; “I should have worked harder”, “I studied the wrong degree”, or “I should have started looking for a job sooner”. All ‘unhelpful thoughts that won’t help kick-starting your career.

Being prepared is the best way to begin looking for work!!!

According to the authors of the following infographic,

Interview preparation is paramount, especially considering over forty-two percent of employers say that they are unsatisfied with graduates who come to the interview process without being fully prepared.

Soft skills are also a very important to highlight in the hiring process. Ninety-eight percent of all employers say that they value communication skills, while ninety-seven percent believe that a positive attitude is important as well.

Check out the infographic below…

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