Meaning of Welcome to My World- Usage

Meaning of Welcome to My World

Who said English is easy? Consisting of words pronounced the same but can mean different things. The English language has thousands of specifications; spelling rules, idioms, strict pronunciation rules, grammatical notions, and whatnot. In research of ‘the world’s weirdest languages,’ the linguists have found English is also one of them. Let’s know the Meaning of Welcome to My World.

Not only the English language is abided by rules and regulations. But then, there are the pet peeves, the cliches, and the historical influence on the language. Perhaps English being one of the most spoken languages around the world, the influence on the language had come from many places. Among all different types of English, especially the idioms have an important role, they endorse the idea of daily life. You must have heard, “WELCOME TO MY WORLD” right? One of the most common idioms there is. Do you know it is narcissistic? Though, not meaning or impacting negatively. Let’s discuss it further to understand its true meaning. And is it okay to randomly use this phrase?

The phrase ‘welcome to my world’ is shortly used in texting as well on Snapchat, which is WTMW. Widely used by teenagers to say ‘I feel you’ or ‘I’ve been in that situation before.’

Disclaimer: No offense to the people who use this phrase. Or any following phrases, which are mentioned further in this article.


The phrase ‘Welcome to my world’ is an idiom that means; one to whom the phrase is addressed is now seeing or experiencing something from a different point of view or other’s perspective. And the speaker indicates, what he/she is experiencing is something which they’ve experienced before or have a constant occurrence of that particular thing from time to time. Often used when someone has a first-time experience with something. 

 Example – 

A: The job is too tough; it exhausts me every day. 

B: Welcome to my world! This has been my life for the past two years.


Technically there is nothing wrong with using it. This idiom is even used the most randomly, people say it without perceiving anything. When you think straight about it, the meaning doesn’t offend you, right? But the way it is presented, or the situation where it is delivered makes it presumptuous and ignorant in a way. 

In some situations, the phrase means to declare ‘my life is worse than yours’ or ‘I don’t care much, because I deal with the same. But where is it written that both people feel the same? Just one sentence doesn’t explain anything. Yes, because the people having the same thoughts for a particular situation is unlikely. Maybe the person is only stating it anyway and not for the sake of deeming it to be annoying. Maybe it isn’t that bad but they’re exaggerating? 

Sometimes it doesn’t even take much to mean it, people who state it assume that the other person is experiencing it for the first time. However, they’re never sure about it. 

When one says, ‘Welcome to my world!’ it cannot be regarded as the most positive thing. Though, almost everyone claims it to be rather simple and not serious to discuss. It might hurt someone’s feelings because it is just harsh, same as ‘deal with it whatever the situation be. And in a way, gives an impression that what the person is talking about is irrelevant. Is it rather dismissive to complain because everybody goes through it?


  • I know how that feels – Though you mean to say the same as ‘welcome to my world’. But there is a difference that people neglect. For the fact that a person cannot possibly know another person’s place. Yet, to say ‘I know how that feels is a positive way to impart the message at least you are trying to understand. While this can also be considered both comforting or annoying. And this phrase holds a strong relation with context. The point is you can’t just say this phrase out, you need to think before you speak.
  • That happened to me too – Basically, the phrase ‘Welcome to my world’ is used sarcastically means the same as ‘that happened to me too’. Thus, picking to say this instead of the prior settles to make room for you with the person. You provide to share the same space but with more positivity. Moreover, a saying which can also mean this shall too pass. 


“Welcome to my world!” has been used as the random idiom, which people use without putting thoughts before speaking. And thus, the use of this phrase has lost its meaning and focus on assumptions. This can be a critical debate for grammar Nazis. But we are not here to debate anything. In the end, English is a funny language. And what you say or how you say it should concern your surroundings. 


  1. What does my whole world mean? 

This means the extreme importance for which it is stated. That something or someone is of utmost importance to the speaker. 

  1. What is the meaning of welcome to the club? 

This is an expression often used when one person shares an unpleasant event or condition with others. It may be close to the phrase ‘Welcome to my world’ too, but the difference is in representing bad situations or all kinds of situations (mainly complaints but have other uses as well) respectively.