What College is Better Than Harvard?

Ever dreamt of attending the best university in the world? Do you wish to study at Harvard College thinking it’s the right university for you? Or you are now a Harvard student and you regret that you would have selected another school that gave you an offer of admission.

Harvard College is one of the Ivy League universities known as the best of the best and has produced world presidents. It flourishes on excellence and provides transformative experiences for students. Harvard College is not just a University but a place you can officially call home as a student. Harvard will educate you for society, exposing you to creative ideas, new ways of thinking, and intellectual transformation. According to World University Rankings, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has been ranked one of the top universities in the world.

What College is Better Than Harvard?

List of Universities Better Than Harvard College

Few universities in the United States and around the world are way better than Harvard College in terms of research, academics, reputation, etc.

·         California Institute of Technology

·         Massachusetts Institute of Technology 

·         University of California Berkeley 

·         Yale University 

·         Princeton University 

·         University of Pennsylvania 

·         University of Oxford 

·         University of Cambridge 

·         Stanford University 

California Institute of Technology

California Institute of Technology is the best engineering institution in Pasadena, California. This institute prepares students for the science and engineering field which are taught using innovative tools and methods for career advancement. This school is a private research university that is better than Harvard College in some ways such as; the rich STEM courses offered at Caltech as well as having a high admission acceptance rate than Harvard College. They also provide students with research funding which Harvard college may never do.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology 

Massachusetts Institute of Technology is a high research institution in Cambridge, MA, United States. Known for its science and technology background, making students undergo thorough pieces of training through research which makes them better than Harvard College. Because students learn technical writing from the best professors in the field. Even Harvard college collaborates with MIT for some of their courses because they know MIT has it all.

University of California Berkeley 

The University of California Berkeley is better than Harvard College in a way. UC Berkeley admits more students than Harvard college will ever do. Also, in terms of financial aid, UC Berkeley does more for its student than Harvard. Even if Harvard College says they offer need-blind financial aid, the percentage of students who receive this aid (grant) is low compared to the higher percentage rate of UC Berkeley.

Yale University

Yale University is a nonprofit private institution and an Ivy League school just like Harvard College in the US. If you are not talking about Harvard, it is Yale University that will always be mentioned. This University offers really good undergraduate degrees than Harvard College and in terms of admission, Yale is easier to get into than Harvard.

Princeton University

Princeton University is also an Ivy League School, one of the world’s renowned universities in Princeton, New Jersey, USA. At Princeton, students aim to discover more through research and teachings than would a Harvard student.

University of Pennsylvania (UPenn)

The University of Pennsylvania is a private institution in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US. This university offers an unparalleled learning experience while encouraging students to solve problems using unsegregated knowledge. Both schools are Ivy League schools but, the University of Pennsylvania is better than Harvard college when it comes to student-faculty ratio.

University of Oxford

The University of Oxford is located in England, United Kingdom. A research university that has been named one of the best leading universities in the world. Oxford University is better than Harvard college because they have lesser competition than the latter. Regarding degrees, you can go to medical school directly from high school at the University of Oxford but for Harvard, you must have earned a bachelor’s degree before being admitted to medical school

University of Cambridge

The University of Cambridge is a collegiate research institution located in Cambridge, United Kingdom. This school is better than Harvard in terms of undergraduate studies and quality research.

Stanford University

Stanford University which is also a private university and an Ivy League School is in Stanford, California, US. This institution is a suburban campus compared to Harvard College’s Urban Campus. While most courses at Harvard College require future applicants to submit standardized subject test scores, Stanford will not thus be making them have upper head over Harvard

Why is the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Regarded as the Top Best University Better Than Harvard College?

MIT has been crowned the best by Worlds University Ranking because their passion drives everything within the institute in which every member is involved. The intensity portrayed by this institute makes everyone study so hard, with unconventional creativity thus making most classes independent. Collaboration between professors and students makes MIT better than Harvard College in so many ways.


When comparing universities in the world, nobody beats Harvard because not only being one of the oldest universities, they have cemented its name in history from academics to it all. However, MIT has an upper edge over Harvard, while both are in Cambridge Massachusetts, when it comes to research and scientific discoveries MIT has it all. Also, some other universities in the United States and the United Kingdom are better than Harvard college in so many ways (such as undergraduate degrees offered, financial need and acceptance rate)

Frequently Asked Questions

1)  Which institution is better than Harvard?

Massachusetts Institute of Technology is much better than Harvard in terms of research

2)  Is Massachusetts Institute of Technology an Ivy League School?


3)  Between Harvard and MIT which has a high student population?

Harvard is more populated than MIT with about 24,000 for Harvard and MIT 12,000

4)  Is the University of Cambridge located in the United States?

No, it is located in the United Kingdom.