Can I use Walgreens cash to buy gift cards?

Walgreens is the second-largest pharmaceutical company in America. The company was founded in Chicago in 1901. Walgreens is exclusively known for serving health and wellness products, prescription filling, and photo services. Walgreens cash earned in Walgreens branded products with its marks or logos. Here we will see about Can I use Walgreens cash to buy gift cards?

Walgreens cash is not valid to buy more gift cards. Consumers cannot use the rewards they have just earned in purchasing them. There is no minimum or maximum limit to earning or purchasing gift cards.

Can I use Walgreens cash to buy gift cards?

Earning Walgreens Cash

As mentioned on their official website, the below list is the categories of the products. 

Walgreens Branded & Non-Branded Retail Products

These rewards are equal to the 10% of USD spent on Eligible Purchases. For non-branded items, they are equal to 5% of USD spent on eligible Products.

2. Pharmaceutical Products

Making purchases on drugs and other pharma products can help consumers to earn Walgreens cash. These are equal to 5% of USD spent on Eligible Purchases. 

3. Health & Wellness Products

Customers can earn cash rewards that are equal to 3% for every USD spent on eligible purchases.

4. Groceries

The eligible purchases made at the bakery or wholesale clubs are often sold in bulk. They can earn rewards that are equal to 3% for every USD spent. 

5. Other Purchases & Promotional Purchases

For all the eligible purchases from Walgreens Mastercard. The rewards are equal to 1% of every USD spent. Promotional purchases may consist of thresholds, limits, periods, and restrictions.

Registering/Signing Up For The Walgreens Cash

Walgreens Cash helps customers to achieve 5% cashback on the Walgreens brand and 1% cashback on non-Walgreens brand items.

  • The registration for the loyalty program at my Walgreens is free. 
  • The mode of registration is done through the app or during checkout.  
  • Any Customer shall have their Phone number, First and last name, and zip code to receive sale pricing. Your valid address or email id is also essential to claim rewards. 

Can I Purchase Gift Cards Online At Walgreens?

Yes, gift cards are bought at Walgreens at the store or online mode. Customers need to have an account on Walgreen’s official website. Further, visit this website to purchase gift cards ( Corporate Gift cards sale is also available. These cards are used to gain offers at Music, movies, Restaurants, Gifts, and more. 

Types Of Gift Cards Offered By Walgreens

Walgreens provides gift cards in retail, entertainment, self-care, travel, communication, prepaid, and restaurants. The following is the list in which the cash rewards are being offered:


Entertainment includes movies, games, and music such as iTunes, Apple Store, Google Play, Fandango, HBO Now.

2. Retail

Kohl’s, Amazon, Bass Pro Shops, Disney, eBay.

3. Travel


4. Prepaid

American Express, Vanilla Visa, Vanilla MasterCard

5. Self-Care

Massage Envy

6. Restaurants 

Applebee’s, Burger King, Domino’s, Subway, Starbucks.

7. Communication

T-Mobile, Simple Mobile, Net 10 Wireless, AT&T.

What Is The Average Cost & Conditions Of The Gift Cards At Walgreens?

As mentioned on their official website, the Walgreens gift cards are purchased online or at the nearest Walgreens store near you. It may cost from $5 to $500. 

Conditions For The Gift Cards

The gift card is redeemable solely at Walgreens Drugstores, Walgreens Pharmacies, RXpress in the United States, US Virgin Islands, or Puerto Rico. These gift cards are not claimed for the cash & no other change unless they are required by the law. All the taxes are the responsibility of the cardholder. 

Which Products Are Not Valid To Claim The Walgreens Cash?

Cash rewards or points are not valid on the products such as –

Tobacco, Walgreen’s gift cards, Alcohol, stamps, prepaid cards, lottery tickets, transportation passes, donations, health tests, Ephedrine products, contact lenses, pseudoephedrine products, or any products which are discarded by the law i.e. they are reimbursed by Medicaid, TRICARE, Medicare. The prescriptions that are picked up – in-store are valid for earning points. 


Walgreens is one of the widely established pharmaceuticals company. The registration for the Walgreens account is free of cost. Gift cards are acquired separately. The physical card is not mandatory. The Walgreens cash is not valid to purchase more gift cards that they have just earned. 

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Is a hard copy of the card mandatory to earn the rewards?

The physical copy of the card is not a requisite. The points are earned online i.e. on your Walgreens account. If a customer joins balance rewards online then, a physical card will not be mailed to them. To possess a physical card – a customer needs to visit their local Walgreens shop. 

2. When do Walgreen’s cash rewards expire?

The cash rewards validity remains for 12 months, from the date that they were claimed. If these rewards are not utilized in a transaction for six months straight then all assembled rewards will be discarded. 

3. How to earn Bonus Points at Walgreens? 

Walgreens offers a challenge to gain cashback. The health challenge is to involve in physical activities such as walking, eating more vegetables and fruits, reduce in the intake of oversweet drinks, consuming prenatal vitamins & minerals, and also sleeping.