Who Does Walgreens Use For Shipping?

Who Does Walgreens Use For Shipping?

Ecommerce is a vital part of the world’s economy today and shipping services play an important role in its survival. A company that takes its market online and seeks to successfully engage customers in buying and selling its goods via an online platform needs to have a reliable shipping service. A trustworthy shipping service assures online customers that they will receive the delivery of the purchased items, on time and in good condition. Walgreens, a famous pharmaceutical company in America, understands the relationship between using a trustworthy shipping service and the survival of its online business. Read on for more information about the shipping agency used by Walgreens. 

Walgreens uses FedEx for the shipping of parcels to customers within the US. The pharmaceutical company does not currently offer international shipping services. However, international customers can use a parcel forwarder service to receive the delivery of items purchased from Walgreens.

Walgreens and FedEx

As a pharmaceutical company founded in 1901, Walgreens is known for its quality products found to improve the health of its customers. The company which is the second-largest pharmaceutical chain store in the US has expanded from offering walk-in store services in its various outlets to having an online platform to cater to the health needs of its online customers.

One way it does this is by partnering up with FedEx. As a shipping courier service founded in 1971, FedEx is popular today in various parts of the world for its reliability and affordability. By using this shipping service, Walgreens can assure its customers of the benefits listed on the FedEx website. These benefits include:

  1. Fast delivery including a money-back guarantee where delivery is unduly delayed
  2. Sophisticated and easy to understand tracking information that allows you to keep tabs on your parcel
  3. Accessible customer service from anywhere in the world
  4. Express custom clearance

Steps to Using a Parcel Forwarding Service to ship Items Purchased from Walgreens

Parcel forwarding companies are companies that offer international shipping services to foreign shoppers, allowing them to buy and get delivered to the address provided, items purchased from international stores.

Like Walgreens, many international stores place shipping restrictions on their items, and these forwarding companies help foreign shoppers bypass these restrictions when shopping from these stores.

Using a parcel forwarding service is not hectic as many think. With the right steps, any foreign customer can successfully use a parcel forwarding service to ship items purchased from international online stores like the Walgreen pharmaceutical online store. 

These steps include:

  1. Register with a parcel forwarding company and get a US address. Typically, upon registering with a parcel forwarding company of your choice, you will be given a US address. Having a personal United States address is one of the fastest ways to have items purchased in the US delivered to you. With a US address, you can buy items from online stores in the US, and have them shipped to that address which will act as a forwarding address to your original location.
  2. Shop as usual. Upon registering with a parcel forwarding company, feel free to shop in the online store or platform of choice. Once done, enter the US address given by your parcel forwarding company.
  3. Wait for your package forwarding company to receive delivery of the items.
  4. Give instructions. Once the purchased items are received, you need to give delivery details such as an address, time of delivery, etc., to the package forwarding company 

Parcel-forwarding companies are linked to shipping agencies like DHL, FedEx, etc. The shipping service used to deliver your items will depend on your location or the shipping agency you choose. Note that parcel-forwarding companies operate differently, so it is best to ask questions before registering with one.


Walgreens has opened many outlets in various countries including Mexico, Thailand, the Republic of Ireland, the United Kingdom, and Chile, to meet up with its increasing customer demand. The pharmaceutical company has also opened an online platform where its quality products are available at affordable prices. Recognizing the need for its online customers to trust the agency that handles the shipping of their items purchased from Walgreens’ online store, the store has partnered up with a reliable shipping agency like FedEx. However, as Walgreens does not offer shipping services beyond the US, foreign customers need to use parcel-forwarding companies like Planet Express, Stackry, Shipito, etc., to ship items purchased from Walgreens’ online store.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Does Walgreens offer free shipping?

Yes. However, certain criteria are necessary to qualify for Walgreens’ free shipping. Check out this Walgreens website for more information.

  1. Are there any states in the US that Walgreens does not ship to?