Does Fred Meyer make keys?

Does Fred Meyer make keys?

Although technology has made keys look classic with the invention of Smart locks and other forms of controlled locks, many individuals still use lock keys. Whether it is for homes, cars, or safe deposit boxes, keys are constantly in demand. Sometimes, because individuals are stressed or hurrying, they tend to forget the keys to their houses or misplace them. Other times they lose their car keys or spoil them and try to get a replacement which can be difficult. 

Fred Meyer makes duplicate keys and copies when its customers need them, although it is not a branded key-making company. Many Fred Meyer stores across the United States offer key cutting services to copy customized keys, brass keys, and Ultra-Lite keys. They cut the keys in the minute key kiosk while their customers wait for a short period. 

Can customers find the minute key kiosks in Fred Meyer stores?

If you are looking to duplicate or replace your lost key and you do not have a place in mind, you can go online and search for Fred Meyer stores near you. Use the zip locator to check if there is any local store in your area. Also, check if they have the minute key kiosk before going there. There are many minute key kiosks in Fred Meyer and Kroger stores in Washington. So, if you are in Washington, you can walk into any Fred Meyer store and ask for more information. 

Would the customer wait to collect the duplicate or come back the following day?

Customers do not have to spend so much time or come back the following day before they collect their key copy. Once they place a request and offer or pick a key sample, the locksmith immediately goes to work and the customer can get a key copy within a short period. Sometimes it takes some time to get your duplicate. 

Does Fred Meyer sell keys?

Yes, Fred Meyer sells different kinds of keys both in-store and online. From assorted house keys, starter keys, sculptured or customized keys, and wackeys to key chains of different designs and carvings, alongside key stocks. Although most times, some of the designed keys are in a limited quantity (low stock). So customers may not get exactly what they need if they use in-store purchases, except when they request a locksmith. 

How to create an account with Fred Meyer

To create an online account with Fred Meyer:

  • Go to and navigate to ‘create an account.’
  • Fill in your personal information and your email address, and create a password.
  • Your password must have at least 8 characters and contain a letter, alongside a number. 
  • Check the box that says you allow emails and newsletters from Fred Meyer.
  • Click on ‘create account.’
  • Also, add your card information if you intend to purchase items online. 

How to place an order for keys on Fred Meyer’s official website 

To place an online order for keys at Fred Meyer, the customer must have an online profile or account. If you do not have an account you can create one. 

  • Once you create your online profile, link your account to your credit card or any of the payment methods that are acceptable on the shopping site. 
  • Click on the navigation bar and go to ‘Home.’
  • Click on the search bar and type in ‘key’ to narrow your search to the keys displayed on the site. 
  • Browse through a bunch of keys and add what you like to your cart. 
  • After adding the item, you will see the delivery method and know if you do get it in their local stores or pick it up. Fred Meyer could also deliver the keys to your house if it is a viable option. 
  • If they have to ship your item, you may get delivery charges added to the cost.
  • Click on the ‘checkout’ button to pay for your item. 

What is the price range of Fred Meyer keys?

There are different price ranges of keys sold at Fred Meyer, depending on the type of design a customer requests for. Clients can get Wacky keys for as low as $3.99 on the website while sculptured or customized keys and locks can sell for up to $40 if they go together. Sculpted keys only can sell for $6.50 or more, depending on the design. 


Most people lose their house or car keys at a very inconvenient time. So, instead of trying to get a locksmith that would come and change your house locks, you can just run to a nearby local store like Fred Meyer and request their key services. Fred Meyer also operates self-serve kiosks where customers can do their keys themselves, and ask questions when they need answers. 


What other type of home improvement/security item does Fred Meyer sell?

Fred Meyer also sells other home improvement and security materials like doorknobs, smart locks, combination locks, padlocks, cord locks, drawer locks, superglue, and a host of other materials. If you want a home improvement item and you do not know if it is in stock, you can just go online and contact Fred Meyer customer care or walk into your local store and make a request. 

If a customer requests a customized sculpted key, would Fred Meyer deliver it the same day?

If the locksmith can finish the design and the sculpture before the day is over, then the customer can get the customized key within the same day on request. If it is an online order, the customer can get it within 2-5 working days, on request. 

Aside from Fred Meyer, what other retail store makes keys?

There are many popular stores across the United States, where citizens can check out any time they need a quick key change, replacement, or a duplicate. These stores include Lowes, Walmart, Home Depot, Kroger, Safeway, and Winco, among others. Home Depot is one of the biggest home modification companies with retail stores across the US and they offer key copying and duplication services.