Can I Use Ultamate Rewards Credit Card Anywhere?

Can I Use Ultamate Rewards Credit Card Anywhere?


Looking to know more about Ultamate Rewards Credit Card? Then we’ve got you covered! In this article, we will be learning if you can use Ultamate Rewards Credit Card anywhere.

Can I Use Ultamate Rewards Credit Card Anywhere?

The Ultamate Rewards Credit Card is accepted in Ulta Beauty stores and via their webpage. To qualify for the card, you must be of legal age.

Once it is approved, every money you spend at any of the outlets earns you more points. Thus, the card can’t be used anywhere else than an Ulta Beauty store.

The Card’s Features

The Ultamate Rewards Credit Card includes the following features. They are as follows:

  • Every $1 purchase at Ulta Beauty and earns you bonuses.
  • Following up on newsletter notifications can earn you up to 5X points.
  • Its rewards are just valid for one year after they are acquired.

How To Get Started

You can register for the Ultamate Rewards Credit Card in a variety of ways. They are as follows:

  • To begin, go to any Ulta Beauty outlet and apply at the register.
  • Another option is to log in to and you’ll get a message either as a short message service or in the mailbox between 7-10 working days after it’s been accepted.

If you already have an Ultamate Rewards Mastercard and want to receive an Ultamate Rewards Credit Card, you can renew by reaching 866-257-9195.

How To Get Points

All Ulta Skincare products, such as services at Ulta Beauty shop, will earn you rewards depending on the amount billed to your payment method. On the other hand, gift vouchers, bonuses, delivery costs, merchant discounts, and fines, are not entitled to rewards.

You can get more points for all the items anywhere Mastercard is authorized, as well as Ulta Beauty.

Do Acquired Points Have an Expiration Date?

The points are valid for just a year. The next date of expiry is always shown on the invoice or via Ultamate Rewards text notification. However, the points can be valid longer than that only if you’re a Platinum member.

The Benefits

  • As a member, you will gain a 20% discount code for your first shopping at Ulta Beauty, but you must subscribe to Ulta Beauty newsletters to obtain it.
  • Every year, you’ll earn up to $75 in special incentives.
  • Members will be given a coupon that can be used as a reward at an Ulta Beauty shop.
  • You’ll also get up to 15 unique Ulta publications.
  • The Ultamate Rewards Credit Card allows cardholders to reach Platinum Status by spending $450 in a year. There’s also a 25% point boost, no point limitation, and additional perks.


In conclusion, the Ultamate Rewards Credit Card is used at Ulta Beauty stores as well as everywhere else that accepts Mastercard.

However, the rewards will be credited to your wallet once per month, within 5 working days of your payment card invoice being generated. Also, keep in mind that your points will invalidate after a year. But you can increase the effectiveness of earned points by paying $450 per year to be on Platinum status.


Is it possible to use the Ultamate Rewards Credit Card the very day I register for it?

Yes, if you’ve been authorized for a credit card in Ulta Beauty online or in-store, you’ll be able to utilize your account and get a first-time customer bonus.

But for e-commerce, it will take a little time to obtain a permanent card.  Regardless, you may search up your account at any Ulta Beauty location.

Is it possible to get a credit card number if you don’t have an Ultamate Rewards Credit Card?

Yes, it’s possible. When you’re buying out in-store, tell the Ulta Beauty assistant that you’d like to pay with your Ultamate Rewards Credit Card and get your account number.

Then you’ll be required to present a genuine identification card and submit basic details for security reasons. To payout for online orders, you’ll have to provide your card. 

Where can one see the credit balance and transaction information?

To check your Ultamate Rewards Credit Card balance, go to and choose ‘View Account,’ and your information will be displayed. You can also acquire your information by calling Comenity Capital Bank at 866-257-9195.

Is the Ultamate Rewards Credit Card worth it?

Yes, Ultimate Credit Card is good. If you shop at Ulta Beauty, you can explore the card. This is because it gives reasonable prices for signing up for email notifications. It will notify you of special reward days where you can earn additional points, as well as other coupon possibilities.

Furthermore, there are no yearly fees; simply pay off your amount in full each payment process to prevent interest costs, and the rewards you earn are hugely profitable.