Does Lowry Park Zoo Have Wheelchairs?

Does Lowry Park Zoo Have Wheelchairs?

Lowry Park zoo aka ZooTampa is a not-for-profits zoo located in Tampa, Florida, United States. With a landmass of 63-acre, the zoo is home to over 1300 animals, including endangered species and exotic birds. Time and again, Lowry Park zoo has been reviewed to be one of the most visited zoos in the United States and the world. According to Tripadvisor, Lowry park zoo is among the top 25 zoos in the US. The zoo’s beautiful layout, facilities, and structure make it easy for all visitors to navigate around the zoo while connecting with the animals. If you are considering a visit to Lowry Park zoo but are concerned about whether the zoo makes provisions for visitors with walking disabilities read on to find out.

The Lowry park zoo has manual wheelchairs for rental for a stipulated fee and on a first-come-first-serve basis. If you like to rent a wheelchair when visiting the Lowry Park zoo, you can make inquiries at the gate or visit the kiosk that handles guests’ questions and complaints.

Is Lowry Park Wheelchair Accessible?

The Lowry park zoo is on the list of zoos that go the extra mile to accommodate visitors with special needs. Asides from its collection of diverse and exotic animals and birds, the layout of the Lowry park zoo is one of the reasons the zoo was voted the number one family-friendly zoo by the Parents magazine.

The well-planned structure, not too-steep walkways, and parking lots are part of the features that make the Lowry park zoo wheelchair accessible. Visitors with walking disabilities can make their way around the zoo while interacting with nature and getting up close and friendly with the animals like other visitors.

Can I Rent Wheelchairs at Lowry Park Zoo?


Guests at the Lowry park zoo who require wheelchairs can rent wheelchairs from the zoo for a price. As the zoo has a limited number of wheelchairs available, renting a wheelchair is typically based on a first-come-first-serve basis. 

Note that a valid photo ID would be required and held on to when renting the wheelchair.

Feel free to make inquiries at the gate or the guest service kiosk if you need to rent a wheelchair.

Is Lowry Park Zoo Worth Visiting?

The Lowry Park zoo offers visitors the opportunity to connect with nature unforgettably. At the zoo, guests have the chance to get closer to wildlife and see how different animals live in enclosures created to mimic the conditions of the wild.

The Lowry Park zoo is famous for its collection of over 1300 animals. This collection consists of animals from all over the world like African elephants, Koalas, tigers, Indian rhinos, African penguins, giraffes, flamingos, parrots, etc. 

The zoo has a Manatee hospital where orphaned or injured manatees go through a rehabilitation process before being reintroduced to the wild. The Manatee hospital is one of the four federal licensed non-profits hospitals in Florida, US, dedicated to providing critical care for Manatees.

Other than sighting the animals from a distance, guests have the opportunity to interact with some of these animals. They can feed the giraffes, rhinos, and birds, touch the giant tortoise and elephants, ride the camels, enjoy photo sessions with the koalas, and many other exhilarating experiences.

Note that age is a vital criterion if you want to interact with the animals. You may also be required to pay an extra fee. For more information about this, check out this Lowry park zoo website.

Lowry Park zoo also organizes educational shows and has various types of rides which visitors can enjoy, including the famous water ride. The zoo also has many restaurants and snacks bars where you and your loved ones can stop to refuel before continuing on your zoo adventure.

All these, combined with its tropical scenery make up some of the reasons Lowry park zoo is loved by many.


Lowry park zoo understands the positive impact relating and connecting with nature and wildlife has on those with special needs. Hence, it does its best to provide its guests with all requirements for a memorable visit to the zoo. For those with walking disabilities, the zoo considers and makes available wheelchairs and accessible pathways that bring these individuals close enough to experience nature without putting them in danger.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Does Lowry park zoo have ECVS?

Asides from manual wheelchairs, the zoo offers ECVS for rent. Note that the cost of renting ECVs is higher than the cost of renting manual wheelchairs.

  1. Can I submit enquires at Lowry park zoo for peculiar needs before visiting?

Guests with special needs are to go through the zoo’s accessibility guide before paying a visit to the zoo. For more information on this, check out the accessibility guide.