Harvard University Transfer Requirements

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Students who begin a course of study in a college or university often tend to finish the study years in that particular university. On the other hand, many other students begin studies in a college or university but transfer to other schools to complete their course of study.

Harvard University is not left out in being part of the schools that accept transfer students with certain requirements. Different students have varying reasons for pursuing transfers. Many times it is usually the search for better and quality education.

 In this guide, we outlined all it takes to transfer to the school of your dreams, Harvard.

Harvard University Transfer Requirements

Harvard University Transfer Requirements

First and foremost, it is imperative to understand that transferring to a school like Harvard is not an easy task. Each year, Harvard receives tons of transfer applications, but Havard has always only accepted very few people because the school goes as far as checking the most intricate details. 

Applicants must also come to terms with the fact that there are several other suitable applicants, no matter how qualified they appear. Knowing all about the transfer procedures will give them a good fighting chance. Harvard looks for certain factors:

• Sufficient and adequate academic track record

• A clear and concise academically influenced need to transfer

• Recommendations from Reliable Sources.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for Harvard transfer, a student must have completed one full year of full-time studies in an undergraduate program. Completion of two years automatically disqualifies a candidate. A transfer student’s study curriculum must also be similar to Harvard’s.

Acceptance Rate

A crucial fact to recognize while transferring to Harvard is its acceptance rate. It is no longer news that Harvard is an outrageously competitive school. It is highly selective.

 Its acceptance rate stands at a mere 0.90%, suggesting that only 1 in every 100 applicants gets accepted. Its entire student body holds only 0.12% transfer students.

Transfer Requirements

Asides from the first requirement, this list of requirements is in no particular order of importance.

1. Transfer Application

This is the beginning of the process. Applicants are at liberty to choose the type of application they want. The application can be from the Common Application, Universal College Application, or Coalition Application.

2. SAT Scores

This is the summation of Maths and Reading scores. Harvard’s average SAT score is pegged at 1520 on a scale of 1600. It almost seems as if the school does not want to accept any student. It is intensely competitive. Applicants must average this mark or be ridiculously close to expect favourable consideration.

3. GPA

On a weighted scale of 4.33, the minimum GPA stands at 4.18. This is Harvard’s standard.

4. ACT Scores

The average ACT score is 34 on a 36 scale. Applicants who do not meet these averages on SAT/ACT are urged to retake the standardised tests.

5. Essay

Essays are required for all applications. These essays contain information touching on various aspects of the student’s achievements, pursuits, interests, and clear and precise goals for wanting to attend the school. This essay is an elaborate platform for applicants to communicate things that their grades cannot.

6. Letters Of Recommendation

Two solid and convincing letters of recommendation are required for all applications. These letters are expected from previous schools, deans, and department heads. It stands as a vouch for the applicant’s academic capabilities and personality.

7. Supplementary Materials

Outside grades, standardised test results, letters of recommendation, and essays, Harvard University, looks at other valuable things like the applicant’s participation in beneficial extra-curricular activities, volunteering services, capabilities in leadership positions, the student’s vision, future ambitions, and ability to influence and help others become more effective in their activities.

8. Interview

Interviews are usually not required. In the case of rare occasions, the applicant can be summoned by the application reviewers if need be.

9. Application Fee

Many if not all schools have a certain amount that caters to each application, whether first-time admission, transfer, postgraduate studies, etc. The Harvard application fee is $75. A waiver can also be accepted for this.

Deadline For Transfer

Annually, the Harvard Transfer deadline is on the 1st of March. Also, decisions on the various transfer applications are usually taken on the 15th of June.

Harvard University International Students

International students amount to 25% of the entire student body. Yearly, Harvard also receives transfer applications from students from different parts and races of the world. The International Office at Harvard is solely responsible for catering to their needs and providing guidance.

Harvard Scholarships

Harvard University provides many scholarships and grants for its students. These schemes are a bid to assist students both transfer and otherwise to meet their academic and financial obligations. These scholarships are majorly need-based and are considered difficult to get into.

Some Harvard Scholarships

1. Harvard Medical College Scholarships

2. Diversity Advancement Scholarship

3. National Health Service Corps Scholarship Program

4. Joseph Collins Foundation Scholarship

5. Vectorworks Design Scholarship

6. Bergmeyer Scholarship

7. Edmond J. Safra Graduate Fellowship

8. Academic Scholars Award

10. Landscape Architecture Foundation Awards


Applicants must brace up for the rough tide of application. They must strictly follow each process. The presentations must also be explanatory and descriptive enough to showcase their abilities in various activities.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can Community College Students Transfer To Harvard?

Yes, it is possible. Many times for high school leavers and admission seekers, the certainty of attending a community college is very high. To transfer from a community college to Harvard, the applicant must come up with a tremendously impressive and brilliantly crafted application. 

Grades and test scores are essential. However, Harvard will require a track record of past academic triumphs in the community college. The applicant has to be outstanding.

2. Can Transfer Students Get Harvard Scholarship?

Yes, they can. After proper evaluation, the admitted transfer students are offered access to grants.

3. Can International Students Receive Harvard Scholarship?

All transfer students have the same right to apply for scholarships likewise other students.