Where are Radley bags made?

Radley is a London-based brand that sells Purses, Handbags, women’s accessories, and more. This brand got founded in 1998 by Lowell Harder and got evolved into one of Britain’s affordable luxuries. The products get sold in the UK and international markets such as the United States, Germany, Japan, South Africa, New Zealand, Switzerland, and Thailand. Here we will see about Where are Radley bags made?

Radley bags shows sophistication and rich quality. These bags are purely crafted and manufactured in England, UK. The brand focuses on curating premium quality bags for women.

Where are Radley bags made?

Materials Used To Make Bags At Radley’s

Radley’s bags are curated from soft natural leather. They get designed distinctively and thoughtfully. Most of the bags will have extra pockets to increase their utility.

Different Products Sold At Radley

Radley provides a wide range of collections to choose from – 

  • Handbags like shoulder bags, Clutch Bags, and Shopper bags.  
  • Wallets – Zip wallets and Leather wallets 
  • Fashion wear – Coats & Jacket, scarves, activewear, accessories, and many innumerable products are sold at stores and on the website. 

Why Are Radley Bags So Popular?

Radley is Britain’s foremost trust brand by women. The company is extremely loyal to its shoppers. Owning a Radley bag displays elegance, posh and fashionable. Additionally, the durability of leather bags lasts longer than ordinary bags. Radley bags are luxurious products. Sometimes, to purchase they might cost a fortune. It could be very disappointing to purchase a product at an exorbitant price and then resulted in a fake one.

How To Know If I Have Purchased A Real Radley Bag?

Here are some hacks to save yourself from deceitful products. On the outside of the bags have glossy cardboard tabs. A fake bag will have a Scottie logo in red on the bottom of the tag. It should be written only Radley on the bag.

Identically, the same rule applies to the purses. The red dog logo below the tag indicates that it is a fake bag. A genuine Radley bag will have a leather trim to be removed effortlessly. However, in the imitated bag, the cut-out is non-removable. An original bag will have a fabric pouch. The pouch will have a leather after-care kit with a string. 

Buyers can also inspect the sellers, and ask them about the Radley products, and their experience. A genuine seller will not hesitate and will answer all your questions. eBay is one of the safest sites to purchase Radley’s original products. This site excels in eliminating fake products. Thus, observe the auction time, and always try to select auctions that are of 7 plus days. 

Always look over the Seller’s returns policy. A seller does provide a refund if the customers are not satisfied with the product. Customers can approach the seller and question them about the possibility of returning products. If the seller hesitates and denies then it indicates that it is a fake one. In the original bags, the Radley words are inscribed on the dog tag. 

The dog tag is a pin badge that comes along with the hats and scarves. However, in the deceit ones, there will be only a dog tag and no embossing of words Radley on it. Similarly, the logo shall be embossed inside the bag. It is usually in aluminum form with Radley stamped on it. In 2008, the brand introduced a label that authenticates and is a form of Mirage technology. It converts from light to dark colors.  

The price of bags will range from $150 to $400. At times, even with these hacks, the sellers are quite experts in selling deceitful products. Hence, the finest way is to buy from their official website/store or through eBay.

How Do I Clean My Radley Leather Bags?

Compared to other bags, Leather products need special attention and care. If you utilize these leather bags very often then, it shall be cleaned every two to three months. Firstly, take out the cloth from the pouch. Rub it in a circular motion across the surface of the bag. Shake the Radley’s leather care foam thoroughly. Press the lotion from the bottle on a soft cloth.

Gently dab the lotion on the bag and repeat the wiping in a circular motion. Temporarily, the foam gets darkened on your bag. However, this will vanish after the bag gets dry. Remove the excess foam with a dry cloth. Dry the bag for an hour without any contact with direct sunlight. For more protection – Place your leather bag in a cloth bag or a cardboard box.

Cancelling Order At Radley’s

Buyers do have a legal right to cancel their orders. The cancellation shall be made within seven working days from the date of receipt. Notice of cancellation in writing and the receipt of the merchandise is a must. Customers can also return the products within 30 days. Contact the customer service promptly for returning the product.


Radley is a prominent brand in the UK for selling luxurious leather products. Apart from leather bags, the brand sells many more products. The Radley bags are manufactured in England, UK. Often, they are claimed to be manufactured in China and it is utterly not true. Make sure the leather bag has a dog tag along with Radley words embossed in it. These leather bags shall be cleaned once in 2 to 3 months. 

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Does the Radley brand sell accessories for dogs?

Yes, the brand has introduced an accessories collection for dogs. The collection includes a Dog leash, Bandana, collars, bowtie, waste bag holders, adventure tote bags, bowls, and cozy canine beds. These accessories are of high quality and crafted with details. 

2. How do Register at Radleys?

Visit Radley’s official website. Tap on Account and select – It’s my first time. Press on Create Account. Provide personal information that as name, email id, and create a new password. If you want to receive the latest updates and news then subscribe to their emails. Skim through their privacy policy and press on Submit option.