Write A Thesis Statement For Your Personal Narrative

I was told to Write A Thesis Statement For Your Personal Narrative. For a time, I was content and could do the things I enjoyed the most. When I turned 21, I dedicated most of my free time to music and blogging. My college days, on the other hand, were the second-happiest period of my life after my childhood.

Write A Thesis Statement For Your Personal Narrative

My father was a businessman, and I grew up in a middle-class family. He was successful in his job, and the lives we enjoyed were joyful and upbeat. We never begged for anything or anyone’s help but instead helped everyone in need and welcomed the homeless.

My father used to lend money to anyone who came to our house and asked for it, but he never charged interest on the loans. My father is opposed to charging interest when lending money.

Then we built a three-story building, and I used to trouble the workers by running back home. Life was wonderful and enjoyable, and I hoped that it would continue in that manner. I was also a little naughty.

We were one of the first families in our area to have a television at the time. So, every day, neighbors and people from other communities gathered at our house to watch television.

Our house became a gathering spot, yet we welcomed everyone without being irritated. Life moved on, and I was in third grade at a Catholic school about a half-kilometer distant from my house. Every evening, I spent time with my friends before my mother came to pick me up and take me back to study when my tutor arrived. I also excelled in my schoolwork, earning distinction or, on occasion, the second division in all of my exams.

My life was beautiful and enjoyable till a tragic tragedy occurred in our family. We’ve demanded money from the underground insurgents. We used to pay them, and when my father wasn’t home, my mother would go and pay them. Finally, things began to deteriorate when we received a letter with a large sum of money from various underground rebels. The sum was so large that it was difficult to provide it to them on those days. They used to come to our house and threaten us if we didn’t pay them.

My parents begged them to reduce the amount since it is impossible to invest that much money in 5 months. However, things did not proceed as planned.

After the next two days, things only grow worse. I heard two or three automobiles parked on our lawns at midnight, and our door was knocked; we could hear their boots, their pistols, giggling sounds, and mumbling. So, when my mother realized it was the rebels, she swiftly persuaded my father to flee out the back door. Following that, my mother opened the door; as expected, they were looking for my father; however, because they couldn’t find my father, they forcibly took away my elder brother instead.

My father traded places with my brother the next day, and that’s when the misery began.

My father was abducted and tortured at their camp just because we could not pay their entire demand amount. Things are becoming worse by the day. My mother began selling our properties in order to free my father from them; we even sold all of our building supplies as well as all of our cows and buffaloes. Still, it wasn’t enough.

Soon after, the Village Headman and individuals of higher authority convene at our house to examine the situation and devise a plan to free my father from the rebel’s clutches. Our house had once again become a gathering place, but this time in a frightening way. They then went together to negotiate my father’s release. We barely managed to collect half of the money and give it to the rebels. 

My father was released that day, and when they brought him home, he was in such poor condition. He can’t even stand up straight because his feet have been so terribly beaten. He requires medical attention. He feels better and regains his strength after a few days, but not like any other day.

I hoped things would end there, but I have a feeling it will resurface sometime. As a result, we relocated my father to different states with the assistance of one of his close friends. Now, in order to support the family and my father, my mother began selling all of the leftover building supplies, such as iron, sand, and bricks, which are all used in the construction of buildings.

My brother and I used to run away whenever we heard the sound of bikes and cars, believing it was the rebels again; it was when terror was ingrained in our hearts, and my brother still has this heart illness as a result of the awful experiences. We soon realized that we couldn’t stay there any longer, so we began selling everything we owned and moving to different districts to avoid the rebels. The second-worst thing is that the rebels have also taken over our newly completed building. Even the building records were registered in their names, and retrieving them would be difficult unless I was a high-ranking officer.

Then life resumes its normal course in the new district. I graduated from high school and once moved to the city for a higher college.

I fought this idea at first since I didn’t want my parents to work in the scorching sun. Despite the fact that my brother and sister encouraged me, we relocated to the city and rented a small room. We all went to different colleges; I was in 11th grade, while my brother and sister were in their fourth semester. To make ends meet, my brother and sister worked at a tiny part-time job. My father and mother would come to visit us and stay with us for a while before returning to the countryside. 

Surprisingly, some rebels located us and occasionally visited us, although they didn’t do anything awful like before. We greeted them and provided them with hospitality. But I could feel what my parents thought just by looking at their eyes.

We gradually sold our land and properties in order to rent a larger place and be together.

We appear to forget about the past and share a little pleasant moment.

My father soon became a successful businessman, and we barely survived together; however, as long as we are together, we are happy. My sister then married and moved to a distant place with her husband and two children. Her husband works for a company, and they manage to get by, but not smoothly.

Then I began my Bachelor’s degree while also studying music; this is when I discovered my true bliss. I began my music career after graduating in July of 2017, while also preparing for the highest and most prestigious examination in the country, with the hope of one day reclaiming what had been stolen away from us.

However, as time passes, I know that everything happens for a purpose, and I have finally decided to let go of what happened to us.

So, life moved on, and I began making music as a means of earning a living. However, I couldn’t make a living from music, so I decided to hunt for a real career on which I could rely. Staying in a metropolis, as you know, is expensive, but we have no alternative. I was occasionally unable to pay my rent, and life tends to get harsh and challenging even after graduation.

My father was getting older, and his health was deteriorating as a result of the trauma he had endured in the past. Nonetheless, my mother is the most important supporter in our family. She never had a good and proper upbringing. It’s difficult to mingle when you come from a low-income family, and people expect us to be anti-social. When I look at my mother, all I see is misery; there is never a happy moment for her.

Some people don’t even comprehend our past and occasionally criticize us behind our backs, saying things like, “Why do they stay in a city with a bad economic background, they barely survive, and can’t they just go back to their village?” You know, hearing stuff like this might be upsetting at times. But I promise myself that I will find a decent job on which I can rely in order to pay the rent and help my parents.

I started applying for jobs, but all I got was rejection emails, over and over. Despite my failure, I continue to attempt again and again, with no result so far. Very, I intend to apply for a content writer position as an internship; however, the compensation scale is so low. But, I believe that taking any job is preferable to not having one at all. Life seemed to have finally knocked me down; knocked me down so hard that I no longer have the will to continue. But when I see my mother, I gather myself and start going up on my knees again.

Surprisingly, one day I received an offer letter from a big company to work as a professional music producer. The income was beyond my wildest dreams, and I accepted it without hesitation. Then my entire life began to change, and I was finally able to bring joy back to my parents’ faces.

When I look back on my life, I realize one thing: if that incident does not occur, I will spend the rest of my life enjoying myself and squandering my youth because my father’s business fortune will give me an unfair advantage. I will be out with my friends, inebriated and unconcerned about my future. I am well aware that if this occurs, I will undoubtedly ruin my life.

Furthermore, as a result of the occurrences, I became mature and wiser at an early age. Finally, I understood that everything happens for a reason. And my mother was always correct when she advised me to move on and forget about the past because God always stores and gives us the best.

Moral: Everything happens for a good reason.