Getting a Job and Finding Success in the Workforce

Getting accepted to college is difficult these days, but finding a successful job after four years of schooling is equally as problematic. In prior decades, the college experience was as much about academic exploration as it was career preparation. In other words, you could be accepted into a university and not even have to declare a major until your junior year.

The cathedrals of higher learning afforded students a platform in which to explore the many fields of study and learning. To paraphrase Socrates, part of the college experience was for students to examine those educational avenues that had previously remained unexamined. Things have changed dramatically.

Students need to be more career oriented than ever before. In this day and age, it is a necessity. No college graduate wants to be saddled with an enormous student loan and no means to pay it back. The 2008 recession and subsequent economic downturn have forced students to be more focused and disciplined in terms of preparing for a future career.

Despite the economic downturn, there are sectors of the job market that are more recession proof than others. Education, health care and technological sectors are thriving. Society will always need teachers, doctors and nurses.

Furthermore, the digital age has created countless new jobs and opened up a host of new possibilities. The more we rely on technology and electronic communication, the more jobs will be developed to fill those needs. For example, LifeLock, which is an anti-identify theft company, exists only because of our explosive reliance on new forms of technology.

In order to find a job after college, it is important to understand how the world is changing and become specialized and trained in those particular up and coming fields.

College internships are a great way to solidify a career after graduation. Whether you are studying to be a lawyer, nurse or business executive, many colleges offer internships programs. These programs can be a valuable foot in the door when it comes time to find a job.

Competition is tough. It is believed that the average job now receives up to thirty different applications. If you did a nursing internship at a hospital, then you might have a better chance of securing a full-time position at that hospital once you graduate. If you have focus and a proactive approach to your career, then navigating the job market will not be difficult.

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