Who Submits Cal Grant GPA?


California residents can get the benefits of The Cal Grant. It financially supports both school and college students, and it doesn’t have to be paid back. Government initiatives like Cal Grants can help you to be a part of the education system without worrying. All you have to do is create your federal student aid ID and complete the free application process. Who submits Cal Grant GPA?

There are eligibility criteria for submitting the application form. The students should meet a specified GPA, either in high school or college, and can submit their application via FAFSA or CA Dream Act Application. Students must be aware of the deadlines so they won’t lose an academic year. 

Who Submits Cal Grant GPA?

Cal Grant

Cal Grant is one of the prominent programs offered by the California Students Aid Commission. To avail of the Cal grant, the students should meet the financial and academic-wise eligibility criteria. Here is a list of colleges that use Cal Grant

  1. The University of California.
  2. California State University.
  3. California Community College.
  4. Independent colleges in California (Qualified)
  5. Career colleges in California (Qualified)  

Three Types of Cal

Students can’t choose which Cal grant they want. The grant is allocated to respective students based on their verified application, GPA, and college type. 

Cal Grant A

Grant is given for the payment of tuition fees as well as four-year college fees. The amount of grant is dependent upon the type of college. The GPA requirement for high school students is 3.0 GPA and for college students: 2.4 GPA

Cal Grant B

Living allowance for first-year students. If you get renewed for the second year, Cal can provide both living allowance and tuition fees. The minimum GPA requirement to avail of this type of grant is a minimum of 2.0.

Cal Grant C

Use to facilitate the payment of a techniCal or career education. There are no GPA criteria.

Amount Of Cal Grant 

The amount of the grant may vary depending on your eligibility verification done by your school. You can’t get all the money at once. These amounts are divided into different categories and paid accordingly. 

Note: One student can avail of only one Cal grant. If he/she qualifies for more than one grant, the highest amount of grant will be granted to those students. For this, students need to have proper attendance in the particular academic year.

In California Community College

Cal Grant A 

Grant amount – $0

This grant doesn’t provide any tuition or other fees.

Cal Grant B 

Grant amount – $1,648

Applicable for a living allowance.

Cal Grant C 

Grant amount –$1,094

The applicant must be chosen for an occupational or technical course.

The grant is for living and educational expenses.

At California State University

Cal Grant A 

Grant amount –$5,742

This grant is for tuition fees and other fees of the school.

Cal Grant B (first-year students)

Grant amount – $1,648

For living allowance.

Cal Grant B (Other than first years)

Grant amount – $7,390

For living allowance and systemwide tuition fees including other fees.

Cal Grant C

This grant is not given to California State Universities. 

At the University of California

Cal Grant A 

Grant amount – $12,570

For living allowance and systemwide tuition fees including other fees.

Cal Grant B (first-year students)

Grant amount – $1,648 

For living allowance.

Cal Grant B (Other than first years)

Grant amount –$14,218

For living allowance and systemwide tuition fees including other fees.

Cal Grant C 

This grant is not given to the University of California.

Application Procedure

The student has to submit his/her application through FAFSA before the deadline if he is meeting the following criteria:

  • US Citizen
  • Permanent resident 
  • Other non-residents (qualified)  

The students have to sign up for a Federal Student Aid ID to begin the application procedure. Then he can complete the application. Students have to complete seven steps to get an FSA ID. The steps are really simple. 

STEP 1: Personal Information

Visit https://studentaid.gov/fafsa-app/ROLES. Choose either the student or parent option to move forward. Click on “Create FSA ID”, and you will be directed to another page. On the next page, read the instructions and click on get started. Then you have to give your basic information like first name, middle name and last name, date of birth, and social security number. Then click “Continue”.

STEP 2: Account Information

Set a username for your account. Enter your mail id, and set a strong password. You have to confirm both your mail id and password by re-entering it. Click continue.

STEP 3: Contact Information

In the permanent address section, give your address, city, state, and zip code as well as your phone number and confirm it. Then mark the tick in the agreement tab to recover my account via my mobile phone.

STEP 4: Communication Preference

Choose whether you need to get information about your account via mail or text message. Select the preferred language. 

STEP 5: Challenge Questions

You have to select four challenge questions. These are security questions. choose the simple ones so that you can recollect them easily. 

STEP 6: Confirm And Verify

The next page will show all the details you have given till now in the form. Check carefully and if needed, make the edit.

STEP 7: Account Recovery

Verify your mail id and phone number with the help of OTP.

Click finish.

How Can I Submit My GPA?

You can submit your GPA through the College GPA Collection System of the California Students Aid Commission. You can access this service at WebGrants. The GPA function of WebGrants immediately gives the feedback of GPAs and it automatically figures out the errors.

You don’t have to mail a verification form as long as the GPAs are electroniCally certified. 

You can contact Helpdesk for any further queries. 

How Can I Get Free Help To Clear My Doubts While Applying Via FAFSA?

  • During business hours, check on the Live Help button. 
  • Go through the FAQs section here.
  • Connect to FAFSA at 1-800-4-FED-AID (1-800-433-3243) whenever you need help logging in. 
  • Connect FAFSA by making a Call to 800.433.3243 ( Call toll-free) 


Initiatives like Cal grants are very helpful for people who come from less privileged communities. So, if you are someone who is pursuing a graduate program, vocational, or career training course and finding it hard to continue because of financial instability, consider applying for Cal grants for an uninterrupted academic experience. 


  1. What is the deadline for the submission of the application?

The main deadline is 2nd March but for those students who missed the deadline to submit their application before that, they can submit it by 2nd September.

  1. Who Calculates GPAs for the Cal grant?

As per the Law and regulations, there is no person specifiCally for the Calculation of GPA and further certificate verification. In most cases, an office representative would be dealing with the records of students’ details and the verification process. 

  1. What are the eligibility requirements to apply for the Cal grant?

You must have already attended UC, CCC, or CSU. Additionally, it is required of you to mention that you have a dependent child on the application. 

  1. When are the funds made available?

There is no defined timeline regarding the release of funds. You can always ask for information from the financial aid office of your institution regarding the same.