Are Gaming Laptops Good for College?

When it comes to choosing laptops for school, the specs must match the intensity of the studies chosen. So the question arises, are gaming laptops good for college? let’s know more about gaming laptops.

Are Gaming Laptops Good for College?

Generally, these laptops are more powerful than any other laptops, having the highest specs installed to run heavy installments of programs and bigger application sizes to store. Furthermore, because of their high equipped specs, most of these gaming laptops can last about six years more. so you can say gaming laptops are good for college.

Thus, if anyone would consider buying a laptop, no matter what studies you choose, gaming laptops are compatible with any majors to help finish any projects.

However, there are things to consider before buying one because these laptops may be too intense for one to have. 

First, let us see why generally, gaming laptops are good for college and for any student. 

Why gaming laptops may be generally good for colleges no matter the studies were chosen?

Although gaming laptops, as its name is self-explanatory, their purpose is for gaming. And because of that, its requirement to be a gaming laptop must be high enough to run modern-day video game applications. This means they have high graphic cards, hard drive capacities and processors. so, you see, gaming laptops are good for college.

As the result with its high specs, it is also sustainable for students to be their laptop companions for their school projects. Here is why:

Great for Visual projects

Students who are studying 3D visual arts or any Design majors will find these laptops tremendously helpful to work on their projects. With its specs required to hold and run high graphics video games, they will be able to run high programs of 3D or any other creative visual programs such as Maya, Adobe After Effects, Premiere, Photoshops and any other programs without any lags. Unlike gaming laptops, regular laptops will have a hard time rendering them smoothly.

Capable to hold heavy data files

These laptops do not limit to just art students as well, they may also help students of business studies, engineers or other majors that require learning heavy excel formulas or other 3D programs. With its high capacity of hard drive and processors, they can run the programs smoothly without delay, as they have enough space and engine to run them. Students will find lags in regular laptops if there is high data storage in their laptops. 

Thus, it is why no matter the studies, gaming laptops are compatible to hold different projects that require a high capacity of data. And seeing how students these days have a lot of projects to finish, the gaming laptops may help their basic needs to finish their projects such as extra spaces to contain the data without having to buy external hard drive, thus, saving money. 

Why gaming laptops may be generally bad for colleges no matter the studies were chosen?

However, just because the gaming laptops are capable to run such programs for any classes, that doesn’t mean that there are other things that students must not consider when purchasing one. And students may find difficulties when they buy one. 


Firstly, their prices can be incredibly expensive for students. Most of the gaming laptop brands are well-known like Asus, and that can drive the cost up.

But even if their brands are not popular, they can still be expensive because of their spare parts installed. Their high-end specs such as high-quality graphic cards, hard drive capacity, memories, and processors are already expensive, especially for anyone who is on a budget. They are more expensive than regular and non-gaming laptops and most could cost about $1000 or more, depending on the specs and brand. 

As stated above, gaming laptops are equipped with all the instalments and specs to run high-graphics and heavy programming to run a game smoothly. Thus, it is why they are known to be more expensive. 

Even their external hardware such as the mouse can be expensive. Gaming mice are also equipped with additional buttons for gamers to play their games efficiently. On average, they can cost about $70, far more expensive than a regular mouse. 

If a gaming mouse costs a lot more than a regular mouse, imagine what the actual laptop may cost. 

Perhaps one can buy used gaming laptops, but there is no telling which of the specs were downgraded or are no longer functioning as well as before. The quality may already be rusted as they are used, though sometimes, though most used gaming laptops aren’t too damaged for one to use again. 

But even if students buy used gaming laptops, it will still require a lot more additional cash to maintain the laptop or keep it on a budget. Especially when it comes to charging the laptop because they need a lot of electricity to power it.

High Electricity Usage

Not only will the laptop’s first purchase cost a lot, but their power usage too will be quite high, making students in need pay extra for their electricity bills. Because of their heavy equipped parts, they too require a lot of power to run. 

Take the Alienware laptop as an example. Most of their laptops have high-end graphic cards and processors. However, due to its max equipment, the laptop battery does not last long (approximately about 3 hours). This is not helpful if students are to work elsewhere than home and they will always need a place to charge as the result.

Maybe running them with a charger so students can work longer may help, but gaming laptops are notorious for overheating.  

Gaming Laptops Can Be Too Hot After Long Usages

Furthermore, even if they do not plan to stay in another place for too long, the laptops can become too hot for our laps to handle and may affect our bodies (assuming the students have a habit to place their laptops on their laps). 

This is one of the reasons why these laptops have noisy fans, it is so that they can cool down the machine for running. But that too is usually not enough to cool them down, some of these laptop temperatures can reach up to 90 degrees Celsius, which is not healthy for one’s lap and too high for the laptop’s fan to handle.

Furthermore, if a laptop overheats, it will damage the entire laptop and may risk it exploding. No kidding. Students may buy an external fan to help its cooldowns, but that will require additional cash to do so. 


Overall, it is up to the student’s choice whether they would like to buy a gaming laptop or not. On the one hand, these laptops may help in any projects the students may have. But on the other hand, it may cost them a lot more than they should have spent on a laptop. 

Students may need to choose wisely when it comes to laptop choices. But overall, it is also best to choose a laptop that suits their basic needs.