Is A 730 On A Sat Subject Test Good?


SAT Subject Tests are those for which we are ready to put in our hearts and soul. We need to know how much percentile is a requisite to attain in SAT Subject Tests. This is the first step to knowing how much is the requisite SAT score of your dream school. Is a 730 on a Sat Subject Test Good?

An average SAT Subject Test score of 730 percentile will be for getting admitted into a top College. However, SAT Subject Test scores keep varying depending on the difficulty of the subject hence a lower percentile is acceptable.

Is A 730 On A Sat Subject Test Good?

Acceptable SAT Scores

Since the number of people who attempt to take the SAT differs for all the subject tests, the acceptable scores persistently vary. Usually, if you score 700 or above, it is considered an acceptable score. 

When determining the acceptable score for respective SAT subject tests, average scores and percentiles need to be considered. Nevertheless apart from this few other aspects need to be considered to set the target score which you will learn in this article.

SAT Subject Test Scores Eligibility

SAT subject tests are not considered an eligibility criterion now. Ahead of the college board announcement about excluding SAT subject tests, several schools had already left the subject test prerequisite in the past several years. 

The college board has stopped taking SAT subject tests into review as an eligibility criterion in the United States from January 2021. The SAT subject tests became unavailable internationally in June 2021. SAT subject test scores can also be taken into consideration similar to AP test scores which can be found upon contacting the respective schools to learn about their precise instructions.

On the other hand, for the students who have supposedly taken the SAT a handful of years ago, colleges aren’t considering subject test scores. The scores that you achieve on several tests will vary based on the subject. Few tests are easier compared to others. This makes it slightly more difficult to define what is a good test score. 

SAT Subject Test Score Requirements

The preparation level and skillfulness are a reflection of the test scores of those who take the subject tests. The contrast in subject test scores does not determine if one test is easier or harder than the other one. 

  • Though you cannot attain a test score of 730 in all SAT subject tests, you need to achieve an excellent percentile in physics, chemistry, Chinese with listening, mathematics level II, Italian, French, modern Hebrew, Japanese with Listening, and French with listening to get a good percentile.
  • Countless talented students are capable of getting a good score that is close to the average since most of these tests have lower standard deviations and high averages. You need not be devastated by this.

As per statistics, you can attain an increased score if these subjects are your strong suit. To decide if these subjects are the right fit for you, you can contemplate your subject knowledge and academic soundnesses. 

College Requirements

The above factors are essential though keeping in mind the requirements of colleges is another important factor. The schools you will be sending your application should be taken into consideration to attain excellent scores on SAT subject tests. For all subject tests, your percentile will be compared with those students’ scores who are looking forward to studying at different colleges. 

Aspects That Aspirants Need To Take A Note Of

  • SAT Subject Test score requirements of your dream college.
  • If a particular subject test is considered competitive will a lower percentile on a few other subject tests be overseen? 
  • Whether the scores of the students who have joined the college have test scores below 700s or above 700s?

You should be aware of what your college considers a high SAT score and a wonderful GPA apart from having a peek at other aspects of the application.  

Colleges usually will inform you they will make a decision based on your application details since they consider it a holistic process. They can be uncommunicative about the SAT score and GPA details.

The Right Way To Find Information About SAT Score Requirements

  • Checking out the college name on Google with the words average SAT subject scores or SAT Subject Tests to get specific information.
  • Study college websites for admission details.
  • Contact the admission officers to provide clear information or convey tips.
  • Admission officers can provide you with information. You need not hesitate.
  • Visiting the college, including your name on mailing lists, lest communicating with people on campus will add more weightage to your application.
  • Personal goals should be prioritized over researching college requirements plus statistics.


If your test score is not the score that is expected to join your dream school, you need not worry about anything. The schools will accept applications since the acceptable test scores can keep changing. A good recommendation letter, voluntary activities, a powerful essay, activities beyond your curriculum, high grades, and your college application will aid in getting a seat.


  1. How much are the 25th percentile and average SAT scores for getting into Ivy League colleges?

The 25th percentile is a minimum of 700 to 730 needs to be scored to get into Ivy League colleges and an average SAT score of 750 to 800 needs to be scored. 

  1. What is the average SAT Subject Test score that gets attained in the whole United States?

The average SAT Subject Test score in the United States is usually around 1060.

  1. Which books are suitable for taking practice tests for getting a good SAT score?

The books that are suitable for taking practice tests to get a good SAT score are College Board SAT Study Guide, The Princeton Review’s 10 Practice Tests for the SAT, The Princeton Review’s Cracking the SAT Premium, Barron’s SAT Maths Workbook, and Barron’s SAT Reading Workbook.

  1. What steps can you take while studying for the SAT?

Take innumerable practice tests, take your time while practicing, practice section-wise and not fully in a row, and believe practice tests to be the last tests you will take.