Where did Patrick Mahomes go to College?

Where did Patrick Mahomes go to College?

If you’re a football lover, you probably have heard about the super Athlete who goes by the name Patrick Mahomes and you will curious about where he go to college . He throws footballs with intense speed and deafening courage as if he were Zeus shooting lightning bolts from the sky. This superhuman footballer’s story is believable from the point of an optimist, yet the feats he achieved are ridiculously astonishing as his sports numbers speak for themselves. People are eager to know how he got to the peak of his career? What College promoted his talent as the rising king of football, only next to Thomas Brady?

Patrick Mahomes attended Texas Tech University, a Technical research institute in Texas, the United States. He decided to choose the Red Raiders over offers that came from other football teams. Although he started as a baseball player and also excelled in basketball, his first sprint as a football player was remarkable, hitting incredible numbers from touchdowns to yards covered.  Mahomes can be likened to the Greek god in Greek mythology Hephaestus because he is so good with his hands that his peers accorded him the due plaudits. He was able to juggle the three sports of baseball, basketball, and football. It was perhaps one of the most astonishing things a teenager could ever do. When he first played baseball while attending Texas Tech University, in his senior year, he threw a no-hitter with 16 strikeouts; while in basketball on the senior team, he was simply flawless as he led his team to a romping victory of a 28-7. Mahomes was a prodigy and his rapid rise was being noticed by his coaches as well as the media.  Drifting towards football, he was a beast, dominating the football pitch not with the usual rush, hit, and stamp, practiced by most football players, but with his ability to throw the ball farther, faster, and more accurately than any other player; and his resilience to win back the ball. Patrick Mahomes can be defined as an “ideal energetic athlete, non-existent on the planet”. This creates the itch in the brain about his capability and superhuman athletic prowess.

Continue reading to know more about the background of Patrick Mahomes and how attending Texas Tech university helped him rise to the star he is today. 

Patrick Mahomes Childhood

Patrick Mahomes was born on the 17th day of September 1995 in Tyler, Texas, United States of America. His parents are Randy and Patrick Snr Mahomes. His father, Patrick Lavon Mahomes was a baseball pitcher who played for Major league baseball for nine years. His mother is Caucasian but his father is of African descent.

Patrick Mahomes attended Whitehouse high school in Texas where he began playing basketball and baseball. During such time he dominated the sports demonstrating his athletic prowess in running, catching, and most importantly throwing and swinging anything.

After passing on to the senior level, he began the sports that would see him rise to a recognized star. His energetic spirit and his ability to sprint with verve and vivacity saw him rise to the school’s fandom as one of the most prolific players. His numbers were amazing – 15 rushing touchdowns, 50 passing touchdowns, 948 rushing yards, and 4,619 passing yards. He simply ruled the field. 

Patrick Mahomes’s College life 

Due to his determination to excel more in football, after graduation, he joined Texas Tech University. Although he wanted to play football, he was selected by one of the baseball teams on the varsity: the Detroit Tigers. But he did not sign for them because his desire and passion were driven to play the sports ‘known to the men’ – the football.

Patrick Mahomes started his career as a substitute quarterback against Oklahoma State and his desire to boss the game only grew deeper and deeper. He continued to pitch for the Texas Tech baseball team, where despite his lack of appetite for baseball, he thrived, although not as scintillating as football. 

His second season at Texas Tech saw him being started as a regular full-back. Although his passing touchdowns, interceptions, and passing yards racked up the number, there seemed to be a lack of balance in his sports life. He continued playing baseball, but at that time, his numbers playing baseball took a nosedive. He decided to quit baseball for good and focus on what he considered his calling, football. 

As a junior college football player, his records rose as he finished the season with 421 yards for a single game and 53 passing touchdowns. His talent as an exceptional football player saw him as one of the most sought-after players of his time. In 2017, he was finally drafted into the NFL and selected by Kansas City Chiefs. 

Patrick Mahomes has continued dominating the sport which he loves and his success is considered unparalleled by anyone of his age. When faced with Tom Brady, he only lags a few yards, not in numbers, but achievements. Although this comparison is unfair given that Brady is in his forties and Mahomes in his twenties, it is one for the record.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What did Patrick Mahomes study in College?

Patrick Mahomes never graduated from college and what he studied is uncertain.He studied at Texas Tech University, Texas.

  1. Can Patrick Mahomes throw 100 yards?

Although before the 2017 NFL Draft, Mahomes threw the ball when he was plying his trade with Texas Tech 80 yards, he has been quoted to say that he can throw the ball 100 yards.

  1. Are Patrick Mahomes and Tom Brady friends?

Patrick Mahomes and Tom Brady are said to have a strong friendship.

  1. Are Patrick Mahomes and Jackson Mahomes related?

Jackson Mahomes is the little brother of Patrick Mahomes.