Template for Thesis Statement

Template for Thesis Statement

The thesis statement template is one of the pivotal aspects of essay writing that gives your readers a clue regarding what they are about to read.Writing a thesis or paperwork is not an easy one as the writer is subjected to carefully keep their readers in suspense while exposing to them the detailed information of the work they are patiently reading. Most expert writers don’t have an issue getting the fitting thesis statement for their paperwork as they have grown mastery of words and structure for every essay write-up they engage into. But for the amateurs, require consistency and exposure to the different thesis statements, so they can know the one that fits their essay writing. 

As a newbie writer, to grow fast and become an expert, there is a need to get used to the thesis statement templates. The thesis statement template is the fulcrum upon which a thesis statement can be built for the reader to have an in-depth knowledge of what the essay writing or paperwork would be. Think of the thesis statement template as a scrabble platform upon which several words can be formed by the players. On the basic scrabble structure, countless meaningful words can be played and points are earned by the player. The same applies to the thesis statement template, several thesis sentences can be constructed from it. 

It is expedient to know that the introduction of every essay is read by over 95% of readers than the main body of the essay. The majority of readers believe that they can get the exact information or what the body of the work will explain in detail from the introduction. Therefore, it is explicit to say that majority of people who will delve into the body of any essay will first be motivated to do so following their perusal look at the introduction. An introduction well outlined and written is the genesis of the reader in going forward to check out the body of the write-up. 

What is a Thesis Statement?

A thesis statement is a sentence that informs the reader on what the topic or argument surrounding the essay will be like or is. It reveals the importance and significance of the subject matter or topic chosen. It serves as a guide or as a sensor in sensitizing the reader on what most likely they will be exposed to in the body of the essay and what they will expect as well. 

The thesis statement is that few sentence(s) that establishes the strong argument on what the essay will look like and helps in organizing subconsciously the readers’ intention towards the work. As a result of its relevance, it should be compelling and if possible filled with persuasive words that will elicit the reader into being inquisitive in desiring to read more. 

How the Template should be

The first step before planning on how the thesis statement will be is to first determine the essay topic. Selecting a topic for the research work or paper is key and paramount to ascertaining how one will keenly fashion out a compelling thesis statement. The thesis statement tries to summarize or conclude the topic by revealing what the topic is and possible approaches that will help digest the topic. 

Because there are different kinds of essays which are argumentative, expository essays, persuasive essays, etc, the tone of the thesis statement is most likely not to be the same. Using one template for all thesis sentences might flaw the research work because where there is a need to use an argumentative tone and the writer is writing an expository essay, the thesis statement will not be coherent at all and will not cast a proper reflection on what the topic is.  

Just know that every thesis statement template has a unique tone that suits the essay pattern in question. Therefore, before adopting any template, first, determine how your essay or research paper tone would be. Determining that will help you know and adopt the best thesis template that suits your writing.  

Features of a Good Thesis Statement

As you are planning to adopt any thesis statement template of your choice, there are things you need to take into consideration so that your thesis statement stands out tall and meets the desired qualities. The characteristics of a good quality thesis statement include:

  • Be concise and not lengthy: this is one of the first and foremost qualities one needs to take into consideration. It is expected that every good thesis must be short, clear, and to the point. It should not sound or look vague but rather be able to communicate the intent of the writer regarding the topic. The thesis statement is expected to not be more than two to three sentences. 
  • Be coherent: this is another important aspect of any thesis statement. There must be an equilibrium between the thesis statement with the topic and the body of the work. Every statement of yours and its commanding idea whether specific or central should be properly captured in the body of the work and should be well analyzed. 
  • Have suspense: the thesis statement shouldn’t be watery i.e. lacking the strength to push the reader into desiring how and what the body of the work will entail. The thesis statement should not be one that at a glance, the reader will swallow and agree to it with no vigor to read ahead. Even though you want to pass the information of what your reader is expected to see and know regarding the work, it is wise to still keep him in suspense by using thought-provoking statements that will leave him with no option but to debate within himself and desire to carry on the reading to the end. 

Different Thesis statement Templates

As earlier said, every essay has a topic upon which the tone of the thesis statement will be built. Below I will be exposing different thesis statement templates with examples while taking into consideration the kind of essay or paper research. 

Argumentative Essay Template

For argumentative essays, the thesis statement comes strong and tries to stamp a fact and at the same time give the reason why such fact should be adhered to. It is now left for the reader to agree or not. For example

___________ should (be) _________ because__________.

The dash can be occupied with a word or group of words to make meaning and to state an argumentative fact.

  1. Google should make the safe search setting in every android phone automatic because 90% of American children watch porn sites.
  2. Staying next to a smoker should be avoided because secondhand smoke is as deadly as smoking itself. 

From the above, you will notice that the compelling first clause states the fact while the other establishes why you are suggesting such a fact. It is left for the reader to now either agree or not or find why you’ve demanded such establishment of fact. 

Comparison and Contrast Thesis Sentence Template

The comparison or contrast thesis sentence is used where there is a need to compare or contrast a fact regarding the topic. Let us have a peek at what a comparison and contrast template can look like:

The existing distinction (similarity) between __________ and ________ is ________, and they _______. 

For example:

  1. The existing distinction between osteopathic and allopathic medicine is yet to be understood, and they are geared towards managing the disease of the patient. 
  2. The existing similarities between vaccination and medication are pronounced, and they are employed for certain disease conditions. 

Analytical Thesis Sentence Template

The analytical thesis statement analyzes an issue taking its foot on the topic, a specific approach of analysis, and the possible conclusion regarding the topic of interest. Regardless of the topic below is a template of what an analytical thesis statement looks like: 

The____________ aims(ed) at _________________that _____________

  1. The government’s outcry to their citizen in getting their voter’s card ready is aimed at achieving a democratic election that its result will be valid and counts. 
  2. The Michigan court in 1974 of rape aimed at establishing a broader definition on rape that a person commits rape when he has carnal knowledge of a female, not his wife, forcibly and against her will. 

Thesis statement writing isn’t an easy one for the amateurs who are just getting their hands in writing newly. However, for the experts who have grown great dexterity in developing astounding essays or research works, developing a thesis writing will be a work over them. For beginners, a template will serve as a guide in gaining confidence and building one’s prowess in thesis statement writing. There is no mandatory rule that states that every thesis statement must follow the template examples given, however, the templates, aids in giving you the idea of how the thesis statement should be depending on the kind of essay. Every essay kind has its tone i.e. it could be argumentative, expository, analytical, etc. Above let your thesis statement reflect your topic and be expanded later in the body of work in detail with little or no deviation.