Is College Free in Peru?

Is College Free in Peru?

Here we will see Is college in Peru free? Peru is one of the countries in South America that has seen an increase in international students or overseas students. International students go to Peru to study short-term or long-term courses. The increase is quite enormous that as of 2022, there are more U.S students in Peru than there are in America. Peru has also experienced tremendous economic growth in the last few yea as a major tourist destination with friendly weather all year round.

For college students interested in studying in Peru, our main question today, will shed some light on whether Peru is an ideal study destination for overseas or international students.

so our main question today is,

Is College free in Peru?

Yes, it is free for college in Peru. However, this applies to tuition-free public universities, but students must pay for living expenses. For private or non-profit or private for-profit universities, students are required to pay some amount of money but rest assured the Tuition fee is very affordable. Students also get a quality education while enjoying the beautiful heritage sites and ancient cultures. 

The number of public colleges in Peru is approximately 51 and the number of private universities are approximately 89. These universities provide a variety of programs with a wide range of topics that students can choose from. Additionally, Peruvians are welcoming, have amazing cuisine, and are easy to understand. Peru is also ranked top ten as one of the most diverse countries, plus a great place for students interested in majoring in conservation, wildlife, and biology. 

What we will be discussing further:

  1. College requirements for international students in Peru
  2. Other factors that make Peru a great study destination for students
  3. Conclusion 
  4. Frequently asked questions

College requirements for international students in Peru

For starters, a visa is a requirement for all international students who intend to study in Peru. The visa requirements differ from nation to nation. Prospective students can find more details about the Visa at the nearest Peruvian embassy in your country. International students can use a tourist visa to enter Peru. Once in Peru, students can apply for a Student Visa at the Peruvian embassy.

The student visa requirements include:

  • Fill in a visa application form
  • A valid copy of your passport
  • Two passport-sized photos 
  • Proof that the student has enrolled in one of the colleges or universities in Peru
  • Financial stability proof
  • Payment fee receipt for your tuition 
  • Proof of the existing accommodation in Peru

Private and International universities in Peru

If you’re interested in College in Peru and you are an undergraduate or Graduate student, it’s important to research the international schools available in Peru. This is mainly because many public universities teach in Spanish. It explains why many students who are majoring in Spanish pick Peru as their study abroad destination. However, some private schools teach in English and Spanish, and the best options have to be international schools. International colleges are mostly private and teach in English. 

International colleges also get better funding from local institutions, which leads to better educational resources for students. Private colleges are mostly located in big cities such as Lima and sometimes Cusco. International and private colleges tend to be expensive and students are encouraged to apply ahead of time because they tend to be competitive. They also have affordable non-profit universities. 

For public and private colleges, most institutions would require three years of study and offer certification and a title known as technical professionals. However, most undergraduate courses are offered for four years, and once students have graduated, they are known as professionals. However, private universities may have their own structure which means some research should be done before enrolling in any of these universities.

Other 3 factors that make Peru a great College destination

  • It offers an economical cost of living 

For college students concerned about their finances, take heart because Peru falls in the bottom half of the most affordable countries in South America. This means that students can save some money when paying bills because the living cost is affordable. For instance, Cusco is one of the major cities for students who want to study abroad. The city is known to be economical despite being a tourist attraction.

  • Students get access to endless Extracurricular activities.

As we all know, work without play makes Jack a dull boy, but Peru is one of the countries where college students will have plenty of activities to do during their free time. Peru has an excellent geographical location with plenty of activities such as; zip-lining, hiking, biking, rafting, paragliding, and touring numerous ancient ruins that are famous in Peru and one of the newest 7th wonders of the world. Peru also offers nightlife, for instance nightclubs and festivals.

Students who prefer laidback adventures can easily walk through the beautiful city streets while admiring ancient architecture up to 100 years old. They can also interact with people and make new friends at restaurants or relax on the beach with the beautiful coastal weather.

  • It offers a historical blend of culture

With many historical sites, Machu Picchu is famously known as one of the nine UNESCO famous Heritage sites and is originally from Peru. A blend of various cultures over the years has contributed to creating modern Peru full of eclectic cuisines and a welcoming vibe. International students will get to visit several amazing places that depict the rich history of Peru.


As we have discussed, Peru offers free tuition for public colleges or universities. students are however required to cater for living expenses. If you need further help with your Living expenses most universities in Peru offer Grant and scholarships. For-profit or non-profit private colleges, students are expected to pay, but it differs from College to College. 

We have also talked about many factors that make Peru a great destination for international students or students who want to study abroad.Since most universities teach in Spanish, it is always advisable to do in-depth research for English-speaking students or students who prefer to study their courses in English. Best of luck in the search for your university in Peru!

Frequently asked questions

Can international students work in Peru?

Absolutely. Students with an F-1 visa can work on campus for not more than 20 hours per week. Students interested in working off-campus will only have access to a limited number of jobs that need prior authorization from the respective bodies.

Is the cost of living cheaper in Peru?

Yes, it is. In South America, Peru is considered one of the most affordable countries. For instance, you can cover most of the living expenses with $2,000 per month in most areas, except the capital city which is known as Lima. 

What makes Peru unique?

It has to be the 90 different microclimates that make Peru a biologically diverse country globally.