How To Write a Vita For Thesis?

In simple terms, a thesis can be termed as the main idea or essence of an essay, or a research paper. It is a form of expository writing. The term vita is derived from a Latin word, namely vitae. English translation and meaning of this term is ” the course of one’s life” A vita can be used to summarize a person’s personal and professional life. In many theses, a vita can also be used as the template. For educational purposes, it is used as a curriculum vita or C.V. It is a more described form of a resume including details like past work experiences, academic achievements, publications, interests, preferred work environment, and other personal information included in the person’s resume. One difference between a curriculum vita or C.V. and a resume is that a vita is a more descriptive form of a resume. A vita can also be called a more broad format of a person’s resume.Lets checkout how to write a vita for thesis?


A Vita In a Thesis IN A THESIS

 The formation and the rules to write a vita for a thesis are to some extent similar to writing a curriculum vita or C.V. A thesis can be defined as an explanatory research work paper written on one specific concept, place, topic, or person. It describes the main idea of the research work briefly summarizing the whole concept. The main purpose of writing a thesis is to attract the reader’s attention. Similarly, a vita in a thesis is required to brief about the writer’s point of view and other relevant information. A vita includes the overview of the research paper or thesis, summary or main idea of the thesis, the topic covered, sub-topics, main characters, writer’s information including his personal and professional details, and many more. 

Rules to write a Vita For Thesis

  1. The length and the word limit of writing a vita is already fixed. Moreover, the people must not extend these ord or page limits. Generally, the ideal vita consists of a half or one page and not more than one page. 
  2. A vita includes the short biographical narrative of the one or two people to whom the irrespective document belongs. It must be a little more descriptive as compared to the person’s resume.
  3. A vita consisting of the person’s information must include his personal, professional, and academic history and qualifications. It must be stated in the form of short and simple bullet points.
  4. The person who write a vita for the thesis must title a separate blank page, in the top left corner as “VITA”. It is an optional guideline, but it is preferable to include this step for more clarity. It specifies the purpose of including a heading or sub-heading that attracts the reader’s attention and makes it easy to read or focus on the thesis.

Attributes to a good Vita for Thesis

  1. A vita must be short and simple. It must not extend the required word or page limit. A vita must be written in such a manner that it is capable of attracting the readers’ attention.
  2. Vits written by the person must be straightforward, explaining and summarizing all the required details. It must also state the purpose of writing the thesis.
  3. The language of the vita must be simple and clear. The words of commonly used vocabulary must be included while writing a vita.
  4. Only the relevant information must be included in a vita. Therefore, the person must avoid writing unnecessary and unwanted information.  

Steps and Tips to write a Vita

There are many effective tips, techniques, and steps to write a short and effective curriculum vita. The person who wants to write a vita must include only the relevant and summarized details about the topic. He can also take help from the following given points.

Step 1- Sorting the required Information

A vita must only include vital information. The writer must sort the information he wants to include or not to include in the curriculum vita or C.V. Moreover, the person can also choose appropriate taglines for example name, address, experience, work experience, brief hobbies, or interests, educational qualifications, awards, publications, and many more.

Step 2 – Including the needed information

From the above-mentioned taglines, the writer can select or choose the important topics to describe the tags. The vita writers can also cut short the information provided by them to keep the curriculum vita short, simple, and straight- forward. 

Step 3 – Describing the Taglines

The writer must brief about the taglines in simple words or short points. The points must be descriptive but short to give the readers a small overview of the topic. It is one of the most important aspects of writing a good vita for a thesis, research papers, documents, etc.

Step 4 – Reaching the required word Limit

The person who is framing the vita must include all the information while keeping in mind the required word limit. It must not extend more than one page or one and a half pages. It is because the vita must be only used to summarize the important details in a thesis or regarding a person. 

Step 5 – Removing the Irrelevant Information to make a Vita short

If the vita is extending the required word limit the writer can remove the information he finds unneeded or irrelevant. He can also cut short some detailed taglines or headings.


Thesis writing is a form of expository writing commonly used in research works, paper writing, essays, and more. The purpose of thesis writing is to broaden the scope of subjective topics in such a manner that it is available and approachable to all people. A vita is also an important part of a thesis. It is used to describe the writer’s personal and professional details or qualifications. It can also be used as a more descriptive form of a resume. In a thesis or research paper, a vita is used to summarize the main idea of the work written by the writer, an overview of the theses, a quick summary of the topic, topics covered in the thesis, etc. Its main purpose is to attract the reader’s attention.