How Much Does Bingo Cost?

Bingo, a Spanish-origin game, similar to Lotto, is one of the biggest ticket-based games ever to exist globally. It is estimated that bingo spendings total up to a whopping amount of ninety billion dollars in North America, in just a matter of weeks! This game has had a legacy beginning in fifteenth-century Italy. Let us know How Much Does Bingo Cost?

How Much Does Bingo Cost?

Regular Bingo game prices vary depending on the season, with a buy-in ranging anywhere from two to ten dollars for regular games. Payouts for the one-time events during big-scale games can total up to a hundred thousand dollars, with single payouts of thousand dollars per player.  

Costs In Bingo

  • If you plan to play this game at a local hall, it is estimated you will have to pay from 1 to 15 dollars per card. Although, if you choose to play at a casino, your card cost could vary.
  • Casinos usually use different colors at a fixed price and depending on their policy, every color will vary in winnings with every pack having a set of cards anywhere from 50 to 100. 
  • As the game plays on, the cards get checked electronically, instead of the classic way of manually doing so. A casino Bingo session/pack should easily cost you anywhere between 55 and 70 dollars. Local casinos should not cost more than 25 for a session/pack. 
  • The costs will be the highest if you decide to play Bingo on a cruise, coming in at approximately 1200 dollars, where a single card could cost you 12 dollars, and for three you will have to pay 25.

Types Of Bingo 

 There are majorly four types of Bingo games that are played the most: 

  1. 30 Ball Bingo

With only thirty numbers in this game in play at once, the speed this type of Bingo offers is very high as compared to all its other alternatives. This is high in demand as the time left on people is very less, and hence, this type of Bingo is slowly becoming a personal favorite worldwide. 

This has nine numbers on its gaming cards, and the game is not only played at a quicker pace, but it also has a single grand prize for the full house winner, which makes the stakes for this game higher than any of the alternatives. 

  1. 75 Ball Bingo 

This version of Bingo is the most popular among players in the United States, featuring a wide array of variations in format. The rules that apply here are standard across the higher-number play Bingos. To win the game at seventy-five ball Bingo, the player must have a full row/line of numbers checked off their respective card, in either upward, downward, or diagonal direction. 

The card for seventy-five ball Bingo is a five-by-five grid with twenty-five squares. Out of the twenty-five squares, the center square is left blank, with the rest of the twenty-four containing numbers. 

  1. 80 Ball Bingo 

Being the baseline version of Bingo for online players, it has only increased in popularity since its invention in 1929. Winning this game is simple, as all it takes to win a game is to get numbers that will mark off a full row in the pattern shown on the respective player’s gaming card. 

This uses a four-by-four card, holding a total of sixteen numbers. All of the cards include the base 4 corners, single numbers, and horizontal and vertical lines. It is important to keep an eye out for unique patterns. 

  1. 90 Ball Bingo 

With the highest number/ball count, this is the type of bingo with the highest popularity among all the other types of Bingo. The numbers that have to be checked off are displayed across nine columns, with five numbers in each of three rows.

This game works in three stages, the first winner being the horizontal/top row completer, then the second and top row completer, and the final one being the one who completes the full card, getting a full house. 


Bingo is more of a luck-based game, but if you choose the right type and play with a lower-stakes-high-rewards strategy, you are likely to win big at Bingo. Online bingo is just as profitable as normal bingo, with the added advantage of playing within your comfort zone, and offers much better buy-in and rewards. 

  1. Can money be made by running/hosting bingo? 

It entirely depends on how the game is run and is not unheard of for hosts to earn almost nothing hosting bingo games, so it is recommended not to do so without guidance and strategy. 

  1. Is bingo a lottery game? 

Yes, it is correct to call bingo a lottery game, as each of the player(s) gets for their stake a set of numbers given at random. 

  1. How can I save money at bingo? 

It is recommended to look for online deals before entering a local game while looking out for a 1+1 deal. Further, you can choose to mark the cards yourself, instead of buying additional markers. 

  1. At what payout is there valid taxation? 

Taxes have to be claimed on a cash prize higher than thousand-two-hundred dollars, with any complimentary prizes totaling six hundred or more getting reported and taxed duly