Does Scholarship Pay For College?

Does Scholarship Pay For College?


Scholarship are a helpful way to pay for college . Scholarships provide various benefits for recipients by assisting in covering costs of pursuing degrees in higher education but the most obvious benefit is the affordability of college. A major deterrent to students pursuing and finishing a college admission and earning a degree is the continuous rise in college costs. Scholarships can provide the required financial bump in overcoming the problem of huge costs of a college education.

. The costs associated with attending college may seem like a daunting feature but it is for this reason searching for, applying for and gaining scholarship is important to ensure that students do not struggle so much to pay for student loans . Scholarships are not just a bonus for those who earn them. scholarship help in bridging the gap between rising costs of tuition and what a student and their family can pay for college.

Benifits of Scholarship pay in college

  1. Recipients of scholarships usually receive extensive support: Getting a scholarship means much more than just additional money in a bank balance. Most colleges often support students who have won scholarships to help them get the utmost best out of their money. This doesn’t imply that the college will watch every action taken with the money. Instead, they’ll help make sure you get the full benefits of the scholarship. This extra mentorship is very fundamental for freshmen as it can help them achieve the very best results they can.
  2. Scholarships can also help in networking: This constitutes one of the lesser-known benefits of gaining a scholarship. Upon award of a scholarship, you’ll gain the opportunity to network with other people who are also recipients of the award. As most scholarships are awarded to particular fields, it is extremely likely that the people you’ll be networking with are in the same academic field. This can provide huge bonuses by creating aa network with such people during the duration of the college program and even upon graduation.
  3. It partially removes the need to work: According to statistics from the government, almost half of all undergraduate students work or have some form of employment that helps them cater for the costs of studies and living. Getting a job is tremendously helpful to students but it can distract the students from their studies which is the main reason for them being in the college. An important benefit of scholarships is that it helps remove the need for work and this time and energy can be dedicated to more productive pursuits.
  4.  Helps instil the spirit of philanthropy: It is hoped and expected of students who win scholarships to have a change in their perception of life. If a student has been helped by being offered a scholarship, then it is only logical to hope the student goes on to become more philanthropic themselves. Perhaps, when such people find themselves in situations or positions from which they can help others, they might start their own scholarship or support the college from which they graduated with charitable donations.   
  5. Scholarships may also help as a springboard for admissions into other colleges: Even for students who are not from poor backgrounds, there are some colleges that are still off-limits if the admission is not supplemented with a scholarship. Some Ivy League colleges, for example, can leave one with debt amounting to six figures if students make the decision to self-fund their education in such institutions. However, with incredible academic abilities, the best education can become accessible. This can come in handy by granting you admission to some of the best colleges in the world, which can then lead to you graduating with little or no debt at all.
  6. Scholarships can offer additional experience: Some scholarships might require beneficiaries to be engaged in voluntary work for their respective industries. This is not a burden. Instead, it affords the student an excellent glimpse into the real-world that will no doubt help improve your resume and help in building a career in the future. 


Scholarships, no doubt play an essential role in making college more affordable, accessible and creating an avenue for students to achieve success in both their completion of a degree and building a solid foundation for a career in the future. When the process of earning a degree is not postponed nor made burdensome, it benefits the economy and society. When young adults are given the chance to channel their energy on building their careers and serving the society, rather than having to pay off loans, the working public is made happier, more efficient and healthier.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. How does one qualify for merit-based scholarships? Merit-based scholarships are usually offered based on a student’s prior academic performance. Other criteria used in consideration for a merit-based scholarship may include involvement in activities, leadership, ethnic background, geographical background, career goals and the intended major. It is important to take note of the selection criteria and eligibility requirements for each scholarship.
  2. What are the chances of gaining a scholarship? Scholarships are very competitive since many students are trying to garner funding for their studies. Although some scholarships are merit-based, chances of success of gaining a scholarship are largely determined by quality of the application. Some colleges and universities offer need-blind admissions policies which mean that applications from students are considered regardless of their financial situation.
  3. What can I do to improve my chances of gaining a scholarship? Including all requested documentation and dedicating enough time to writing a good application can help in increasing one’s chances of gaining a scholarship. It is also important to clearly convey your motivations for studying and how gaining a scholarship could help you achieve your ambitions.
  4. What can I include in my scholarship essay? Anything can be included in a scholarship essay. It is always advisable to include anything that can make you stand out as a student. Information in the scholarship essay should however be relevant to your studies. Most scholarship organizers imply want to know why they should particularly fund you rather than another candidate, so the essay is an avenue to prove your worth. Academic achievements, interests and ambitions and how they relate to the program being applied for can also be highlighted.