Check The Balance Of Your Barnes & Noble Gift Card

Barnes & Noble is a famous US-based bookseller which was founded in 1866. Serving the nation for more than a century, they are innovators in publishing, retail, and digital media. Books are man’s best friends and here you can find all of your favorite writers. Barnes & Noble stores not only sell books, but also toys, films, and graphic novels. Lets see how to check the balance of your Barnes & Noble gift card.

Check The Balance Of Your Barnes & Noble Gift Card

Gift cards from Barnes & Noble can only be redeemed online at You can easily check their balance through their website or just give a call at their customer care number and ask the operator to share information.  

Process to check the Balance of your Barnes & Noble Gift Card

To check your balance of gift cards you three ways, let’s check out the following steps that have to be followed in the given sequence:

Through their website

  • Visit the Barnes & Noble website and click on the “Check Gift Card Balance” page.
  • Enter your card number or validation code.
  • Type in your PIN.
  • Check the balance twice.

Call the customer service number of Barnes & Noble at 1-800-295-3029.

  • Give the agent your information.
  • Ask him to check your balance.

Visit the Barnes & Noble Website and locate the store near you.

  • Navigate to the store locator page to find the nearest location.
  • Take the help of the cashier at the store to check the balance of your gift card.

The next step after checking the balance

If you have some extra money on your Barnes & Noble card, here are some of your options:

  1. You can easily purchase an item from B & N either online or from a store.
  2. You can just reload the card and use it again.
  3. There is an option available to exchange your gift card for cash. Some websites do offer this option, but the point is you may not get the full value for the card.
  4. You can install apps like DoNotPay, it will help you get your money back personalized. 

Barnes & Noble gift card working

Barnes & Noble offers both physical and electronic gift cards for all types of events. The cards are redeemable for

  1. In Barnes & Noble bookstores
  2. On the Barnes & Noble website.
  3. On websites operated by Barnes & Noble
  4. Physical Purchase

Go to your favorite bookstore and show the cashier your gift card or a printout of your card. You can purchase any items with the exact amount.

Online Purchase

For this go to the Barnes & Noble website and there you can create an account by clicking on “Manage Gift Cards.” Now enter your gift card number and PIN. After that, tap on the “add a gift card” option. The gift card will automatically be used for your purchase.

Understand gift cards and their type 

A gift card is a prepaid stored-value money card that is given by banks, stores, or even businesses. Other words used for gift cards are gift vouchers, gift certificates, or gift tokens. Within a specific store, they serve as a cash alternative. Gift cards are among one the most popular gifts given by customers. They simultaneously spare the recipient the effort of picking out the perfect present and provide them the option to use it as needed. Gift cards are of two types:

Open-Loop cards

These types of gift cards are issued by banks or credit card companies and can be redeemed by different types of retailers.

Closed-Loop cards

These are issued by restaurants or stores and can only be redeemed by the provider who issued them. 


Selecting personalized gifts for different occasions and giving them to your loved ones has now become a thing of the past. People feel that gift cards are the best option in which the recipient can select what he wants and when. Gift cards come with several drawbacks, including limitations on use, expiration date, and no insurance against theft or loss. These problems were resolved in recent years due to the detrimental effect they had on sales, and the majority of businesses now have a no fee, no expiration date policy for their gift cards.

  1. Does Barnes & Noble ship worldwide?

No, Barnes & Noble does not ship worldwide, but you can choose a package forwarder like Planet Express to deliver your orders by paying for the service. 

  1. Do Barnes & Noble gift cards expire? 

No, these gift cards don’t have expiry dates. These gift cards can be used at any Barnes & Noble College, bookstore, or bookseller location. Any type of fee does not apply to the gift cards.

  1. Is there any app that we can use to scan gift cards for balance?

Gyft is one of the most secure mobile gift card apps in the market today. With Gyft, you can manage, store, and check the balance of your plastic gift cards. 

  1. How to check my gift card balance online?

For this, you must find the website on the back of the card. Flip the card over to the side with the black stripe and read the fine print on the back of the card. It will usually have directions on how to find your balance and will list a website that you can visit to determine the balance.