Best Comeback for Bullies- That Will Put Some Senses in Them

Best Comeback for Bullies That Will Put Some Senses in Them

Bullies are everywhere, and the most affected ones are teenagers. It’s like ‘Teenagers bullies’ teenagers.’ This is a situation that every parent should be aware of, even if their child is almost adult. Not only parents but teachers play a big role in keeping bullies in check. Why does a person bully? This is a very critical and sophisticated question. Most bullies are wrong, but sometimes the journey of becoming a bully is because they themselves have been a victim to the same. Situations like this should be handled really carefully as children and teenagers can get mentally affected by this. In this article, there is the Best Comeback for Bullies.

Apart from the parents or teachers, being bullied themselves should be strong enough to handle situations like bullying. Unfortunately, the only way to shut bullies right now is to come up with a few great savage comebacks. But that comeback does not necessarily have to be insulting. In a situation like this, we should follow the trend of ‘kill them with kindness.’ But before coming to the comebacks, let’s get to know about what causes bullying.

What is bullying, or why do some people bully?

Bullying is when people make unnecessary and insulting comments towards someone. Sometimes the comments really hit hard, and the victim starts feeling low. There is no perfect reason as to why people like to bully. Some say that they themselves were victims to bully, but this is not the correct way for their behavior towards others. What’s wrong is wrong. The real reason what I can think of right now is ‘people’s addiction to dominance.’ They want to control everyone.

But little do they know. The ‘world does not revolve around them.’ Sometimes it’s sad, but sometimes it’s a topic of concern. People being bullied or the ones bullying both of the behaviors are not healthy. Both of them are a matter of concern towards the mental health issue. Bullying should be stopped right now.

Types of Bullying

The CDC (Centers for Disease Control) defines bullying as “adolescents’ violence.” Sometimes the bullying is because of social status, wealth, or body size. This type of bullying may lead to many mental health issues. The extended nature of bullying makes it exclusive from one-time behaviors or remoted incidents like arguments and fights. Bullying behaviors may include: 

  1. Physical Harm – tripping, hitting, pushing, or spitting on a sufferer.
  2. Social Exclusion – making witty of the sufferer, teasing, name-calling, and/or insults.
  3. Threats – making the sufferer do something s/he doesn’t need to do.
  4. Spreading Rumors or Lies approximately the sufferer.
  5. Castes/Racism Bullying – People hating on each other for something like face color or cast they belong to.

Some people realize this really fast that the person in front of them is trying to bully them or, in simple words, is trying to control them. So, they cut these kinds of people from their life almost immediately. But some people are so innocent like they have literal golden hearts. So, it takes time to realize that they are being bullied or controlled.

Shocking Rates of People Being Bullied

It has been reported that one in five students (aged 12–18) gets bullied every day. At least once a week in 14% of public schools. Instances are highest for middle schools, then in high schools and elementary schools. In the U.S. itself, 59% of teens have been bullied online, and it has been said that it’s a major problem for people this age. Meanwhile, teens mostly think that the teachers, social media companies, and politicians are failing at talking about this issue.

Savage Comebacks for Bullies

Before we talk about savage replies towards someone who insults you for no reason, let’s talk about how a ‘reply’ is not a necessary thing. Sometimes you need to smile and walk out of there. And if you insult someone, this might add more fire to the argument and make it worse. So, as you all know, ‘silence is the best revenge.’ So keep quiet, ignore and carry on with your life. Your carrier is more important than this unnecessary drama in your life. Right? You have to be strong on your side.

Mentally strong. If the bully is verbal, it could be taken care of, but if the bully gets physical and hurts you every time, you should definitely stand against it. First, try to talk out the situation with them, and if they continue to bully, then straight out report them because they deserve it.

But now, who are we kidding. Sometimes it’s just too much, and you staying silent may boost up their ego. And this is not what we want, so here are some great savage replies that you can throw at them. Trust me. It works every time. 

Let’s start with the basics:

  1. Come again…? Sorry, my mind only reacts to something useful…!!

This reply is basic, but it surely works. It does give the bully indication that you are the wrong person they are trying to mess with. Just imaging the moment they pass a comment on you, and you revert like this. But by saying this particular sentence, make sure you sound a bit polite because you don’t want to extend the argument.

  1. Wow…!! You surely do have a way of talking.

This is surely a very mocking reply. It has to be like, you say the sentence and move out of the situation. It will look very savage and add a smirk to it like a chef’s kiss.

  1. The famous “Rolling the eye”.

This is a very old technique that has the power to shut the person down. No one can resist this. It will be like a comedy scene. Just try this one. Because people say, once you start rolling the eyes, you can never stop rolling the eye. 

  1. Ok, sure go ahead. I have all my precious time just for you. 

It sounds basic but works like a diamond. Make sure to have a poker face all along. Bullies never revert to poker face. Once they get an idea that you will not budge, they will stop the very instant.

  1. That’s so nice of you. Thank you for caring for me.

A very polite savage reply. Have a very innocent smile on your face, and carry on. Either you will make friends will the bully, or at least you will make the person smile a little. Nice, isn’t it.

  1. I never knew that you had me in your mind every day.

Flirt a little with your bully. This will make the person a little friendly with you and Tada…!! A permanent end to the problem.

  1. Quit trying to be smart when your face yells fool.

Use this when someone tries to roast you out of nowhere. Some people will not even know you but still will try to get to you, bypassing comments. Fools. They are literal fools.

  1. I love the way you speak when you shut up.

Don’t you love it when they are silent? But, unfortunately, people are so nosy these days that they try to poke you at every step of your life.

  1. STOP…!!

Avery useful one. Be very sure that the anger in you does come out while speaking this single word. This may stop bullies from stopping their “not minding their own business” behavior. Maybe even permanently.

  1. I’m sorry. Were you talking to me? 

Say these lines with pure disgust on your face. This may be a little provoking, but I am sure enough that the strength you can handle it beautifully.

These replies really do work. They are perfect. This will not only shut them up but also will boost up your own confidence. If you are strong enough, no one in this world will ever dare to come in your path. 

When Bullies are Disguised as Friends

There is no argument about how a good friendship holds a special spot in one’s life. But some of those peers are really bullies. They are so smooth in bullying that you will never know about them bullying you. You will not understand until it’s too late, i.e., Until the moment you realize that you are lonely.

Then, they will keep pranking you and make you the fool of the group. There will be no respect howsoever. They will point out every silly mistake you make. They will try to make themselves appear superior in every category. So you have to beware of these kinds of friends and friendships. It can definitely ruin yourself.

Bullies Affect on Mental Health

Bullying hurts mental health. And in today’s date, i.e., pandemic, cyberbullying has increased very much. Due to this, the suicidal rate has gone up. People need to understand that every person is made differently. Some are strong, and some are not. Bullying may have a very bad effect on few people. 

They may increase emotions like inferior complexity, anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts, and many more.  People need to understand that bullying does not make a person superior or strong. Mental health is a very serious problem. YOLO is a very popular trend in today’s generation, but this YOLO seems to only be for social media or cool. People should definitely try to take this YOLO seriously and stop making this single happy life from few people.

Bullying can affect intellectual, physical, and emotional fitness at some point of time into adulthood. It can cause physical injury, social or emotional troubles, and in a few cases, even death. Bullied kids and teenagers most likely go through loneliness, stress, and on occasion long-time period harm to self-esteem. Bullies are a better chance for anti-social kids or teenagers, and on some occasions, they come down to violent behaviors like moving into fights and destroying property.

They frequently have troubles with faculty, as much as an inclusive of losing out. They’re much more likely to be involved in abusive behavior, alcohol; consumption, and sometimes even drugs. This behavior can pass into adulthood. In the upcoming future of their life, they are more likely to abuse their companions and spouses or their kids or interact with crook behavior.

Bully-sufferers (individuals who each bully and are bullied) go through the maximum effects. They are at more chance for rational and behavioral troubles than individuals living their YOLO life without troubling others. Rates of melancholy and suicide ideation are finest in this kind of group of people. There are two types of people in every group of friends: one, individuals who act to prevent bullying, and two, people who don’t. The latter type might be afraid to retaliate, and due to the fact, they try not to intrude or else they themselves will get in trouble. 

People who are culprits of bullying are generally weaker in their academics. They are mostly seen performing nuisance behaviors like being rude or arguing with almost everybody they meet. On the other hand, people who act to prevent bullying or raise a voice against it have useful outcomes, full of positive self-esteem. They definitely have a leader-like quality in them. Bullying can also make its contributions towards the acute emotions of helplessness and hopelessness concerned in suicidal behaviors.

How should we address bullying?

People around the world generally take crimes like bully very lightly. But when it comes to mental health, this is an important topic everyone should know about. Especially parents should be aware of the changes in the behavior of their child. They should be aware of their children’s friends’ group whether it is good or bad. When it comes to teenagers, it’s now the children’s responsibility to report any kind of bullying to their parents. And adults should definitely share these emotions with the person they trust and find a solution to it immediately. 

Parents have to look for signs in their children like children who’re bullied can come home from school or wherever with unexplained injuries, “lost” books, or broken materials (indicating their involvement in fights too). They can also show signs like having no longer interest in their once lovable favored activities.

Eating less, fear to go out and play, refusing to meet anybody. They sometimes may fake stomachache (or anything) to keep away from school, affecting their educational performance. In the worst case, the child can also start to bully others. So, parents should really see that their children are healthy both physically and mentally.

Bullies, on the other hand, can also additionally turn out to be greater aggressive. They can also additionally start playing a “blame game,” resisting obligation for their actions. Unexplained more money or addiction to something. These can be very much an indication showing that your child is a bully. In all of these, Parents, teachers, or mentors to the child play a very important role. 

You all will need to talk with your children. But, if the case is worse, do not hesitate to send your child to a therapist. They can actually work wonders on your children’s self-esteem because they know the art of talking.


As the world right now is suffering from pandemics, online bullying has increased. Arguing with each other on the internet has literally become a trend. It’s not right. People should definitely report the hate comment almost immediately instead of getting involved in the unnecessary argument. Nowadays, it has become “fandom vs. fandoms.” People generally fight for their lovable celebrity, and in doing so, they keep insulting each other. Some even spread hate comments towards the celebrity themselves.

The online social media sites should definitely take strict actions towards these comments and start taking ‘reporting seriously.’ Bullying is wrong and forever will be wrong. Be it offline or online. People should be strong enough to handle these or should definitely have a habit of sharing. Suicides or physical harm are no solution to these things.

People who know that a person is being bullied and still do nothing are equally wrong. You should at least try to stop them and help the victim to get out of the situation. UNICEF is doing a splendid job in stopping violence against children/youth. We, too, can help them by being conscious about crimes like such in our surroundings. One day bullying will stop, and that day, it will stop forever because we all are equal on this planet. No one is superior, and no one is inferior.