Best Responses to Someone Calling You Cute- 15 Best Answers

Best Responses to Someone Calling You Cute

Being called cute is one of the best compliments in the world. It can make up for a shitty day like no other. It can lift your spirits high and set you on Cloud 9. After all, who doesn’t like to be called pretty? Who doesn’t want to be told that they are beautiful? But it depends on who you are receiving the compliment from. If it’s someone you yearn to grab the attention of or someone who really cares for you, well then, congratulations to you! Now all you gotta do is answer them in the sweetest way possible. But if it’s from someone you’re trying your best to avoid, but they always find a way to stick to you like a leech, then you need some good comebacks. 

To respond to someone you’re interested in or to a compliment that you feel is coming from a genuine source, you need a couple of highly appreciative and cordial words to maintain that attention towards you. You need to answer the person most sweetly and politely, telling them that you are grateful for their compliment and that it means a lot to you. But when the praise reaches you from someone stubborn whom you have asked a million times to stray off, you must answer them in a way that tells them to stop trying. We have listed a few words to help you out in both situations.

To be fully prepared for the next time your ‘special person’ or your most abhorred person calls you cute, keep reading the article! 

When it is from Someone You Look Forward to 

Best Responses to Someone Calling You Cute

  • Thanks a lot!

This may sound cliché, but it can do all the work to thank the person in the best way possible when said with a smile and a generous tone. This reply will assure them that their words mean something to you and their presence in your life matters. Instead of a plain ‘thank you or a ‘thanks,’ when you go a little further to say ‘thanks a lot, it can make a lot of difference. This is a more cordial, friendly, polite, and welcoming way to thank a person for their sweet words for you. 

  • As so are you!

This is a way of giving the compliment back. You not only thank the person for calling you cute but also give him something in return. This will show them how hospitable and amiable a person you are and fetch you some really good friends. Someone is taking time off in today’s busy world to tell you that you are cute. You ought to thank him well for his effort to bring a smile to your face. And there’s no better way to do so than to give the same compliment to the person. Tell them that they are cute too, and they will be glad that they did not compliment the wrong person. 

  • You made my day!

This will make the person complimenting you feel real good. They will know that they are the reasons for bringing a smile to your face, which is a good enough reason to be happy about. Making someone’s day is not that easy a task, given the daily hassles of today’s busy and fast-pacing world. But, it feels awesome to know that you made someone’s day in a never stagnant life. So tell the person complimenting you that your day just got better because they appreciated you. 

  • That means a lot coming from you!

This is a subtle and witty way of giving the compliment back. It means a lot especially coming from that person, which will indirectly signify that the person complimenting you is cute too. This is a very good way of showing humbleness and a pleasing demeanor. By telling the person that the compliment has gained more weight or the compliment is more meaningful now that they have said it will go a long way to tell the person how beautiful or cute they themselves are.

  • You need glasses! 

Be number by saying that they are mistaken and need glasses to clearly look that you’re not as cute as they say. Or if someone already wears glasses, you may say that they need better ones. This is a sweet and polite way of saying that it is not you who’s cute. It’s them who find you cute. By saying this, you show your amiable and fun attitude at the same time. This may leave a person into a tickling laugh and at the same time make him come across as a friendlier and sweeter you. 

  • You have cute eyes!

This is a way of giving the whole credit to the person who’s complimenting. It is a way of saying that they find you cute because they have cute eyes that perceive everything as beautiful or cute. It is a way of humbly stating that the reason why they find you cute is not that you are beautiful but that they have beautiful eyes, which makes everything beautiful for them. This kind of response will show the person how humble and generous you are. 

  • That’s something you and I both share!

You can complement the person back by saying that it’s not just you who’s cute but also the person who’s complimenting you. We all feel good when we are appreciated for something good, and we must do the same with others. Especially those who think about us and take time out to say something good to us deserve something good in return from us. So don’t just thank them for receiving a compliment but give the compliment back as well. If you’re offered happiness, share it as much as you can.

  • You have a good sense of humor! 

You can joke about it and say that the person complimenting you has a good sense of humor as being called cute by someone seems like a joke to you. This is a sweet-cum-funny way to respond to someone calling you cute. By saying that you think their compliment is a joke, you say that you do not find yourself worthy of such high praise and at the same time thank them for their generosity. This is a way of denying what the person is complimenting you and at the same time thanking him for his kind words and appreciation. 

  • I was going to say the same about you!

Well, you just said it. You just called the person cute without even saying it to him directly. This is a lovely and delightful way to thank someone for their kind words. Instead of saying the boring ‘thank yous,’ you can use this phrase to not only thank the person but compliment back in a friendly and cordial way. When the person who has complimented you will listen to such a response, he may even compliment you more.

  • Not more than you!

That right there is the nicest way of responding to someone calling you cute. It is a way of accepting the compliment and at the same time saying that you may be cute but not more than the one who’s complimenting you. There is no better way of complimenting back than to give a compliment of a higher degree. Telling the person that they’re cuter can make their day just like they made yours. Whenever responding to a good comment, you must always sound humble with not a sign of arrogance. So whenever someone says you’re cute, tell them you’re not cuter than they are.

  • Thank you for being the one good thing today! 

We all know how strenuous a day can be in today’s ever-racing lives. Right from the morning till night, we all grill ourselves to get the best output at the end of the day. But, in the middle of a busy and hasty day, if someone takes time out to compliment you, it is just what you need to carry on with greater vigor and enthusiasm. So thank the person for being the one good thing that happened to you on the day, for being the reason why you could pause for a moment, take a minute, and smile. Unfortunately, that doesn’t happen too often.

  • Thanks, I needed that! 

Tell the person you’re grateful to him for the generous compliment he just gave you because you badly needed it. We are all humans. No matter how much we try to keep it professional and work-related, we do need positivity and a healthy environment to get on with our lives. So whenever a person compliments you, thank them and tell them what difference it would make to your day. Tell him that you needed it for kindling the energy required for the day’s task and thank him for being so kind.  

  • Oh, you’re so sweet!

This is another way of responding to the compliment thoughtfully and at the same time humbly denying the high praise. Be down to earth by thanking the person by saying that it was lovely of them to call you cute. You’re not worthy of their praise as it is because of their sweet nature and amiability that they have complimented you. This is also a way of giving a compliment back to the person who commented well on you. This way, you’ll show that you don’t just accept compliments well but revert them too. 

  • It must be the light!

Give all the credit to the light. It can be sunlight or the room’s bright light, depending on the situation where you’re complimented. Giving credit to something else is the best way to receive a compliment and not boast about it humbly. This kind of response will compliment you and see how calm and composed of a person you are. You do not flaunt your attributes vainly but give the entire credit to other factors. This will not only portray you as a down-to-earth person but will also show that you’re worthy of all the praise.

  • You must be mistaking me for someone else!

This is a jovial way of accepting praise by saying that there must’ve been a mistake. This can begin a conversation between you and the person complimenting you as it will surely begin a laugh from their side. This will also signify that you’re not one of those who are self-obsessed or self-absorbed. Rather, you are a person of plain and simple demeanor who takes compliments with no pomp and show. You are a modest and natural human being with no desire for fame and recognition. 

When it is from Someone You Want to Avoid 

  • Okay. How can I help you?

This is the simplest and the plainest way you can respond to a compliment. But, unfortunately, this is also the most discouraging one. This shouts to the person that you’re not interested in them at all and would only talk to you if there’s something important to talk to. You don’t even thank them in such a response and clearly ask them to stay away from you. You remind them that you do not want to be friends with them and only keep it professional or talk only when there’s a need to. Their compliments mean nothing to you.

  • My boyfriend says so too.

This is a straight outburn. This can be a heartbreaker for someone who’s trying on you. Telling the person that your boyfriend or girlfriend calls you cute too will shatter their dreams of going out with you. Even if you’re single, you can use this trick to shoo away the fellows you don’t want around you. This is a straightforward way to tell the person to back off because it’s no use trying. After all, if you’ve already taken, why and how would he hit on you, right? So, want to avoid that nagging hawker? Thank him by mentioning your boyfriend or girlfriend, and you can thank me later.

  • Sorry, I’m taken.

Well, this is pretty much simple. You tell the person that you’re already taken. There’s already someone to call you cute, and you don’t need the person’s compliment. When you tell the person directly that it’s no use trying on you, nothing can be more discouraging. The person would not even face you, let alone speak a word to you. So? Problem solved. Create an imaginary partner if you don’t have one and use it to eliminate the irritatingly constant act of hitting. 

  • I know, right?

This is the coolest and the most savage reply ever. Tell them that they don’t need to tell you you’re cute. You already know that. This is a kind of reply that will make them speechless, and they would not have another word to say to you. Telling them that you already know that you’re cute will make them think twice every time they try to approach you or talk to you next. This will shatter all their spirits and portray you as someone who’s witty and has great answers for a comeback. 

  • Don’t try. I’m not interested.

Say it with a strict face, and that will be the cherry on the cake. You tell the person to stop trying. You tell him that it’s not working because you’re not interested. What could be easier than that to understand? By plainly telling the person to stop trying to hit on you, you discourage him from approaching you ever in the future and also give him a good lesson to remember. This is a plain and direct way of keeping all the unwanted peeps away from your vicinity. 

  • Just like your sister, I suppose?

There could be nothing as disheartening and demoralizing as this one. Calling yourself as the person’s sister or brother is the best way to keep despised people at bay. By saying this, you clearly state that you have no interest in the person whatsoever and may very well identify yourself as their brother or sister. This washes out all the questions of a probable match between you two except that of a brother and sister. This may make the person feel awkward, which is just what you need to keep them away.

  • I get that a lot.

Haughtily stating that you get that compliment a lot will make you unapproachable and unavailable for the person complimenting you. This may be a bit rude, so use it only on people who you are trying really hard to get rid of, but they are too stubborn to get out of your way. You tell them that they are not the only ones who call you cute, but there are others too, and that immediately shouts out to them that the competition is high and that you won’t be that easy to get. 

  • I woke up like this. 

This is another vain reply you need to give to people who do not understand polite and sweet language. This reply will tell them that they don’t need to tell you that you’re cute. It’s not something you hear for the first time, but rather you wake up every day like this. That’s your natural face every day, and you don’t need anyone to tell you that it’s cute. This is a way of plainly putting it out that their effort of leading you by calling you cute will do them no good.

  • That won’t get you anywhere. 

Tell that simply to anyone who’s trying real bad on you. Tell them to stop because it won’t get them anywhere close to you. This is a great way to tell the person to try on someone else because you will not be moved by such flattery when it comes to you. So instead of wasting your time and the person who’s trying on you, tell him beforehand that it’s no use trying as it would do neither him nor you any good. So stop the person the moment he starts and tell them that it won’t get them anywhere. 

  • But I can get ugly.

Sometimes you need to remind people to stop taking advantage of your easy-going and amicable attitude. Sometimes you need to make them remember that you can also be rough, so they better back off. When people see that you’re sweet, generous, and kind, you become their foremost target because they think that you would never show your bad side no matter what. This is the misconception that you need to break. Some people deserve to experience your rough and coarser side, and you must warn them. 

  • So is my boyfriend. We do make a good couple. 

Thank the compliment of your admirer in a way as if it were a compliment made to you as a couple. If someone calls you cute, tell him that your boyfriend/girlfriend is cute too and thank him for complimenting your partner. And then assert that they have made you realize that you two do make a good couple and thank them for that even if you are single. This kind of response will shatter the spirits of even the strongest lover on Earth. The person hitting on you would never like to compliment your partner, and it is just what you are doing from this response. 

  • Tell me something I don’t know.

This is the sassiest and the most badass reply that is there. Saying that the person has not complimented you but states that you already knew may leave him without any word to speak to you ever again. This is a confident and solid reply that once and for all asks the person to stop trying on you. This reply will tell them that their compliments are nothing new to you and that they are just like anybody else for you. This is disheartening and discouraging enough for them to approach you ever again.  


So now you know how to reply to the person you want to reply to or a person you don’t. Who you are being called cute by changes the scenario altogether. While you must reply generously and wholeheartedly to ones who really matter in your life, you also need to make sure that the unnecessary lot stays away. We hope we have helped you out with both.