Best States for Income Earning

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Whether you’re looking for work or eager to advance your career, where you choose to live can make a real difference.

Job prospects are not equally rosy across America. Some states are booming, while others still struggle with high unemployment. Living costs and local taxation can vary widely, making a dollar earned here not the same as one earned there. Yet we all seek the same goal: Finding the best possible environments for ourselves and for our families to thrive.

With this in mind, MoneyRates evaluated several factors to determine where workers had the best shot at a healthy paycheck, a decent cost of living and safe workplaces. But we also found steep pressures on wages, stunted job growth and higher rates of injury.

Study Highlights

  • Texas was the best state to make a living for 2015, moving up from 2nd place last year. It edged out Washington, with the two states trading positions from last year.
  • Hawaii, while ever-beautiful, is a tough place for workers looking to get ahead. It came in dead last in our analysis of all 50 states, largely due to its sky-high cost of living. Adjusted for taxes and the cost of living, workers in Hawaii get the equivalent value of just 55 cents for every dollar they make.
  • Compare that to Massachusetts where the average employee makes over 50 percent more than the average employee in Mississippi.

How did your state measure up?

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