How to Reply to Unwanted Compliments

A compliment is a set of letters or words used to express respect, congratulations, or encouragement to another person who has done something good; it can also be used negatively to insult someone. In this article we shall see How to Reply to Unwanted Compliments?

How to Reply to Unwanted Compliments

Unwanted Compliments

An unwanted compliment is referred to a situation in which a person says a set of words or says something that is an insult or sometimes offensive to the person hearing it. Today, in the era of social media and the growth of online bullying, compliments and teasing have shifted to another level at the social level. Teenagers nowadays are facing this issue at a large level, and sometimes it becomes so offensive that people tend to lose hope and sometimes do the wrong things to get out of the situation.

Currently, there are thousands of cases registered in cybercrime where people have complained about online bullying where a group of people or a single individual comment or refers to a person in an insulting and bullying manner, often tagging them in wrong scenarios, and people don’t know how to deal with such a situation.

Unwanted compliments either need a reaction or an answer because if they’re left untouched, they’re going to happen again and that’s disturbing. First, ignore that person, and then, if it happens again, talk to them directly about the issue and tell them you don’t like it. Another thing a person can do is look them straight in the eye and tell them you do not like it and whoever is doing so should stop. One of the best ways is to acknowledge the positive side of the comment or reply with a sense of humor. That is something unexpected and people will stop commenting.

Why do people do wanted Compliments?

There is no excuse for bullying and teasing another person just for some moments of laughter and entertainment. Sometimes these compliments hit people hard, and they break from the inside. Continuous bad compliments often lead a person to lose confidence and social stamina, and they feel left out alone.

However, people who make these compliments often justify them as a joke, or they do it on purpose to make the other person feel bad and demotivated. Women, in particular, have been prevalent in these situations. They are often treated badly, and bad compliments are very common in their lives.

How to reply to unwanted compliments?

There is not any fixed method that gives a 100% surety that these things will work, but yes, with time and patience, they are one of the most effective methods to stop such people’s compliments, because sometimes bad compliments can not only be mean but also kill someone’s confidence or even lead them to go in the wrong directions.

  1. Ignore it.

One of the most effective and shortest ways is to ignore it if someone is unknown or any person whom we have met 2-3 times. This way, the person will also get quite a few messages, and you will also give them a message that these things do not mean anything to you. And silence is also a perfect way to avoid arguments.

  1. Throw them “The Face”

This means that if someone does or says something awful to you, just give them a hard look of disappointment and anger. This way, they can get a message that you are not the person to mess with. And it works 93% of the time.

  1. Admit it or say thank you.

Admitting or saying good words in return is one of the most effective ways to stop such a person from receiving negative compliments. The other way he will be left with no words is to accept them, say thank you, or admit it. This way, he will be left with no words because such people want to see your rage or want to start an argument with such compliments, and when you accept them or say thank you, they have no other words left. This way, we can stop such compliments.

  1. Acknowledge the positive portion of “

If any person compliments anything in particular or says something offensive, they tend to hear or accept the positive portion. Sometimes a person admits a good thing about a person and then says something negative in another sentence. Then respond to that person with a positive phrase. Just say that you heard or admire the positive things that they referred to. It has been one of the most effective ways to shut down people with bad compliments.

  1. Take the insult head-on.

One of the best and most straightforward ways to shut such people up is to directly talk to them on that issue. If someone compliments something negative in a group of people or front of someone, then just walk away with the person or in front of everyone, address them and ask them the reason behind that compliment.

  1. Keep your sense of humor.

Sometimes the best way to address such compliments is not to take them seriously and make fun of the situation or just acknowledge it with a sense of humor. The person who has said something will expect something argumentative, and when they hear humor, they will not understand how to deal with the situation.

However, sometimes, despite such warnings and actions, people do not pause to reflect, believing that they have the right to say anything in front of anyone, and it is necessary to be strict with such people.


Today, teenagers and small school students or even college students are facing major issues related to these things, and it does not involve a single person but a group of people who are involved, and they do things to put someone down and often bully them. This needs to be addressed in front of the teacher or parents because sometimes this can be very harmful to some people.


Compliments are a set of words that are generally used to appreciate, respect, or congratulate someone on their success or any work, but sometimes there can be mean and negative compliments that are used to bully or insult a person, in a group of people or alone, and that can be very serious.

Because everyone doesn’t have the same thinking level as someone, bad compliments can be very harsh, and it is the best way to fight against them. We have discussed some effective ways which have been found effective in dealing with such people. Some of which include ignoring or directly talking to the person, and teenagers need to take these things very seriously because teasing and bad compliments are very common these days in schools and colleges.