Do Colleges Have Rodeo Teams?- Find out

Do Colleges Have Rodeo Teams? The answer to this is, Some colleges, mainly from Europe and the United States, have these teams in their college. But, not every college has a Rodeo Team on their campus or in their institutions; only a few of them has this team. 

Do Colleges Have Rodeo Teams?

RODEO TEAM: The team’s objective is to promote and develop rodeo in the UK and the community, giving students the chance to pursue the sport academically and competitively at the intercollegiate level. One of the team’s key goals is to provide its members with opportunities to participate in events that encompass all areas of the rodeo industry, from learning about rodeo in general to participating as part of the team.

What they do

Rodeo is similar to bull riding. A person rides on the back of a bucking bull in this event. The objective is to stay atop the animal for eight seconds before the judges award points.

At most rodeos, you’ll also witness barrel racing competitors. Riders race a horse in a circle around three barrels in the arena in this competition. The goal is to complete the task as rapidly as possible without tipping over a barrel. This event is won by the person who clocks in the fastest time.

Tie-down roping is another event at rodeos. Competitors race to tie three of a calf’s legs together and lay it on its side. This is another event where the quickest time wins. A rodeo usually includes a variety of other competitions. Team roping, bareback riding, saddle bronc riding, and steer wrestling are some examples.

Women at rodeo

Women have participated in rodeos since their inception. However, after WWII, they were forced out of numerous events. At its rodeos today, the PRCA only lets women compete in barrel racing. As a result, in 1948, the Women’s Professional Rodeo Association was created. It still hosts female tournaments nowadays.

Here is the list of best colleges that have Rodeo Teams: 

Walla Walla Community College

Walla Walla Community College has been regarded as a true powerhouse in college rodeo for numerous years. Since 2001, Walla Walla Community College has had at least one competitor in the top ten of a category at the CNFR, even while competing against large four-year universities. Walla Walla Community College’s men’s team finished second in the overall team rankings in 2017, while the women’s team finished third. The men’s team won it all in 2008 and 2012, and they also finished in the top ten from 2009 to 2011. While the Walla Walla Community College Warriors are a well-rounded team that competes in all events, they dominate in roping, both team and tie-down.

The University of Nevada-Las Vegas

The basketball team of the University of Nevada-Las Vegas (UNLV) may garner the most attention, but the rodeo team has established itself as one of the most formidable and accomplished rodeo colleges in the country. UNLV has won 15 national college rodeo championships since 1993, including the women’s team championships in 2008 and 1999. The UNLV women’s team finished fourth overall in the 2017 CNFR. Both men and women have won numerous individual titles over the years, including five all-around wins and eight single event titles. Furthermore, the UNLV rodeo team has won an astonishing 26 regional titles in the West Coast Region.

California Polytechnic State University

Cal Poly Rodeo, the rodeo team of California Polytechnic State University, has a long and successful track record in the sport of college rodeo. The program has 44 national titles, putting it towards the top of the list of the most successful programs in the country. Cal Poly Rodeo offers beginner’s rodeo classes and welcomes both competitive and non-competitive students to join the group. Cal Poly Rodeo boasts a handful of top-10 finishes as well as six national victories in individual competitions since 2001. Cal Poly also organizes the largest annual collegiate rodeo west of the Mississippi, which attracts over 10,000 spectators.

Central Wyoming Community College

The Central Wyoming College (CWC) Rustler Rodeo team is one of the most consistent college rodeo teams in the country. The Rustler Rodeo team has won nine national titles in individual events and ten top-five finishes at the CNFR since 1996. During the same period, CWC’s men’s team has been in the top ten of the overall team standings eight times, and the women’s team has finished in the top ten five times. The CWC Rustler Rodeo squads are even more dominating in the Central Rocky Mountain Region. Over the last 20 years, the men’s team has won the region’s overall championship eight times, while the women have won it four times. The teams have performed admirably as a unit.

Rodeo scholarships/admission/ eligibility & enrollment

An applicant must have an admissions application on file in the Registrar’s Office, meet all of the requirements for unconditional admission to their respective College, and be in good academic and disciplinary standing to be considered.

Unless otherwise noted, scholarship recipients must be enrolled as full-time students.

  • Rodeo scholarships are offered for students who can complete college-level education and compete in the rodeo arena. Students are judged holistically; thus, SAT and/or ACT scores, GPA, and accomplishments in and out of the arena are all taken into account. 
  • Horses being ridden will be considered in the holistic process for timed event participants. Scholarship amounts may differ from one academic year to the next. It is also strongly advised that you apply for university-wide scholarships. 


Not every college in town or city has a Rodeo Team in their institutions, but only a few of them have this. An individual must be able to complete a college-level education and Rodeo arena to enroll in a Rodeo Team. In Rodeo, the riders race a horse in a circle around three barrels in the arena in this competition. The goal is to complete the task as rapidly as possible without tipping over a barrel. This event is won by the person who clocks in the fastest time. Some of the best Rodeo Team Colleges are Walla Walla Community College, The University of Nevada LA, Central Wyoming Community College, and more. 


Q. How many people are in the team?

  • For each rodeo, the coach selects a “team” of six men and four women who are gaining points for the college.

Q. Is there a stable where I can keep my horse?

  • Yes, TVCC includes a 24-stall barn with many turnouts, as well as a lighted arena for team members to use.

Q. How can you earn a spot in the College National Finals?

  • There are two options:
  1. At the end of the season, the top three competitors in each event qualify for the CNFR.
  2. The top two teams from each region advance to the CNFR.

Q. What exactly is the objective of a rodeo?

  • Rodeo, a sport, is, comprising a series of riding and roping contests drawn from the working skills of the American cowboy as developed in the second half of the nineteenth century to support North America’s open-range cattle economy.

 Q. When was Rodeo first played?

  • In 1869