Do Colleges Look at GED Scores?

The excitement to get into college can become dampened if you find yourself doubting your credentials and certifications. If you have ever doubted your eligibility to college because you missed high school, then you will find this article most useful and reassuring. to know, if colleges look at GED scores you have to scroll down.

Do Colleges Look at GED Scores?

Over the years, Colleges have been known to accept GED scores as a substitute for a high school diploma.  In case you were not able to attend high school or you skipped high school for whatsoever reason, you can still make it to college or the university, using GED scores. So, colleges look at GED scores with proper analysis.

GED Versus High School Diploma

After completing a four-year study in high school, you receive a State-issued high school diploma. It certifies that you have been trained in academic skills that allow you to apply for college and continue with your studies.

However, since the inception of the GED Testing Service in 1942, people are now able to go on to college even without the traditional four years of high school study. According to the GED Testing Service website, over 97% of colleges and universities in the U.S accept GED scores in place of a high school diploma.

The GED Test is set to be equivalent to the examination given to a senior in high school, only that research has shown that this is not usually the case. The Test most times requires higher intellect and reasoning. So, students who participate in this test are fully equipped to go on to college, regardless of their prior educational status.

The GED test can be taken at any time throughout the year. This guarantees its flexibility and hence, makes it a better option for individuals that have to work and study.

What Are The Requirements To Take The GED Test?

There is usually no prior educational background required to take the GED Test, although, a pre-test is conducted to determine the level of knowledge. so, colleges look at GED scores by There are, however, certain requirements that make you eligible to take the test. Here is a list of the basic requirement:-

  • You did not attend high school
  • You are not currently a student of any high school
  • You did not graduate from high school
  • You are 18years or older (Some States allow testing for 16-17 years but this is under special circumstances and usually, with extra requirements)

There may be other requirements but this varies with the State in question, so be sure to confirm what requirements are peculiar to your State.

What Is The Average Pass Mark For GED?

GED test comprises 4 subjects which are maths, social studies, science, and reasoning through language art. The total points up for grabs is 800, that is, 200 points for each subject.

The pass mark for GED is pegged at 145 for any of the test subjects. That means you must score at least 145 in each of the 4 subjects, which gives a total of 540 points, to get a pass mark.

Scores ranging between 165 – 174 are referred to as “college-ready scores”. While different colleges may have different specifications, the general cut-off score to be deemed eligible for college is between 165 and 174. 

The game-changer is a score of 175 and above. This does not only make you eligible for college, it also qualifies you for college credits. Amazing, right? You can save up to 10 hours of college credit with a score as high as this. So, feel free to aim this high.

Can GED Test Be Taken Online?

Thankfully, yes. Before now and largely due to the pandemic that ravaged the world and kept it confined, GED Testing could only be taken on-site at registered GED centers. But in May 2020, following the corona and the online space that had become greatly optimized during the time, the Online Proctored GED Test was introduced.

The online proctored GED test has an online proctor that acts to monitor the test-taker as a physical proctor would have done. This has allowed test-takers to take their tests in the comfort of their home or any establishment that provides them with serenity and a great network speed, regardless of their location.

How To Get Better GED Scores?

To get a college-ready score, there are a few things you can do to help you prepare and get your dream score:

  • Enroll for a GED preparatory course online or in certified centers
  • Take online practice questions/exams
  • Identify the subject you find most challenging and work to get better at it
  • Get study material for each subject
  • Finally, give it your best.

How To Register For GED Test?

To register for GED, you have to create an account at and supply the necessary details. After creating an account and meeting all the requirements, you are then able to select your desired testing location(if you would be taking the test physically) and then pick a testing date.

How Long Does It Take To Prepare For The Exam?

It takes an average period of 3months to prepare for and write the GED exam. Although, it can take lesser time, depending on how fast you can prepare and how prepared you feel.

Once you feel ready to take the tests, go to your GED account on and schedule the date for your test. You can take all 4 subjects at once or choose to spread them out across different dates.

GED Testing smiles an opportunity on anyone that would like to fulfill a dream they may have given up on. If you would like to still get that college degree, then this opportunity is for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I take the test if I am under 18?

Some states accept under 18 candidates. Be sure to check with your State.

2. Can I take GED after dropping out of High school?

Yes, you can. All you need do is register and prepare for the exam.

3. Is a GED better than a high school diploma?

GED gives you a high school diploma equivalent.