What is unique about Suffolk University?

Universities offer diverse forms of experiences to their students. These experiences can be gotten from within and outside the school environment. Depending on their area of interest, students are exposed to experiences that shape their lives and prepare them for the future. In this article we shall see what is unique about Suffolk University?

Suffolk University offers an educational curriculum that exposes the students to the real world. The students are not always more than twenty in a class, and this makes learning fun. Also, upon graduation, they get good jobs in their fields. These and many other factors make the university unique.

What is unique about Suffolk University?

The Uniqueness of Suffolk University 

Suffolk University is located at the heart of Boston, one of the five best cities in the world. This alone shows the variety of opportunities it offers its students. It is located in a very healthy environment, which encourages young people to get into healthy competitions and make something meaningful out of their lives. Boston is very productive and it has so many industries and companies. So, a student can know where he or she can get a job even before the student graduates. There is a chance of meeting a potential employer in a coffee shop or at a random walk in the mall. It is a city of opportunities, which extends its goodwill to the university located in its heart – Suffolk University. Asides from its geographical location, the following makes Suffolk University unique.

  • Suffolk University has a relaxing environment
  • Classes are not crowded
  • A lot of international students
  • Students can intern and learn at great companies
  • Exposure to immediate and gainful employment
  • Provides financial aid to 94% of freshmen

Suffolk University Has A Relaxing Environment

Schooling in a comfortable and motivating environment has proven to be a better way of learning. The kind of environment you live in goes a long way in determining how much you will learn, how well you will learn, and to what extent you will implement what you learn. For instance, students of Suffolk University have the opportunity to make use of the relaxation centers of Boston, visit the Art Galleries, go into firms and organizations to make inquiries, etc. It seems as though everything has been put in place. This goes a long way in making them mentally stable. They don’t need to worry about walking miles to get to the city. Almost everything is at their disposal. Things that can enhance their academic, social, economic, and political lives are around them. So, what smart students do is that they try to strike a balance, so as to have a well-rounded student life. 

Classes Are Not Crowded

This is something every student looks forward to. A classroom that isn’t choked up. Imagine walking into a classroom with over a hundred students, how would you feel? The enthusiasm to learn will probably leave you. This is what Suffolk University tries to avoid when it stated that classes should contain only twenty students. This comes with a lot of advantages. There is the opportunity of being known by the lecturer personally, there is the advantage of the lecturer having enough time to respond to individual questions, and there is the beauty of getting to know and interact with your coursemates on an academic and personal level. The sad thing is that some students fail sometimes, not because they are dull or incapable of good results, but because they cannot learn in a crowded environment, where the lecturer most times, follows the learning pace of the bright students. When students are few in the classroom or lecture hall, the individual academic progress of students can be tracked by the lecturer, and this would enhance the academic progress of the students.

A Lot Of International Students

As a student, it is normal for you to feel comfortable when you are around people you know. Suffolk University has lots of international students, so the probability of you meeting someone from your country is very high. As a foreign student, there is this joy in meeting someone who speaks your native tongue, eats your native food, dresses in your native attire, dances to your kind of song, and listens to your kind of music. This goes a long way in improving your social life in school and making you a better student. So, by creating a lot of rooms for international students, Suffolk University is taking into consideration, the fact that it is natural for people to identify with their culture, and this goes a long way in making the university unique. 

Students can Intern and learn at great companies

Suffolk University is located in a very industrious environment, and therefore, uses this opportunity to the advantage of its students. The university recommends students to companies that are more than willing to take them in. Students are exposed to the chances of learning from great minds, and also interning with them. This act of internship is a way of preparing the student for the life after college. Interning in good industries opens the minds of students to the fact that they can one day own their own company, or come up with brilliant ideas that can solve community problems. They are motivated to do better, and not just settle for mediocrity. 

Exposure To Immediate And Gainful Employment 

Over 80% of students who graduated from Suffolk University get job placement immediately. They are often given jobs in areas of career interest. This is every student’s dream. Imagine graduating from college and landing your dream job? The thought of this gives the students assurance that there are benefits to the constant efforts they are putting into their studies. This motivates them to study harder. So, we can say that Suffolk University’s attempt to help students gain employment is a form of incentive, which healthily motivates the students to take their academic life seriously.

Provides Financial Aid To 94% Of Freshmen

Suffolk desires that everyone who wishes can attend the university located in the heart of Boston. Freshmen are provided financial aid that uplifts the burden of their tuition from them or their parents/guardians. This goes a long way in helping the students settle in without bothering about how to pay their tuition fees. Many students allow the worry of tuition fees to distract them, to the point that they end up failing. Through its financial aid, the University has saved a lot of students from any form of mental stress that would be a hindrance to their overall performance and progress in school.

Suffolk University, asides from the above-stated qualities, is also known for its prestigious faculties. Its faculties of Law, Business, and Engineering are one of the bests. It competes with colleges like Harvard in these areas and has succeeded in maintaining a good academic reputation for itself. Suffolk University students are exposed to different developmental clubs and are also provided the opportunity to study abroad.


From the foregoing, Suffolk University is a school that has the interests of students at heart. It provides and exposes them to different opportunities that would enable them to create a good career path for themselves. At Suffolk University, students are taught not to see themselves as young people, but as potential adults capable of success. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

1) What Grade Point Average (GPA) is required for Suffolk University?


The Grade Point Average (GPA) required for Suffolk University is 3.24.

2) What makes Suffolk University unique?


Its environment and the various student opportunities amongst others, make it unique.