What is the Reputation of Santa Clara University?

Santa Clara University is the best university in Santa Clara, California. The authorities established the university in 1851. The university is known for its higher education and high learning programs. The university surrounds the landmark ‘Historic Mission Santa Clara de Asís’. This landmark was created in 1776. Here we will see about What is the Reputation of Santa Clara University?

Santa Clara is a very reputed educational institute and it works for the overall development of its students. The United States News and World Report has given it a good rank in the list of the top 15% of the national universities of the United States. On payscale rates it is in the top 1% of the universities with the highest-paid graduates. The university has the best 4-year graduation rates in the United States.

What is the Reputation of Santa Clara University?


Santa Clara University is a private university with the best 4-year program in the United States. The non-profit university aims to provide the best education to all its students with the help of well-qualified staff. It is the Jesuit University in Silicon Valley. In America’s top college ratings Forbes Magazine has given it ranked 51 out of 650 in top-tier American colleges and universities. It provides excellent undergraduate courses for its undergraduate students. The university has grabbed a lot of fame because of its education techniques and academic performance. Most of the students have got very good placements after completing their higher or simple studies from the university. The undergraduate teaching excellence has created a good impact on the reputation of the university. There are 500 universities in the United States and Santa Clara ranks 66 out of them for excellence in various undergraduate programs. The university creates a very unique and favourable environment of strategic learning for its students. This makes the students grow and learn more. In teaching the university ranks 23 out of several national universities. The university is strongly l.iberal. The university has half of its being catholic. Around 50% of the students studying at Santa Clara University are Catholic. 


Santa Clara University is known for its academic performance. It is one of the excellent academic centres for learning and growth. The university hires one of the best and most learned professors to inculcate the best in its students. The faculty of the university dedicates itself to providing better learning to its students. The university offers 45 major programs in three of its undergraduate schools and colleges. The names of three undergraduate schools and colleges are:

  • The College of Arts and Science
  • The School of Engineering
  • The Leavey School of Business 

The university has 6 graduate schools and 6 professional schools. They are as follows:

  • The School of Law
  • School of Engineering
  • The Leavey School of Business
  • The School of Education and Counseling Psychology
  • The Jesuit School of Theology 

The university is more selective because of its courses and programs. There are around 125 student organisations or clubs. There is a student representative organisation or government body which constitutes students of the university. The student body or the student government consists of :

  • An Executive Board
  • The Senate
  • A Community Development
  • A Judicial Branch.

Does the university have sports?

There are several club sports programs which the university offers like:

  • Boxing
  • Cycling
  • Paintball
  • Men’s lacrosse
  • Men’s ultimate
  • Men’s ice hockey
  • Sailing
  • Shotokan Karate
  • Equestrian
  • Women’s lacrosse
  • Men’s rugby
  • Women’s rugby
  • Women’s ultimate
  • Swimming
  • Triathlon
  • Women’s field hockey.

The university prioritises sports as it believes in the health and fitness of its students. The university has many teams which participate in several inter-college competitions. The university is a member of the West Coast Conference and it participates in NCAA’s Division I.

What are the programs which the university offers?

Several programs which the University offers include:

  • Business
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Bachelors
  • Masters
  • Social sciences
  • Related support services
  • Engineering
  • Communication
  • Journalism
  • Biological and Biomedical Sciences
  • Psychology

The school of engineering offers degrees like:

  • Mechanical engineering
  • General engineering
  • Civil engineering
  • Environmental engineering
  • Sustainable engineering
  • Electrical engineering
  • Computer engineering
  • Web designing
  • Web engineering

The university offers its students majorly three-degree courses:

  • Bachelors
  • Masters
  • Doctors

These degrees are offered by six colleges of the university:

  • College of Arts and Sciences
  • School of Education 
  • Counselling Psychology 
  • Leavey School of Business
  • School of Engineering 
  • Jesuit School of Theology
  • School of Law.

How many students enrol every year?

Total undergraduate enrolment is around 5,571 every year. About 9,000 undergraduates attend the university every year. The enrolment number directly relates to the acceptance rate of the university which is 50%. The student must have at least GPA equal 3.68 to get into the university. The university is moderately selective due to its acceptance rate. The graduation rate of the university is 90%.

What is the endowment and cost of education at the university?

If you want to study at Santa Clara University then you have to pay around $72,984. However, this amount lowers to $38,327 after any student applies for financial aid. The university receives endowments equal to $1.03 billion. This endowment is used to provide financial aid, scholarships, maintenance, facilities, etc.


Santa Clara University aims to bring out the best in every student. It serves the main purpose of providing good education to its students. The faculty works very hard for the cause. The endowments which the university receives are used to provide scholarships to the students. It makes learning and growth for the students very convenient.

Frequently asked questions

  • How to get into the Santa Clara university?

You have to fill the application form online on the website.

  • After how many days of admissions do the classes start?

It usually takes 6-8 weeks for completion of the admissions and classes to start.

  • Can I apply to the university as an international student?

The university is open to all and you can apply for admission by visiting the website and filling out the form.