Does Disney pay for your college?

Entertaining companies over the world have evolved drastically over the past few years. Entertainment companies have started promoting and offering varieties of benefits to employees and other workers. Interestingly, the same is followed by Disney. Disney hires a lot of young people from the market to work for them. They have been following this strategy for the past decade now.  Here we will see about Does Disney pay for your college?

Other than that, many people, especially the parents of the young people, have asked does Disney pay for their college. Fortunately, the entertainment company does pay a 100% tuition fee for all the employees working at their company if they are visiting school or college. Additionally, the entertainment company covers the benefit for both part-time and full-time workers working at their company in any department. 

The Walt Disney Company has played a major role in everyone’s life to date. It is the company’s responsibility to offer attractive benefits for all workers and co-workers working at any department in the company. Additionally, the people working in the company have been highly appreciating the additional benefits being offered to them by the entertainment company. 

Does Disney pay for your college?

Disney Aspire 

Disney Aspire is the program where they take care of all the educational benefits for all workers and young people working in their company. This department of the entertainment company ensures that all the students or the college-going youths working in their company are benefitted with the benefit.

Interestingly, this department of Disney has certain motives and quotes to follow. There was a reason why such benefit has been given to the people working in their company. This department has invested a lot of time researching the best educational colleges and courses for its young employees. 

Additionally, the department believes that Disney Aspire can foster passion through education, promote confidence, and help all the workers and co-workers working at any department of the company. Other than that, it is the mission and vision of the department to educate and fulfill the dreams of all workers working at their company. 

Other Fee Covered

Most companies, including entertainment companies, not only offer 100% tuition and college fee to workers and co-workers, but, they cover all the other expenses that come with them. But, some companies, including entertainment companies that, do not cover this area as this needs to be covered by the individual only. 

But, that is not the case with The Walt Disney Company. This company covers all the additional charges or expenses that require an individual to educate themselves. For example, the books, stationery, copies, geometry boxes, and anything are all paid by the company for the individual. So, one could say that working at Disney would surely be a dream job for many, especially for the young generation out there. 

The entertainment company has opened up this feature in various schools and colleges in the country. An individual could choose from the listed schools and colleges that have been partnered with Disney and can choose courses of their type. No fee of anything would have to be paid by the individual everything is covered by the entertainment company itself. 

Coaching Support

This is what makes The Walt Disney Company unique in the market. The benefits offered by the company are not only unique, but, they are employee-focused. The benefits are only made for the full benefit of the workers and casts of the entertainment studio. 

The students working at the Disney company are paid with full tuition fee and are offered coaching support on the related course that they have taken. Such benefit is not offered by other competitors or multinational companies to its workers and co-workers working for them. 

The entertainment company helps its young generation pursue any degree with all the educational support from the related professors from the college. Interestingly, the fee for this service is also covered by the famous multinational entertainment company. Such kind of initiative has been taken by very few companies in the country and around the world. 

Universities under Disney Aspire 

Opting for the Disney Aspire program, one is eligible for the benefit that they are willing to take. They can choose any listed college given by Disney and can start pursuing their dream course or knowledge of what they were lacking behind. 

Disney has partnered with Guild Education to offer such benefits and varieties of courses for the young generation working at their company. Some of the famous universities that come under Disney’s list are the following:-

  • Purdue University Global
  • Southern New Hampshire University 
  • University of Arizona
  • Brandman University
  • University of Florida Online
  • University of Denver

These are some of the famous universities that are listed by Disney to offer the benefit. 


Disney has been entertaining us for more than 90 years now through various movies, songs, and plays. The additional benefit offered by this company is way better than many other competitors in the market. So, try working for Disney, the world-famous entertaining company.