Amherst College Admission Requirements and GPA

Amherst College Admissions Requirements and GPA

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            When it comes to college admissions, we all know how important the acceptance rate is. The percentage of candidates who are accepted by a college is known as the acceptance rate. It gives details about the college’s selectivity. Although admissions requirements differ from one institution or school to the next, they are all based on the same principles. It contains information on the college, such as whether or not admission is difficult. The GPA, SAT, or ACT score, which offers total statistics on the student’s performance during the year, determines the applicant’s acceptance into any university.

                 The Grade Point Average, or GPA, is extremely important when applying to colleges and universities. The higher the GPA, the more likely one is to get accepted into the best top university. It’s a figure that summarises a student’s overall performance over a semester, term, or year. 

Amherst College Admission requirements and GPA

             Liberal arts studies are frequently regarded as the standard academic major in western higher education. It covers topics such as literature and history. There are 1500 liberal arts schools and universities in total, with less than 200 of them being private. Many private liberal art universities provide concentrated liberal art programs, while other colleges grant liberal art degrees. Amherst College is one of them.

               Amherst College is a private liberal arts college in Amherst, Massachusetts. It is located in the town of Amherst, Massachusetts. It was founded in 1821. It has consistently been regarded as the best liberal arts college in the United States, and admissions are extremely selective. Amherst College has a very low admission rate of 11.8 percent, and the GPA requirements is 4.07, which is a difficult grade. Students who wish to attend these colleges must receive straight A’s in all of their classes. Amherst College has accepted 1,254 students out of a total of 10,603 applicants. The college only accepts students from their top high school class.


     Amherst College is a premier college with over 41 fields of study and 850 courses in subjects such as physics, arts, humanities, mathematics, and computer science, among others. Advanced courses are introduced to freshmen, whereas beginning courses are available to seniors. According to 2007 data, 35 students out of a total of 100 were pursuing double majors. The New England Commission of Higher Education oversees Amherst College. Amherst was the first undergraduate department to provide multidisciplinary subjects of American studies like Law, Jurisprudence, and Social Thought, as well as neuroscience. It is noted for its excellent teaching and student-teacher engagement. The faculty-to-student ratio is 8:1, and nearly 90% of the class has fewer than 30 pupils.

Amherst is a member of one of the five college consortiums, which permits students to take classes at Pioneer Valley universities, allowing them to learn more and explore more. Four liberal arts institutions and one university make up the five-college cooperation. These five colleges pool their resources and work together to produce shared academic programs for their students.


Amherst College is recognized as the most selective college and is ranked first among the greatest liberal arts colleges since it offers a wide range of courses and study topics. According to Fall 2017 data, just 1,198 students were accepted out of 9,285 applicants, for a 12.9 percent acceptance rate. There were 38 states and 23 countries represented in the first-year class, with 55 percent receiving financial help and 11 percent being first-generation college students. Students were added to the 16 transfers. 

The college provides scholarships to 60% of students and an average financial aid package of $41,150. It was the first college to do away with low-income student debt. In all financial packages, they replaced grants with loans. The college increased the rate of admission for lower-income students to give them an equal chance.

Student Life

Due to its resources and teachers, the college welcomes students with a wide spectrum of talent, commitment, and interests. Amherst College has students from 49 different states and 54 different countries. A Varsity sporting team represents the college, and more than a third of the student body participates. The college has a student-led group that is financed by the student government for students who want to pursue their interests. Without discrimination, the college has accepted students from all around the world. The surroundings on the college campus are various.

Some Notable Alumini

Even though Amherst college is the small one, it has created many successful artists and noble prize winners who are known for their work in society. Such as Calvin Coolidge, Harlan F Stone, Henry Thomas, Chris Coons, Robert Lansing, Uhuru Kenyatta, Harold E Varmus, Jeffery C Hall, and many more. 


Students should properly research all of the college’s prerequisites before applying; the admission rate of the college/school is the most essential consideration. It shows the ratio of applicants who were accepted vs those who applied. As a result of growing competition among colleges/schools, the acceptance rate of colleges has been declining over time. Most institutions require GPA since it provides statistics on students’ overall performance. Students with a high GPA have the best chance of getting into the best institutions.

Amherst College, as one of the best private liberal arts universities, is extremely selective, accepting only 11.8 percent of applicants and requiring a GPA of 4.07. Students that have a high degree of knowledge and skill, as well as a high GPA, can apply to Amherst for the course they want to take.

It is the perfect college for students who want to take a unique course or pursue a different professional path.

Frequently Asked Questions: –
  1. Is it difficult to get into Amherst College?

Ans: – Yes, getting into Amherst College is challenging due to its strict admissions policy.

  1. Is there a wide range of courses and study fields available at Amherst College?

Ans: – Amherst College is a premier college with over 41 fields of study and 850 courses in subjects such as physics, arts, humanities, mathematics, and computer science, among others.

  1. Does Amherst College provide financial aid?

Ans: – The college provides scholarships to 60% of students and an average financial aid package of $41,150.