What is it like going to the University of Arkansas?

Studying at the University of Arkansas is like a dream come true for the students of the place. There is so much good about the university that the students find it a great experience to study in such a prestigious university. The public land grant university has lots of courses to offer its students. The students are highly satisfied with the facilities of the university.

Going to the University of Arkansas is something every student wants. Any student who decides to get into the university will feel it to be one of the best decisions of their life. The campus is serene, big and beautiful. It provides the best learning environment to its students. The faculty is very supportive and helps its students succeed in their lives. The university mainly focuses on the academic development of the students. 

What is it like going to the University of Arkansas?


Arkansas has one of the largest universities which is the University of Arkansas. Formerly the authorities called it Arkansas Industrial University when they established it in 1871 around 151 years ago. The university gained its present name in 1899. It has got many brilliant programs to offer its students. The University of Arkansas System recognizes the university and its programs along with all its degrees. Charles Robinson is the chancellor of the university and works following the rules and regulations put forward by the management to make the university’s education best. The university also receives a proper endowment for meeting the expenses and fulfilling the requirements of the university so that the students do not feel any problems with their studies.

The university has a newspaper of its own which is named ‘The Arkansas Traveler’. Students read the newspaper with great interest and discuss and debate a particular section of the newspaper. This makes their argumentative capability strong. The university upholds several campaigns as it is a public university. It works for creating awareness too sometimes. The students of the university have given the university a nickname which is ‘Razorbacks’. 


The university has got its fame due to its academic excellence and academic performance. It has made the university so renowned. There are so many programs for the students in the university. The university allows its students to choose between the courses and the programs of their choice very freely and helps them grow with them. Any student has free will to choose any program and pursue their career in the field. There is the responsibility of the professors of the college to make the students learn in their chosen fields. There are a few students who find it difficult to choose the programs. Either they do not have any choice or they get confused among a few courses and programs which the university offers them. The university holds up sessions for these kinds of students to help them in choosing the programs of their benefit. The professors talk to the students to make out what kind of interest the student has and based on this observation, they suggest the students choose any program. The university has programs like:

  • Business
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Engineering
  • Health
  • Social sciences
  • Communication
  • Journalism
  • Leisure
  • Recreation
  • Fitness
  • Parks
  • Biological sciences

What are the modes of learning that the university offers?

The university has various modes of learning as the university wants no compromise with the learning and growth of the students. The university aims to clear all the barriers between the student and learning. Different modes of learning are:

  • Hybrid learning
  • Distance learning
  • On-campus learning.

These learning methods are helpful for residential, non-residential as well as international students. The parent institution which is the University of Arkansas System recognises the university and its degrees and hence any certificate or degree is conferred by this institution only.

What is the cost of education at the university?

Annually any student has to pay around $26,176 for an education at the University of Arkansas. It does not matter to which place the student belongs, the cost is classified as:

  • Cost of classes
  • Cost of housing or stay
  • Cost of books
  • Cost of supplements
  • others 

However, any student applying for financial aid can get his cost of education lowered down to $16,381. The financial aid includes all the grants and scholarships from the institution and state and federal governments.

How many students enroll every year in the college?

In total, there are around 22,766 undergraduate students at the university. Every year there are around 2,000 applications for enrolment. The enrolment or admissions in the university depends on various factors like acceptance rate, fees, program availability, GPA, eligibility, test scores, etc. however, the students already enrolled in the university are highly satisfied with the programs and the courses which the university offers its students. The students and the professors work together with cooperation and coordination to mark the progress of the students. This keeps the students intact with learning and growth. 

What are the acceptance and graduation rates of the university?

The acceptance rate of the university is 78% and the admissions are selective. As we have mentioned earlier that there are certain factors which affect admissions into the university like the students must have a good GPA which the university expects to be at least around 3.00. The student should have proper documents and good test scores. It is easy to get into a university if the student works hard. The graduation rate of the university makes the admissions selective which is 61%.


The University of Arkansas uses the best techniques for providing its students with better opportunities. The university is prestigious and never compromises with learning. It provides all its teachers and professors with certain sessions or pieces of training for delivering the best to the students. The professors use the best teaching methods and innovative ideas to help the students learn and grow. It has made ascertain changes considering the feedback.

It is good for international students too as the application process of the university is the same for all. The learning environment of the student makes it unique and good for students. However, the cost of education keeps some families from sending their children to university. Still, the university provides generous scholarships to its students.

Frequently asked questions

  • How long do the classes last?

Classes are usually 45 minutes for each subject every day at the university.

  • How can international students apply?

After visiting the website students can apply easily. 

  • Is it important to be regular here?

Since it is a party school, the university does not expect the students to be regular at the university.