What are the two colleges in Iowa?


Iowa is one of the states of the United States. The state is known for its landscape and production of corn. The state is situated between the Missouri and Mississippi rivers. The state has a great historical background and architectural buildings spread throughout the state. The education system in Iowa is the same as in most States and most colleges in Iowa have a high GPA score. Iowa is known to have one of the highest GPA requiring states.

The state being education-oriented, also support sports activities mostly football and wrestling. In saying so the state offers multiple degrees and options for higher studies. Here we will se about What are the two colleges in Iowa?

What are the two colleges in Iowa?

Colleges in Iowa

There are more than 20 colleges or universities in the state of Iowa.

There are two research universities which is a public institutions, nine master’s universities, and 19 bachelor degree providing institutions.

In total there are three public universities University of Iowa, Iowa State University, and the University of Northern Iowa. All these universities are open to the public and residents of Iowa can apply to the university.

The upper Iowa university is the oldest university present in Iowa and is a private university.

There is a Catholic University named the Loras College which is the second largest University of Iowa

There are multiple private colleges present in Iowa which has specific elective degree such as law colleges, business colleges,  literature colleges, and so on.

All the colleges are open to students from other states as well, but the public college’s first preference is the residents of Iowa.

Two colleges in Iowa

The two colleges in Iowa which are quite well known are the public research universities.

The University of Iowa and Iowa state university, both are research universities.

There is a third public university that is specific in Masters’s degree and has no specific specification and interest of field.

The two public research institutes of Iowa were all founded in the year 1847 and year 1858 almost a decade apart.

University of Iowa

The University of Iowa is a research-specific university founded in the year 1847 in Iowa. 

It is situated in the county of Johnson and is a public university.

The university is the second-largest and oldest University of Iowa.

The university was founded 54 days after Iowa state was included in the union.

It also has the largest undergraduate enrolment. 

The campus of the University of Iowa has around 12 colleges within the campus providing various specific degree and field options to those being a part of the university.

The university has an outstanding percentile of graduates but is known for its expertise in the field of law, health care, and fine arts.

The University of Iowa was also among the first universities to include all gender admission that is co-education inside their campus.

The UNESCO has named the Iowa City of literature because the university of Iowa was literature specific.

Requirements to get into the University of Iowa

To get into the University of Iowa, the student must be academically good.

The requirement to get into the University of Iowa, the student must have at least a GPA of 3.7 or 4.

With an above-average GPA, the student must also be among the top 20 High score rankers in their high school journey.

The GPA is enough for applying to the university and it doesn’t require having other scores applying to the college.

However, having scored on other exams such as SAT, and ACT can improve the chances of getting into the university High.

If the student has given the SAT or ACT exam, the student must have a score of 1200. 1200 is the average score of SAT or ACT score.

Sports at the University of Iowa

They are various kinds of sports at the University of Iowa. 

From gymnastics, and swimming to table tennis all sports are available.

There are about 14 men’s teams and 10 women’s teams.

The most famous sport at the university is the wrestling team.

The Hawkeyes wrestling team has won more than 20 matches. The men’s wrestling team is the most successful in the university 

The athletic team of the university is named and known as the Hawkeyes.

Iowa state university 

The second university of Iowa is the Iowa state university.

This university is also a public research university in the bounty of Ames.

The university is the third-largest university in Iowa and was founded on the year 1858.

  Iowa state university is a co-educational university and is one of the state land grant institutions.

A land grant institution is when the government grants property to the university for educational finance purposes such as scholarships, funding of students’ education, and progressing the university for education purposes.

The university was first focused on agriculture and farm-related subjects and has now expanded its field of education.

Requirements to get into Iowa state university 

The score percentile required to get into the university is less than that of the University of Iowa.

The Iowa state university allows a student to apply with a GPA of 3.6, which is just above average.

A grade of A or B+ is enough for applying to the college, and college doesn’t require any other scores.

However, taking the SAT or ACT can make the admission process of the student easier, and chances of getting into the university will be high.

As its a land grant university, students who cannot afford higher education will be given scholarship or their admission fee is reduced to half of the price.

Sports at Iowa state university 

The athletic team of the university was named the Cyclones in the year 1895.

The team was named so because Iowa faced several cyclones in the same year causing immense damage to the state.

The university has a successful football team and has won various games at NCAA.

The university also has 12 varieties of sports but the most famous are the football team and basketball team.

The men’s team is on a roll with winning various football matches and the women’s team is stronger in the sport of basketball.


The state of Iowa is a widespread land of agriculture. The two public universities both have different specific interests in degrees.

The University of Iowa focuses on health care and law whereas the Iowa state university focuses on agriculture.

The Iowa state university is one of the few universities to be a land-granted university.

Being education-oriented both the university support and encourage sports.

Both the Universities have a great success in the field of sports from the year the university was founded.

Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. What is the GPA required to apply to the public university of Iowa?

The student must have at least a GPA of 3.6 to apply to the university.

  1. Is there a scholarship available?

Yes, as both the university is a public universities various scholarships and education funds are available. The university also helps with a student loan.