How Many People Does UCLA Health?


UCLA  Health is a healthcare system in the United States that aims at providing healthcare services to society. UCLA health comprises various hospitals,  a medical college that is the David Geffen school of medicine at UCLA and has an extensive service primary health care network in the Los Angeles region. Here we will see about How Many People Does UCLA Health

UCLA Health was established in the year 1955 and the current headquarters is in Los Angeles,  California, United States. The Motto of UCLA health is “ it begins with you “.  

In 2007, program mend was founded by UCLA health for wounded military veterans during wars.

As a health care provider it benefits from the academic affiliation offered by the UCLA  campus.

 There are four hospitals under UCLA health, they are – Ronaldo Reagon UCLA Medical Center, UCLA Mattel Children’s Hospital,  Stewart and Lynda Resnick Neuropsychiatric Hospital at UCLA,  and UCLA Santa Monica Medical Center.  UCLA health also has 200 clinics.

 According to the U.S News and world report 2020, the UCLA Healthcare system was ranked number 1 in California and number 4 in the United States.

How Many People Does UCLA Health

Patient care in UCLA health

UCLA health has been known for its world-renowned Healthcare services and award-winning treatment which is compassionate and patient-oriented. 

UCLA health follows a holistic approach for the betterment of the patients hence there are physicians,  nurses,  therapists, technicians, and other supporting staff working in a harmony to provide world-class treatment for every patient. 

They respond to every detail with care, empathy,  and dedication believing that every patient who comes to them deserves the best.

 The services given to the patients are always the treatment that is up to date. 

They believe every patient is a family member and gives them the same treatment they would to a family member.

UCLA health innovations and technology 

UCLA has one of the leading biomedical research centers ranking top in the National Institute of Health Research Funding there are various technology like Dr.Allen and Charlotte Ginsburg Center which uses innovative genomics for diagnosis and treatment. 

A new breed of the robot allows physicians to consult virtually with patients, 

There are 4 different MRI studies at UCLA There is minimally invasive pediatric surgery dramatically increased at UCLA,  CASIT ( the center for advanced surgical intervention technology) is the hub of an interdisciplinary network of researchers,  clinicians, teaching faculty, and engineers.

 A team of UCLA neurosurgeons is helping to pioneer a minimally invasive,  endoscopic surgical approach and many more, all these show that UCLA health care has good innovations and technology used for the benefit of the patients. 

Employment in UCLA health 

UCLA health believes every individual has a voice and talent which is unique to each other and these talents together give the patients world-renowned Healthcare services.

UCLA respects every idea, experience, and character and they also give the freedom to every individual to showcase their talents.

 UCLA health welcomes all individuals, regardless of their culture, religion, gender, language or country of birth.

Their diverse and inclusive workplace has  enabled them to be known as the nation’s  ” Best Employers for diversity “ 

There are various opportunities for individuals in different fields like research,  nursing,  allied health,  information technology, nonclinical setups, allied health residencies, internship, and fellowships.

How many people does UCLA employ?

 Employment occurs when there is a demand in a particular area or if more employees are required.

The number of people employed in UCLA health differs from 100 to 1000 depending upon the vacancies.

UCLA health employs part-time and full-time workers. It offers jobs such as a nurse, parking assistant, administrative specialist, radiologist head, and many other job opportunities available at UCLA.

There are more than 400 job postings available for both part-time and full-time.

The selection of employees will depend on their qualifications and job requirements. Posts such as a nurse, administrative head and so require someone with an education in the field hence only those with a degree in this field will be given the job.

But other jobs posting such as receptionist, parking assistance, technology organizer and so don’t require a certain degree and hence one who fits the skills required of the job will be given the job.

The information about the vacancies will be uploaded at the career session on the UCLA health official website. 

Benefits for the employees at UCLA 

UCLA offers incredible benefits packages and other advantages which are very attractive to the job seekers applying for a particular job these benefits are –

 Medical plans cover medical care and prescriptions, life insurance, and dental and vision coverage.

Child care resources and the school’s facilities for employees with family 

Lactation rooms for the employees who are nursing mothers 

UCLA Recreation offers a fit well program that includes free classes, to promote healthy lifestyles.

Salary at UCLA health employment 

The salary of the employee will vary with the job they have acquired.

The salary for an administrative related employee will be a minimum of $18 per hour.

An employee who is in the health aspect of the profession such as a general physician has a salary of $80 hourly. This is the basic salary.

The salary will change with experience and on the requirement of the employee for the job.

With more demand for the job, the salary and amount paid will change.


UCLA Health is a care system that aims at providing health to all.

UCLA Health is a collaborative service that requires multiple professional employees and individuals to work as a team and seek the betterment of the community and its citizens.

With their medical school and primary health care, they tend to provide the best health service possible.

UCLA aims to make a better world with complete health and treatment for any possible situation.

It’s a health care system that wants a better world.

Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. Where all is UCLA present?

UCLA has four hospitals in California, the United States.

  1. How to apply to UCLA?

The employed vacancy will be posted on the UCLA website or other job vacancy websites. One has to visit these websites for applying.