Is College Free In South Carolina? 


South Carolina is one of the states of the United States. It is located in the southeastern part of the United States, which makes it known for its beaches and marine life. South Carolina is bordered by southeast by the Atlantic Ocean, and to the southwest by Georgia across the Savannah River. Capital of South Carolina is Colombia. South Carolina is one of the destinations for beach vacations and comprises 40 counties in the state itself. Here we will see about Is College Free In South Carolina?

The most popular place in South Carolina is Charleston which happens to be the biggest city of South Carolina as well. The industrial area of South Carolina produces products which involve textiles, paper, automobiles, machinery and most important of all tourism. The state gains its majority income through tourism.

Is College Free In South Carolina

Is college free in South Carolina?

As if schools in South Carolina, the public schools are free of cost for the residents of the state. Private schools do take fees and depending on how old and prestigious the school is the fees vary. Colleges however are not free for any students. The private and public colleges gave a fee structure for all students. South Carolina however has many funding from institutions and scholarships for students who are residents of state and academically intelligent. 

The scholarship is not only for students who have an outstanding academic but also students who excel in extracurricular and sports.

The scholarships available at any university on South Carolina are 

  • SCICU – which allows students to access the funding provided by state, federal, institutional and also helps students access loans.
  • South Carolina merit scholarship – scholarships which are based on the students merit. To be eligible for the scholarship the student must have a set percentile score.
  • South Carolina tuition grants – these are grants given to residents of the South Carolina who attend private colleges or any university in the state of South Carolina

Colleges in South Carolina 

There are plenty of colleges and schools in South Carolina. The South Carolina government is one of the states which has not agreed to introduce competitive mathematics and language standards into their curriculum.

One of the most famous colleges in South Carolina is the college of Charleston which was founded in the year 1770. It is one of the oldest colleges and first municipal college in South Carolina.

One of the other public colleges in South Carolina is the University of South Carolina, which is a co-education college providing specific interest in research. It has 7 satellite campuses in South Carolina.

Furman University is a Liberal arts university in Greenville. It is the largest private institution in South Carolina.

The Citadel, which is the military college of South Carolina is located in Charleston. It is a state supported and funded college. The college is known for its curriculum which provides education, physical strengthening as well as military discipline.

Clemson University is a public institution which provides land grant funding. Land grant is federally controlled funded land’s is granted to the state to raise funds by either selling the land or renting the land to provide funds for education.

There are many more universities and colleges in South Carolina which are known for their historical architecture and culture.

Scholarships at South Carolina 

The land grant funding which is funded by the federal government to the state government for providing grants for students of South Carolina.

The scholarship covers the entire education of the student for either one semester or complete degree depending on the scholarship.

The grants which are provided in most colleges are supposed to be paid back to the university or college during the duration of the course. These grants are supposed to be paid either in instalments without interest or half the amount is supposed to be paid.

Scholarships are not only given for students with good academics but it is eligible for students who are excelling in fields such as sports, arts, music, dance, cheerleading, Liberal arts, and so on. These Scholarships are either granted by the state for public colleges or by private institutions.

For private institutions the scholarship is funded by either an organisation or individual person. The scholarship is a form of taking over the education of one student completely for the entire course or degree.

Eligibility for scholarship or grants 

The student must obtain a set eligibility to be able to receive the grant or scholarships.

Those who want to apply for scholarships or grants must have a final high school score of 3.5. The students must have an SAT score of 1100 in total or an ACT test score of 24.

The student must also be in the top 30 of his or her class academic ranking during the high school year.

For scholarship based on their talent and skill such as sports, Liberal arts or cultural related the student has to present well on the matches or events they participate in. They must receive certificates or medals showing them being ranked in the top 3 positions for multiple events.

The coaches or judges who come for the events must be impressed on multiple occasions and for selection criteria into the college, must put their best foot forward.

Free college for elderly 

South Carolina has introduced education for individuals above the age of 60. 

Those who are more than 60 years old and still want to continue their education can apply to colleges or universities.

South Carolina provides free education for those who want to pursue their education above the age of 60 in college or university.

Their entire course or degree is free of cost and the state funds their education. For further details, one would have to visit the university or college website the individual would like to join.


There are around 20 states in the United States which provide free education for the residents of the state.

South Carolina isn’t among those States. However, the state provides numerous scholarships, fund grants and loans for students who want to complete their education.

Some colleges or universities put forward outstanding students for being sponsored by a private organisation or individuals who want to take over the tuition fee of a student.

South Carolina aims at excelling in the education field and provides at most support and possible arrangements to achieve that.

Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. Do every 60 year old get a free tuition fee ?

No, every individual who is above 60 is eligible for the free tuition fee. But the students will be shortlisted further on various criteria.

  1. Do all get scholarships?

No, one has to meet the criteria and scores for getting the scholarship.