University Of Massachusetts

For those students who want to pursue their academic studies in the USA, leading universities can be chosen, including the University of Massachusetts. It’s a good idea to do some research first about the college or institution you decide to attend for your dream career because that will have a powerful impact on the rest of your professional life. Let us know about that the University Of Massachusetts.

University Of Massachusetts

With international students from more than 53 different countries, the University of Massachusetts is the top choice for studying in the United States. According to statistics and different surveys, both undergraduates and graduates have promising and leading futures when they graduate from college. 

The majors, tuition fee, graduation rate, acceptance rate, and admission details for the University of Massachusetts—Dartmouth will all be covered in this article.

The institution is a national research university that encourages academic success and is committed to delivering students advanced top-notch knowledge with creative technology research and helping the students to gain success in their careers through undergraduate, graduate, and certificate programs. According to a poll, about 70.8% of undergraduate students work full-time and are employed within one year of graduation.

University of Massachusetts:

Dartmouth is ranked as the 13th-best university in the “US News ranking” for 2021. Dartmouth was ranked as the world’s 203rd-best university in the “2021 QS World University Ranking.”

The university has 6,571 students enrolled, and the student-to-faculty ratio is 7:1 which assures every student gets proper attention from the teacher because there is one teacher for every seven students. Less than 20 students attend 64.2 percent of classes at Dartmouth.

This awarded undergraduate degrees in 81 academic majors and more than 60 minor subjects. The university focused on the development of modern knowledge, student success in different fields, and creative and advanced research.

On a global, national, and local level, the university acts as an intellectual catalyst for bringing about change in the fields of economics, society, and culture.

Students can get engaged with a variety of clubs and organizations that are headquartered on campus. American Sign Language (ASL), the French Club, the Gaming Society, the Graphic Design Club, and the Paintball Club are a few of them.

Top Majors of the University of Massachusetts:

  • Psychology.
  • Biological engineering and Biomedical Engineering.
  • Accounting and Finance.
  • Physics and astronomy. 
  • Marketing.
  • Nursing Administration.
  • Art teacher Education.
  • Performing art and design.
  • Operations management and supervision.
  • Chemistry.
  • Business management.
  • Chemical engineering.
  • Law.
  • Economics.
  • Photography.
  • Electrical and electronic engineering.
  • Computer Science.
  • Clinical Nursing.
  • Criminology.
  • Anthropology.
  • Bioengineering and biomedical engineering.
  • Music. 
  • Math and statistics. 
  • Women studies.
  • Civil engineering.
  • Computer science.
  • Digital Arts.
  • Interior Architecture.
  • Philosophy.
  • Political science and Government.
  • Mechanical engineering.

Acceptance Rate:

According to US News, the acceptance rate for the University of Massachusetts in 2021 is 92%.

Graduation rate and application fee:

The graduation rate of the University of Massachusetts is 56%, and the application fee is $60 in 2022.

Ranking and Rewards:

According to rankings, the -Dartmouth is:

  • According to US News & World Report, the University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth ranked in 3rd place for the top online courses from colleges.
  • The University of Massachusetts ranked third among the top universities in Massachusetts.
  • The University of Massachusetts has ranked in the top 20 nationally for continuous 4 years on the President’s Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll.
  • The University of Massachusetts is ranked as the 5th best college in the field of criminology because the university provides excellent knowledge in the field of criminology.
  • According to US News, the University of Massachusetts ranks 234 among the national universities all across the US.
  • According to US News, the University of Massachusetts is ranked 69th in the top 100 universities for social mobility.
  • The University of Massachusetts is ranked 137th in the nation for best engineering programs by US News.
  • According to US News, the University of Massachusetts ranks 93rd in nursing.

Tuition Fee:

Their tuition fee for in-state students is $14,854; for out-of-state students, the tuition fee is $30,992.

Admission Requirements:

Admissions at Dartmouth are available for a variety of different degree programs at different levels. Students who proceed to all admission requirements and meet the eligibility requirements of the University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth have a more than 90% chance of being accepted but the competition is considered still tough.

Admission to the University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth is competitive, with a 92% previous acceptance and 97% in the year 2021. 

The University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth has its standard GPA and SAT/ACT score criteria and you are admitted to university only when you match their set standards. On the other hand if you don’t meet the standards  of the University of Massachusetts—Dartmouth, you’ll be one of the unfortunate few that get rejected by the university.

This simple guide on the Dartmouth Admission Requirements can be useful for you if you’re interested in applying for admission to the University of Massachusetts. 

  • A transcript of grades.
  • Application fee of $60.
  • GED candidates: a copy of your GED test results and your state-issued GED certificate.

Students that engage in a program in visual and performing arts (apart from art history) either turn in a portfolio or perform a music audition.

The University of Massachusetts campuses may set additional requirements; thus, meeting the minimal standards does not ensure admission. Admissions personnel assess a wide range of characteristics while reviewing students’ applications.



The university’s goal has evolved to include sustainability as a vital component. In 2011, UMD became the first university in the world to have a sustainability report that satisfied the highest requirements of the most thorough, reliable, and widely accepted standard. Dartmouth College is a prestigious university. Despite being smaller than the other Ivy League schools, its infrastructure, environment, and system could amaze students globally. Yes, the application procedure is difficult and competitive. You can, however, get into your dream institution as quickly as possible by taking into account the Dartmouth college acceptance rate, the Dartmouth transfer acceptance rate, the Dartmouth early decision acceptance rate, and other entrance requirements and preparing for the same.


What is the minimum GPA accepted by the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth?

The University of Massachusetts Dartmouth accepted the students with GPAs of 3.25 and it is also acceptable to have a B or C grade. 

What makes UMass Dartmouth good?

There are many benefits to choosing UMass Dartmouth, such as a top-notch undergraduate program, reasonable tuition, and a supportive campus environment.

Can I switch my major after being admitted?

 Students can email the admissions office to request a significant modification in their chosen major. The university will make its choice regarding the significant change public by May 1 at the latest.