Rochester Institute Of Technology Transfer Acceptance Rate

Are you one of those parents or students who are looking for accurate information about the transfer acceptance rate of RIT? Then this is the absolute place that you have to be landed. Here is the wide-ranging guide for transferring to the Rochester Institute of Technology or to know the transfer acceptance rate. 

Rochester Institute Of Technology Transfer Acceptance Rate

Rochester Institute Of Technology Transfer Acceptance Rate

RIT has a transfer acceptance rate of approximately 56.7%, that is from 100 applicants, minimum of 57 applicants will be admitted.

Rochester Institute of Technology

RIT is situated in New York. RIT is a non-profit private college whose motive is to offer only selective programs. There are approximately 18,000 students enrolled every year at RIT.

The RIT communal engrosses and inspires students to conclude thought-provoking and cooperative involvements. RIT’s goal is to provide technology-based enlightening programs for individual and specialized progress. They meticulously chase new and evolving vocation zones.

RIT grows and brings prospectuses and progressive scholarship related to developing pieces of knowledge and social circumstances. The RIT community is devoted to multiplicity and student welfare and is illustrious by its ground-breaking and concerted spirit.

RIT provides eighty-five plus co-curriculum programs for UG students in its 12 colleges. RIT delivers one of the best skill development programs. RIT school was the top school in the country to take an accommodating teaching database. The student is to teacher proportion in RIT is 13:1.

Application to Rochester Institute of Technology

Admission to RIT is intensely tough because of competition. Students admitted here will have good Grade Point Average scores and secure the maximum percentages on entrance exams like the ACT but our application course depend individually.

Detailed information on acceptance rate in RIT

The application of each person is swotted linguistically for the effectiveness of academic homework and every individual’s career welfare. Admissions hunt for applicants from multiple backgrounds. The acceptance rate at RIT is 66%. For every 100 applicants, 66 are accepted.

Average ACT/SAT Scores of Applicants to RIT in the year 2020

 SAT SectionScore Range
Critical Reading600 – 690
Math620 – 720
Total Score1220 – 1410
ACT SectionScore Range
English24 – 31
  Math26 – 31
Composite Score27 – 32

Rochester Institute of Technology acceptance rate for the year 2022

The total rate of acceptance for Rochester Institute of Technology has been stated as 70.7% in the year 2020 with approximately 19,700 college applications applied to Rochester Institute of Technology. Both in-city and out-of-city applicants are comprised of these data. 

Acknowledged Applicants Profile in RIT

RIT ACT Scores: 27 – 32

RIT Average GPA: 3.55 – 3.78

Details of Applicants, Admitted, and Enrolled Students in the year 2020


Rochester Institute of Technology acceptance rate for the year 2022

According to the historical trend chart, the acceptance rates of Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) from the preceding previous years after which we have predicted the acceptance rate for the 2022-2023 curriculum year. We can see the overall increased rate of acceptance for Rochester Institute of Technology in the preceding previous years. 

The estimated average GPA (3.55 – 3.78) in RIT of selected students by submitting attested GPA data to 150 schools. Seventy-one percent of all the applied applicants are selected to RIT, but only 19% are selected to appear. As per the recent data, the RIT acceptance rate in 2021 is approximately around 60%.

Acceptance Rate of Past Few Years

2016 – 2017: 54.9%

2017 – 2018: 56.7%

2018 – 2019: 66.0%

2019 – 2020: 70.7%

Predictable Rochester Institute of Technology Acceptance Rate 2022-2023: 60.2%

Acceptance Rate of RIT in 2023

Sixty-four percent is the acceptance rate of RIT in the year 2023. It stands in the ninety-third position in New York City for its less acceptance rate. Rochester Institute Technology is a soberly inexpensive institution to enhance into with the topmost probability of acceptance when you get selected.

Comparing the acceptance rate of RIT with all other colleges

The national average of all other educational institutions is approximately 56.7%. Comparatively, the RIT acceptance rate is 25% higher than the national average of all other educational academies. 

RIT has been standing out uniquely with its specialty from its competitors. The school has had a firmer working appearance in many zones for many years, which has gained national as well as international consideration.

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RIT’s Transfer Deadlines

  DatesAccount of deadlines
  JAN-FEBprogressing based on vacancy availability
  MAR-MAYprogressing based on vacancy availability
 JUN-AUGprogressing based on vacancy availability  
  SEPT-DECprogressing based on vacancy availability

Decision dates for Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) transfer applicants

DeadlineDue date of Notification
 Jan-Feb Transfer DeadlineIn 4-6 weeks of application.
 Mar-May Transfer Deadline4-6 weeks
 Jun-Aug Transfer Deadline4-6 weeks
Sept-Dec Transfer Deadline4-6 weeks

Transfer requirements for RIT

The table given below is the complete details about the transfer requirements for Rochester Institute of Technology.

  Admission ItemRequire
High School TranscriptSome are required
 College Transcriptyes
An essay or Personal Statementyes
Standardized Test Scoreyes
Statement of Good Standing from Prior Institution yes

Official Transcripts:

RIT requires at least 30 credits to apply for a transfer student.

Official high school transcripts are needed when you have not completed 30 semester hours which is less than 45 quarter hours. Official academic proof copies from other educational institutions you have appeared in before admitting to RIT are obligatory.

Letters of Recommendation:

It is usually persuasive in the admissions process to get a recommendation from those conversant with your academic performance. 


Rochester Institute of Technology’s procedure of selection is highly demanding by seventy-four percent of the transfer acceptance rate. Decisively, it is perceived that it is truly a reassurance and any stable person should be able to yield it to the acceptance stage. Henceforth confidently believing that the above information was helpful to you.


What is the effectiveness of Tuition at RIT?

The tuition fees for students at the Rochester Institute of Technology recompense around $45,000. RIT honors up to $340 million in fiscal support per annum from all the resources. 

How to get placed at the Rochester Institute of Technology?

SAT exam – 1220 – 1410 should be secured. For ACT:   27 – 32 is between the 25th – 75th percentage among admitted students. 

What is the Ranking of the Rochester Institute of Technology?

According to researchers, RIT is secured 66th rank out of 500 institutions and colleges all over the United States.