University Of Hartford Transfer Acceptance Rate 


Students are more afraid of transferring to another school than they’re afraid of applying to a college or university the first time. This isn’t supposed to be so because everything involved with transferring. From one school to another is less stressful than applying for the first time. It looks difficult because the internet hasn’t provided the right way needed for transferring. However, the narrative has changed with this article which every reader will attest to after reading through, dive in already!. Let us know ‘University Of Hartford Transfer Acceptance Rate’.

University Of Hartford Transfer Acceptance Rate 

The rate of transfer students admitted constituents is 46.07% of the entire population. In total, the school boasts of having a total of 416 transfer students. One could say that the university of Hartford is selective, but it doesn’t reach that of Harvard.

Is The Transfer Rate Of the University of Hartford Always Small?

While it may be true that the rate of transferred students at the University of Hartford is small. The reality is that the fault isn’t from the school, nor is it the fault of the students. Though they have a large role in this, it’s not entirely their fault. 

Almost every school in the United States, both colleges and universities boast of a limited number of transfer-admitted students. This has been going on for a long while now. Because the information available on the internet almost all of the time provides confusing results. 

This breeds the need to put it together in one piece, the right way that’s easy to read and assimilate. Any student interested in transferring from the University of Hartford to another school of their choice should read on.

Basic Things Needed To Stand Have A Shot At Hartford

Unlike students applying for the first time with an admission processing deadline,  transfer students don’t. Instead, they use the rolling system for them and they have to pay a refundable transfer application fee of $35.

This means as normal admission is coming to an end. Transfer students can access the school portal to drop their application forms. Above all, transfer students can only apply to the school during the fall or spring season.

Though Hartford is a bit hard to get into. Once a student fits into all of the demands of the things that their transfer applicants possess. Then their chances of getting admitted become higher. These things are;

The University Of Hartford Accepts Transfer From

This is the first thing to take note of. Because the school doesn’t take a second look at students applying from a school they don’t partner with. Schools in partnership with the University of Hartford for transfer are;

  • Northwestern CT Community College
  • Tunxis Community College
  • Schenectady County Community College
  • Asnuntuck Community College
  • Capital Community College
  • CSCUS to Engineering, Technology, Architecture
  • Middlesex Community College
  • Naugatuck Valley Community College
  • Cuyahoga Community College
  • Dean College
  • Gateway Community College
  • Manchester Community College

Minimum GPA, SATs & ACTs Test Scores Needed

The bulk of the information online is that Hartford doesn’t have a minimum GPA requirement. The truth is that they do require a minimum of 2.3 GPA. 

Additionally, after ensuring that the school the student is transferring from is affiliated with Hartford. The next thing to ensure is that the student has a minimum of 30 complete semester hours.

In a situation where the student couldn’t get up to 30 semester hours. They can balance things up by enrolling for any test score such as the SAT and ACT

While the school doesn’t test optional however the student should put their best in any test score they choose. This is the school that is hard to get into.

Letters Of Recommendations & Essay

Many students are turned off by the mention of letters of recommendation and essays during application processes, which shouldn’t be so. The reasons they are the best way for a student to show the school they’re the best fit for the school. And that they’re the perfect match for the course they plan to study.

  • Concerning transfer applicants, providing letters of recommendation is not necessarily of the requirements. However, writing an excellent and outstanding essay and then presenting is paramount.

The best advice for writing an essay is that the transfer applicant should and must write the essay by themselves. They should fee their mind and be sincere with whatever they penned down to the school. When they’re done, they need to proofread the essay to ensure they submit an error-free essay.

High School Transcripts

Yes, high school transcripts are one of the things schools take into consideration during the admission process. The University of Hartford specifies that its applicant makes sure they submit the high school transcripts of every high school they’ve attended. Most importantly, they must submit the transcripts before they complete the semester they’re in their current school.


Here you go with everything a student needs to take note of when they decide to transfer from their school. To a prestigious and envy of all, i.e., the university of Hartford. No matter the reason that warrants transferring, following the steps explained since this morning is all that’s needed. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

#1. Which do universities prefer; transfer or first-year applicants?

Universities and colleges don’t have favorites. The only thing they’re after is that the student applying for admission possesses even more than the minimum requirements.

#2. Can a transfer applicant get rejected at the University of Hartford?

Yes, a transfer applicant can get rejected at the University of Hartford. This can happen when the student didn’t meet up with all the basic requirements needed for admission. 

#3. Is it possible for a student to re-apply to a school that rejected them before?

Yes, it’s perfectly fine if a student to re-apply to the school that rejected them before. However, while re-applying, it’d be wise if they send their applications to other schools that match their interest as well. 

#4. Which universities brag about the highest number of accepted transfer students?

Texas state university brags an 87% acceptance rate. Students can consider the University of North Texas and the University of Texas at Arlington These are schools with higher rates of accepted transfer students.