Is the University of Hartford Hard to Get into?

As high school students, it is overwhelming to plan for the future, be it from searching for a suitable university to preparing for certain tests and also filling out several applications! Nevertheless, no matter how hard it seems, you must know that you will reap the results that you sow. And that should be enough to motivate and encourage you to continue on your college hunt! There is no doubt that every high school student knows how tough it is to get into one of the Ivy League colleges that are not just popular in the United States itself but throughout the world. However, no matter their popularity, these colleges might not offer what you want, and thus, you might be searching all about some other university. So, if the University of Hartford is one such university that you are constantly seeking information about, then this is the right place! Read ahead to find out your chances of getting admission to this university.

Is the University of Hartford Hard to Get into?

Are the Chances of Getting into the University of Hartford Low or High?

To know the chances of getting into the University of Hartford, let us have a look at the factors mentioned below that determine whether your chances are low or high.

Factors to Get into University of Hartford

Acceptance Rate:

One of the factors that determine the chances of getting admission to any university is to know the acceptance rate. The acceptance rates of universities are the windows for you to peep in and know how many applications are accepted in every 100 applications. Thus, when we say that the acceptance rate of the University of Hartford is 77%, this means that the University accepts 77 applications out of every 100 applications. Although the acceptance rate seems high, however, the University has secured the rank of 14 in Connecticut for the lowest rate of acceptance!

GPA Requirement:

Another factor that affects the chances of getting admission to a university is the GPA requirement. Therefore, if you are in high school, be sure to maintain a good GPA so that you don’t face any difficulty at the time of admission! As regards the GPA requirement of the University of Hartford, the university claims to give admission to students who have scored a minimum of 47% in high school or the ones who have acquired a B grade in high school or an average GPA of 3.28. Therefore, if you fall in this category or if you have earned a higher grade/percentage than this, then your chances of getting admission are quite high!

SAT and ACT Scores:

Another factor that proves to be quite essential in getting admission to any university is to up your SAT and ACT scores. However, not all universities indeed consider these scores. Thus, the University of Hartford falls in this category. The University claims that it does not take into account your SAT and ACT scores. This means that the SAT and ACTs are quite optional and you are in no dire need to take these tests! Nevertheless, if you do decide to take these tests, you can submit your scores. For the students that do get admission to the University, the average scores in these tests range from 1020 and onwards and 22 and onwards. Therefore, if you have acquired these scores, then your chances of getting admission to this University are pretty high!

Extra-curricular Activities:

It is no doubt that when you are in high school, you become quite aware of what most universities look at to grant you admission to their prestigious colleges. And although many students start focusing on their academics, it is not recommended that you turn a blind eye to all other extra-curricular activities. When turning in your application to get admission to any university, it is obvious that your high school grades will be analyzed, but what is more important is that they also look at the extra-curricular activities that you have indulged in, be it theatre, sports, dancing, or simply working for an NGO. While your grades reflect your intellectual capacity, your indulgence in such extra-curricular activities seems to portray you as a rational person who is aware that all knowledge doesn’t just exist in books! Thus, if you do wish to get admission to the University of Hartford, make sure to immerse yourself in such activities.

Therefore, after looking at all these aspects, it must be quite clear to you that the University of Hartford is not that hard to get into! This means that even if you score average marks in high school, your chances of getting admission to this university will remain pretty high.

The University of Hartford: All You Need to Know

So now that you know how competitive the University of Hartford is, let us move ahead and address more pressing concerns. Merely knowing that your chances of admission to a university are good is not enough.

The Total Cost:

Now that you know how easy it is to get admission to the university, the more pressing concern is the total cost that you will spend if you choose to pursue graduation or postgraduation from here. Thus, if you enroll in the University, you will be expected to spend around $58238, and out of this, financial aid of $27660 is offered.

Placement Opportunities:

Another vital aspect that you must be wondering about is how well the University provides placement opportunities to its students. So, when it comes to the University of Hartford, the university claims that the students are offered a plethora of placement opportunities. Nevertheless, this isn’t enough; students also need to know the initial salary that they will be offered. Therefore, the median starting salary of alumni is around $52800.

Popular Courses:

To get admission into the University, you also need to be sure that it offers the particular course that you are looking for. Thus, some of the most sought-after courses provided by the University include Business Management, Marketing, Engineering, Communication, Journalism, Psychology, Visual and Performing Arts, Health Professions, and Social Sciences, among several others!


After reading all of the above information, you must now be aware that getting admission to the University of Hartford is not hard! Nevertheless, to make sure that your chances remain high, make sure to maintain a good high school GPA, score above-average on your SATs and ACTs, and most importantly, do not forget to go for extra-curricular activities. Besides this, you are now aware of the total cost that you will have to spend, the placement opportunities and the salary offered, and what are some of the popular courses!

Frequently Asked Questions:
  1. What is the acceptance rate of the University of Hartford?

It is 77%

  1. Does the University of Hartford consider SAT and ACT scores?

They are not a requirement, but you can send in your scores.

  1. What is the total cost of the university?

It is around $58238.