Does Kutztown University Use The Common App? 

Common App is a non-profit membership organization founded in 1975. Through its emphasis on access, equity, and integrity in the admission process of colleges and universities, it has connected over 900 schools of higher education. Millions of applicants make use of this online application platform yearly. In this article we shall see if Kutztown University Use The Common App? 

For Kutztown University, the Common App serves as an application platform for prospective students. With a user-friendly format, this application platform sensitizes students on what they have to know regarding the admission requirement and exposes them to a range of institutional services. 

Does Kutztown University Use The Common App? 

How Kutztown University uses the Common App in its Application Process?

The Common App makes it easy for students to access the services of colleges, and it also enables them to go about their college applications effectively. Students can figure out what school matches their interests in the management system, educational system, counseling units, virtual mentorship, etc. Also, they are made aware of opportunities like available need-based fee waivers and provision of financial aid, among others. Over 900 universities and colleges make use of the Common App because of its effectiveness in connecting them so that they can grow both individually and collectively. Kutztown University is one of the colleges that use the Common App in the admission processes of its students. There are various steps that the students need to cover before completing their registration using the Common Application. These steps include:

  •  $70 application fee or a fee waiver
  • Official transcript
  • Standardized test scores

$35 application fee or a fee waiver

Application fee or a fee waiver is a non-refundable Kutztown University application fee that you pay using a credit card or electronic check through the Common Application website. A fee waiver permits you not to pay for your application. You can request a fee waiver by requesting the college application fee waiver through the College Entrance Exam Board (CEEB) and the National Association for College Admission Counselling (NACAC), as they make provision for it. In addition, the Common App makes the students aware of this opportunity. Otherwise, many students would miss out on the opportunity of having their fees waived, especially those who are not financially buoyant.

Official Transcript

Unlike the unofficial transcript, the official transcript requires the school official’s signature. It must be ordered according to the instructions on the official transcript page and sent to the Office of Undergraduate Admission. The General Education Diploma (GED) test result would be requested by the department directly from the education department; this gives the university an idea of the prospective student’s academic discipline. Indeed, the examination is not a proper tea of knowledge, but to a great extent, it shows how academically serious a student is. Students who spend a considerable amount of time with their books would likely have better grades than students who do not.

Standardized Test Scores

The standardized Test accepted by Kutzman University is the Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT) and the American College Testing (ACT). The average SAT score required from students applying to Kutzman University ranges between 950 to 1120. While the American College Testing (ACT) required score ranges between 18 to 23.. This means that students who score between 950 to1120 on Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT) and score 18 to 23 on American College Testing (ACT) should upload their results to the Common Application while applying for Kutztown University. 

Kutztown University, like its contemporaries, has taken the bold technical step of making its application processes available on the Common Application. This way, it has made things easier for a lot of its prospective applicants and, by implication, increased the number of its applicants. 

Benefits Of The Common App To Kutztown Prospective Students

The public benefits of the Common App include but are not limited to the following:

  • Easy access to college application 
  • Wide range of opportunities
  • Applying to various universities and colleges
  • The application process is online
  • College application outside the Common App does not affect the students.

Easy Access To College Application 

The Common Application serves as a means for students to easily apply to any college of their choice from their comfort zone. In addition, it grants students access to explore over 900 universities, giving them what makes each unique and can serve their best interests. In light of these, many colleges utilize the efficiency of the Common Application.

Wide Range Of Opportunities

Students are also exposed to a wide range of opportunities through the Common App. For example, all information they need regarding their admission processes and the kind of scholarships available in each university and college is provided to them. Also, they have a virtual mentor via the Common App, access the counseling platform, and apply for fee waivers.

Applying To Various Universities And Colleges

Students can apply to multiple universities and colleges simultaneously through the Common App; this is very effective and efficient. College applications have become very competitive and stressful, but students can save themselves any form of stress with the Common App. When they complete one application and essay, they can send it out to over 400 universities and colleges. 

The Application Process is Online

Applying for universities through the Common Application is completely online; this results in the students being collected and organized. They don’t have to deal with many filed documents, which would be the case if the registration was done physically. So, online applications afford students comfort and peace of mind when they are going about their college applications.

College Application Outside The Common App Does Not Affect The Students.

Some colleges and universities have separate applications, asides from the one affiliated with the Common App. However, the good thing is that they accord both applications the same degree of importance. So, as prospective college students, you need not worry that your application on the Common App would be spurn off or treated with less efficiency because it will be accorded the same value.

Note: Students must ensure that when they apply for schools, their discretion is at play in choosing the school which matches their interests and academic specialty. They must take their time in researching the various universities that catch their interest before sending out their applications. This way, they don’t just apply to numerous schools for the mere sake of it; instead, they apply because they know what is best for them. 


Kutztown University’s use of Common App in its application is a modern move to make admitting students into the university more efficient. But, beyond that, it is an app that makes Kutztown University connect with other great institutions. In this way, the various institutions can learn from one another.

Frequently Asked Question 

1. When did Kutztown University start using the Common Application?


Kutztown University joined Common App in its 2019/2020 session.

2. What should students be careful of when applying to universities and colleges through the common app?


Students should be careful not to make random college and university choices. Instead, they must research the higher institutions they choose to ensure it matches their interest.