What is the Difference Between Columbia College and University?

University and college are mostly used interchangeably, but there is a difference between them. People go to university as well as a college for a degree and other programs of educational qualification. As it applies, a university is the higher version of a college. A Ph.D. degree can be acquired from a university, a college does not have the facilities or means of granting a Ph.D. degree certificate. In this article, we are going to talk about the difference between Columbia university and college.

What is the Difference Between Columbia College and University?

Difference Between Columbia College and University

Columbia College is the smaller version of Columbia university. While its college is basically for undergraduate programs. The university offers undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral degree programs, as well as other certificate programs. 

The university was formerly known as Columbia College, which was popularly referred to as Columbia undergraduate liberal art college founded in 1754. It became Columbia University when it decided to expand its academic degree programs. 

Columbia University

Columbia University is a private nonprofit educational institution in New York City. It is a research institution that was established in 1754, often referred to as ‘Columbia’. the institution is the fifth oldest educational institution of higher learning in the United States. Columbia University is recognized among the top universities in the world. The university was also formally king’s college before it became Columbia college and now Columbia University.

The university campus was moved to its present location in 1896 at Morningside Heights where it became Columbia University. It had both undergraduate and graduate schools. It became the first university in the United States to offer the MD degree. It has the third-largest research library in the United States and is a founding member of the Association of American Universities.

Columbia College

Columbia College is known for providing students with the opportunities to better their lives by providing quality higher education. The college offers associate degree programs and university preparatory programs.

The college provides academic skills that make students think critically. The college is a liberal art college reaching its academic goals through its core curriculum like that of its university. It is smaller than Columbia university in terms of programs and academic activities. Although it provides a system where students and individuals can interact by forming a community both in the classroom and outside the classroom.

This community of interaction helps to form close ties with the university and students of higher degree and professional programs. The college was founded in 1754, this is where the university took its root, having the top ten library systems in the United States, in the city of New York.

What is a University?

A university is an educational institution at the highest level of education, where you can study for a degree or do a research degree program. A university offers undergraduate, graduate, and Ph.D. degree programs. It also has schools and colleges for various professional and certificate courses.

What is a College?

A college is an institution of learning where students go to study or receive training after they have left high school. It is an institution of higher learning like a university, but it is smaller than a university and offers limited programs.

Why should I go to a College or University?

Every individual has a specific reason for going to college or a university.

  1. You should go to college or university to acquire new knowledge and skills to be successful outside the workplace.
  2. A college or a university is important for you to learn and gain financial freedom, as it will open doors to greater opportunities.
  3. A college or a university also teaches you money management skills.
  4. Going to a college or a university is like investing in yourself, this will empower you with the knowledge needed to succeed in business.

What to consider before going to a College or a University?

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a step, so it is with going to college or a university. There are things you need to take into consideration before deciding to go for a degree.

  1. Is going to college or a university something you want to embark on?
  2. Will going to a college or university give you the career satisfaction you desire?
  3. Will you have the time and finance to commit to going to college or university?
  4. Would you want to attend a private or a public university?
  5. You will have to decide on the course you would love to study right from your high school and must attend the right classes.

Requirements for Columbia University

For successful admission into Columbia university or college, you must meet the following requirements.

  • To get admitted into a prestigious college or university, you must have a high school grade CGPA of 2.5 on a GPA scale of 4.0 and above.
  • You will need a SAT score of 1600
  • You will have to provide evidence of your completion of the high school program, that is, evidence of your academic background.
  • You must provide a letter of readiness to take up the academic program you are applying for.
  • You must complete all the process of admission and submit all necessary documents needed for admission whether you are an international student or not.


University and college are schools of higher learning, providing students with academic skills and resources needed for career satisfaction. They also create opportunities for students to have managerial skills that will give them financial freedom. Columbia university and college are world-class academic institutions of higher learning with one of the world’s largest libraries, the college is the smaller version of the university.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Columbia college accept international students?

Columbia College accepts an international student that meets up with the admission requirements.

Is the Columbia University campus a safe place for students?

The university has strong security for both students and staff, and its academic environment is safe for learning, providing students with educational security.