How Long Do College Football Games Last?

Colleges and universities across the United States of America have brought out several sports activities which help recreate students. Students participating in such sports activities get some certification or maybe even get into a scholarship program because of it. Most renowned colleges have kept a special sports quota for which students who are good at some sport can get into the colleges because of that sports quota. In this article we shall see How Long Do College Football Games Last?

Typically, a college football game would last three and a half hours. Three hours is the average football game duration standard across the country. However, different levels of a football game would comprise varying periods of a game. For example, NFL football could last more than 3 hours, whereas Youth level football could last for not more than one and a half hours. 

Anyone watching a football game for the first time would wonder how long a game would last. As mentioned earlier that different levels of games would last for various hours. The NFL, which is the most famous football game, lasts for more than 3 hours.

How Long Do College Football Games Last?

Duration of College Football Games

The college football game is one of the highest levels in college football games, and people get excited to watch such level games. NFL-level football is also considered to be one of the most popular sports in the United States of America. However, watching the game becomes more fun when all the teams have got tight competition with each other.

But, most people would still question why an NFL game lasts more than 3 hours? Well, games in higher levels usually last that long normally. However, the longest game ever played in NFL was back in the year 2015, which was played for about 3 hours and 9 minutes.

The quarters at the NFL are slightly different than other level games. Each quarter is about 15 minutes which is also the game time.

However, in case you didn’t know that the NFL game clock does not run continuously. Well, this is because the average time taken to play a 15-minute quarter is slightly over 40 minutes, and this is why NFL games last longer. After all, an NFL game consists of 4 quarters, which is why an NFL game lasts longer than any other game.

Duration of NCAA Football Games

The NCAA is another one of the most famous levels of football match categories. Some statistics had shown that even NCAA matches were played for more than 3 hours and 24 minutes. This was recorded to be higher than NFL level. 

A football match would not last more than 2-2.5 hours at a high school level. When talking about the youth-level football match, it lasts for around 1-1.5 hours maximum. 

Duration of Halftime In A NFL Match

Like any other game in the world, there is a break for halftime for NFL games. Halftime in an NFL match should not last for more than 14-15 minutes. Back in 2017, when the NFL season was played, the halftime ran for about precisely 13 minutes and 30 seconds. So, the halftime also contributes to why a game could last as long as 3 hours, especially when it is a high-level football game.

However, during the super bowl, the halftime for a match could be around 30 minutes. During this time, live musical acts and other such activities lead the halftime to more than 30 minutes easily. But, authorities always try to keep halftime as short as possible so that fans remain excited for the second half of the game.

How Long Does A College Football Game Last On Live TV?

A college game is broadcasted on television as well. College games last much longer when fans are watching them on their television sets. This is because for so many reasons, like the commentaries and commercials made during the game, which tend to stretch the overall length of the match. Before the match even starts the broadcasters will give an introductory session about the game that will happen tonight.

The broadcasters not only talk about the match preview but also the key players and everything about them. This all contributes to the match being lengthy on television. But, all this is done so that the fans’ interest is maintained without making them bored. Once the live match starts, the broadcast of the game is done so that viewers can view the game.

However, during halftime and in the middle of the game, commercials breaks are made on television. This often becomes a frustrating issue for fans because they want to watch more of the game, not the commercials. But, this is how the TV channels earn, so we have to be patient with it.

Watching a College Football Match In Person

As mentioned earlier than if an individual is going to watch a college football match live in person, then it would usually take about 2 hours or more. Here, you can get rid of all the commercials you would have to watch if you wanted to watch the game on your television set. But, you do not have to wait long to see broadcasters talk about the match and its key players.

One can even leave if you think the match was not interesting enough. But, if someone is a true football fan, he would want to stay and watch the whole game. If an individual take their car to the stadium, then parking and walking to the stadium would take them about 15 minutes. Then once the game is over, it would take them around 15 more minutes to get back to their car. Well, all in all, watching the NFL game in person would take at least 3-to 4 hours in person and could be tiring as well.


Watching a college game directly from the stadium could be much more tiring than watching the game on your television set. But, true football fans would want to be closer to the game, which is why most people prefer watching the game directly from the stadium. But, since all people cannot fit in, most people do prefer watching NFL games from the comfort of their homes as well. On average, a football game could last for about 3 hours or more. In case it is an NFL match, then you can expect at least 3 hours of game time.