Mount Royal College Acceptance Rate


when you visit any institution to study you first need to know about the requirements of the college and its fees. It is located in Alta city and is one of the most prominent universities in Canada. This university does offer graduate degrees but not postgraduate degrees. Let us know ‘Mount Royal College Acceptance Rate’.

Mount Royal College Acceptance Rate

Mount Royal College Acceptance Rate

It is one of the most excellent universities in Calgary, Alberta. It does offer many bachelor’s degrees in different streams. But the post-graduation degree is not offered by the university here. There are choices among graduate courses and students can choose among them whichever they wish or want. This university does offer its students 12 bachelor’s degrees, 32 majors with 29 students limited class, entrance option at university, Diploma programs, and certificate programs. 

The acceptance rate is the possibility of chances to get selected for the university and gain admission. The admission requirements of mount royal college are not much high. It has an acceptance rate of 80%. It charges the tuition and student service fees separately. The fees depend on what course and program you choose and had a separate credit unit for different courses. It has a separate charging system that charges the tuition fees separately. The fees are taken in two terms.

Eligibility and requirements of the university

There are some general and some specific course-related requirements that it has. 

  1. General requirements: there are some general requirements of the university as explained below:
  • Based on 5 grade 12 courses the university demands a minimum of 65% aggregate calculated with a high school certificate.
  • The university wants its students to achieve the target of minimum grades and complete their courses.
  • Your GPA should be 2.0 at the high school on the eight with the completed post-secondary courses. 
  1. Course-specific admission requirements: the university requires its students to complete and fulfill the general requirements as well as the competitive admission average for specific programs. The courses specific admission requirements are below given: 
  • Biology, environmental studies, chemistry, geology, and general science: they need an average of a minimum of 60% aggregate in English language arts, a minimum of 60% aggregate in mathematics, minimum of 60% aggregate in chemistry.
  • Computer science: computer science requires a minimum of 60% of aggregate in English language arts, and a minimum of 65% aggregate in mathematics.
  • English proficiency requirements: there are some international students which came from different countries or we can say non-English countries. These students have to clear a test to prove their proficiency through various exams such as TOEFL, IELTS, LEAP 4 advanced, CAEL, MELAB, PTE Academic, CAE, and most and 

For the university application, what documents are needed?

There are some documents that the university demands its students to submit while applying for admission. These are both for domestic and international students that need such papers without them admission cannot be processed. These documents include:

  • Official transcripts of the high school
  • Academic documents
  • Complete list of work activities and educational work
  • Applicant declaration form
  • Passport copy
  • English language proficiency proof
  • Work experience

What is the acceptance rate of mount royal college?

The acceptance rate is the eligibility or rate of accepting admission that tells how easy and difficult is it to take admission the in any field at the university. this factor needs to be in mind while we are applying for admission. Mount royal college does not follow a difficult but easy method of admission and getting selected for it. Its requirements are also very simple and easy for the candidate. This university gives an acceptance rate of 80%.

This is a high rate which means that candidates have to suffer a little. Because the admission process and competition are a little difficult but the acceptance rate is high and that’s why students get admission easily without facing many difficulties.

Application and tuition fees

With the equivalent compulsory fees, mount royal college charges additional tuition fees. This is the same for both domestic and international students. The college collects the fees from the students in two terms as the calendar falls in fall and winter. In September and January, the dues are collected from the students. 

The application fee is also there which is 100 CAD for both the graduate and undergraduate courses and is nonrefundable. Students have several options to deposit the application fees. They can do it through mail or by using credit cards. 

Here is mentioned about the tuition fees of the institution:

  1. Tuition fee: the generally approved tuition fee at mount royal college for scholars is $7500. 
  2. Supplies and books: the school authority has made the charges compulsory for the students for books and supplies. $1500 is the flat charged rate and it does not matter whether the student is off-campus or on-campus. 
  3. Residence: the residence fees are necessary for both domestic students and international students. This fee rounds around $6110 to $8656.
  4. Expenses of clothing: the expenditure on clothing and personal other is not compulsory for the students. But the estimated cost of expenditure of one student is $1100.
  5. Entertainment: there are entertainment charges of $600 pegged.

There are some other charges also based on credit and data as mentioned below:

  • $316.62 is charged for ¼ number of courses containing 1or less
  • $446.94 is charged for ½ number of 1.5 credit
  • $707.59 is charged for the courses that are parading between the range of 2 to 5.
  • $1228.89 is charged for 2 courses around 6 to 7 worth of credit
  • $2245.47 is charged for three courses around 8 to 10 credits.
  • $2766.77 is charged for 4 courses that credit between 11 to 14
  • $3288.07 is charged for 5 courses that credit around a total number of 15


This is among the best-known universities in Canada. The acceptance rate that is 80% provides a good chance for its students to be a part of it and get selected. There are various courses offered by the university and its requirements are not much harder. It is easy to get admission here if you are an average student.

Frequently asked questions:
  1. How many credits are needed to graduate from mount royal college?

The credits for the diploma courses have a minimum of 60 credits and that is up to 72 credits. They also have some requirements which are five education requirements, cluster 4, and other 4 courses chosen from each cluster. 

  1. In mount royal college, what happens if we get failed?

Students are allowed to repeat their courses if they get failed. If you get failed, your original grade remains on your academic record and the higher grade is used to calculate the GPA.